Survivor Micronesia: Fans Vs. Favorites

He's a ball of goo!

By Jim Van Nest

March 10, 2008

Don't let his smile fool you. He has a lot of rage.

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Natalie will select first and she has to take a favorite. Surprise! She chooses James. Ozzy then has to choose a fan, and he chooses Troy. Er...Joel. James then has to choose a fan and he chooses Alexis. Joel plays right into Ozzy's hands by choosing Amanda. Alexis then chooses Penner. Amanda grabs Leif Garrett (aka Eric). Penner then chooses Bon Jovi (aka Jason). Before we go on, I'd like to please request that everyone get this straight. The kid with the fluffy blonde hair is Leif; the kid with the darker hair is Bon Jovi. Please stop switching them around. Thank you. Back to the pick 'em. Erik chooses Ami. Jason chooses Poverty. "PARvati." And everyone has a chuckle, including Probst who spent an entire season mispronouncing her name. Ami then chooses Tracy. Parvati takes Kathy. Tracy then chooses Cirie. This leaves Eliza for Airai and Chet for the new Malakal.

Let's run down the new tribes.

Malakal is now: Ozzy, Joel, Amanda, Eric, Ami, Tracy, Cirie and Chet.


Airai is now: Natalie, James, Alexis, Penner, Jason, Parvati, Kathy and Eliza.

All righty, let's get to today's challenge. The tribes will be broken into pairs. Each pair will be tied together and have a flag on their back. In alternating rounds, one tribe will run and the other will chase. They will be on a large "playing field" of obstacles and will start at opposite ends. The round will last for one minute. If the chasers grab the runners' flag, they score a point. If the minute expires and they don't get the flag, the runners get the point. First tribe to three points wins reward. Wanna know what they're playing for? A home barbeque. Steaks, sausages, veggies, spices and wine. Also, there will be no Exile Island today, to let the tribes get to know each other.

Malakal wins the toss and will chase first. Ozzy and Eric will be chasing Kathy and Natalie. This round lasts about 20 seconds and Ozzy grabs the flag. Parvati and Eliza will be chasing Chet and Joel. About 30 seconds in, Eliza catches up to Chet and grabs the flag. Meanwhile, Parvati hit something and has quite the welt growing on her lip. Real quick, though...what genius decided that Chet and Joel should be a team? Joel already thinks Chet is this the best way to help the tribe, by putting two guys who don't like each other together? Stupid. Anyway, on to Round 3. Ami and Amanda will now chase James and Jason. Midway through, Ami does something to herself and limps through the rest of the course. Looking pretty easy for James and Jason, but wait. They get themselves hung up on a tree and Ami and Amanda manage to catch up and Ami grabs the flag for a 2-1 Malakal lead. Next up is Penner and Alexis chasing Cirie and Tracy. Doesn't take very long, but they catch up and Alexis grabs the flag. We're tied 2-2 and Jeff gives us the injury update. Penner has a large gash on his knee, Parvati's lip has a bump on her lip that looks big enough to have its own gravitational pull and Ami has a tweaked knee. Final round will be Joel and Chet chasing Parvati and Eliza. Shortly after entering the course, Joel closes in on the girls and as he lunges for them, not only does he miss the flag, but he flips Chet over an obstacle. That pretty much takes Chet out of the challenge. The rest of the way, Chet is absolutely useless and hardly even tries to get to his feet. Some of the highlights of the next 30 seconds are Chet bashing his head on one of the obstacles, Joel completely losing his patience, Joel dragging Chet through the course as Chet can't get his footing and Parvati and Eliza not getting caught. Airai wins reward. And before I move on, let me just say that I didn't think there would be a chance for the Fans to feel the stupidity of the Mikey B vote and while the whole tribe wasn't affected, I found it quite karmic that Joel was leashed up with the guy he SHOULD have dumped last week. And that that pairing was the demise of this challenge. Sorry big guy, if you had made the right decision last week, you might be getting ready to have a steak. As it is, go back to camp and enjoy your loss, dumbass.

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