Survivor Micronesia: Fans Vs. Favorites

He's a ball of goo!

By Jim Van Nest

March 10, 2008

Don't let his smile fool you. He has a lot of rage.

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Back at Airai, Penner is taking charge and setting the game plan for the new shelter. Alexis is just amazed at how fast the Favs came in and found a new place for shelter and created a new shelter better than either of the previous shelters. Next up we see Alexis gushing over James and how nice it is to have them there. I have to wonder, does this happen to James everywhere he goes? Hot little white girls just drool all over him? Maybe I need to start hitting the gym!

We head back to Malakal and all of a sudden, Amanda comes walking up to camp carrying a four-foot shark. Ozzy is totally smitten. He talks about her wrestling a shark by herself. As they cook it up and enjoy eating it, I want to point out that in 16 seasons of this show, three sharks have been caught. One was a little bitty one that latched itself onto Richard Hatch's leg in All-Stars and he brought it back to camp. The second was Tom the fireman catching one in Palau. And now this one. I'm wondering how there can be 137 cameras rolling 24 hours a day, yet the two times someone brings in a big-ass shark, there's no footage of it. What's up with that?

Once again, Probst sighting! Today's challenge will have four members of each tribe throwing rocks at ceramic tiles. When broken, the tiles will drop a set of puzzle pieces. When all four sets of pieces are dropped, they'll drag them to the puzzle board where one person will be the caller and the other three will follow his/her instructions and put the puzzle together. Seems easy enough, right? Then let's get to it. Up first, Ozzy breaks a tile. Then Tracy breaks a tile. Jonathan breaks one for Airai. James smashes a tile, but it doesn't fall, much to the chagrin and complaints of Penner. Eric breaks the third for Malakal. James hits another one that doesn't fall. Jason drops one for Airai. Eric drops the fourth tile and they start reeling in their pieces. All the while, Penner's yelling about it being "bull." As Chet takes the lead on Malakal's puzzle, Penner hits one of the broken tiles and again it doesn't fall. As he whines, Jeff has the line of the night, "Airai, you need to stop bitching and start throwing." Hee hee.


As Malakal struggles with their puzzle, Airai finally gets all their pieces. With Eliza taking the lead on their puzzle, I'll say that Airai has a chance here. Joel tries to take over for Malakal and Penner mentions to Eliza to look at the bigger picture. That there has to be a pattern and she should look for it. A minute or two later, she's found it and Airai wins immunity. And for the second challenge this show, Joel and Chet are responsible for the loss. I wonder how Mikey B would have done in those challenges. Hmmmm....

Back at the losing Malakal camp, it's time to once again play, "It's anyone but Chet." Joel has changed his mind now and wants Chet gone. He's willing to give up his numbers to get Chet out of there. He talks it over with Eric and they agree. Joel tells us that Chet has to go, he's completely spineless. Joel and Ozzy talk and Joel tells Ozzy that Chet has to go, then Cirie and then Tracy. And Ozzy is good with that. Eric approaches Amanda and Cirie about getting rid of Chet. Cirie tells us that she's fine with getting rid of the weaker players, but she's included in that group, so it doesn't work for her. We next see her talking with Chet and Tracy as Chet throws the last challenge loss on Joel. They come up with a plan to get rid of Joel. Cirie comes to Ozzy and Amanda to dump Joel. Ozzy tells her that if they dump Chet, they still have the numbers. Cirie tells them that Chet is just like a pawn and that Joel is really playing the game hard. She's doing her best to convince them that Joel is a much bigger threat. And ya know something, she's right. But we're not at an individual game right now, this is a team game and you keep Chet over Joel, you've made the team considerably weaker. Ozzy tells us that he's not sure what to do. He wants the tribe stronger for challenges, but Joel wants to win the game real bad and that he's dangerous.

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