Survivor Micronesia: Fans Vs. Favorites

He's a ball of goo!

By Jim Van Nest

March 10, 2008

Don't let his smile fool you. He has a lot of rage.

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We come back from break to the Malakal tribe. The fans are amazed at the camp of the Favorites. As Joel explains how he hates losing to Cirie, he tells us that its poetic justice that he would end up on the same tribe with Chet and that it cost him the challenge. Eric is so excited to be on the tribe and he's completely in awe of Ozzy, "I got to meet OZZY," he tells us. Ozzy rounds up the tribe to give a pep talk about losing being no big deal, especially with what they have in their camp. He then tells us that they have the advantage of being on the Malakal beach. He goes on to say that Chet is just useless. He doesn't see Chet as a strong competitor and he needs to go.

We move over to the victorious Airai beach and the Favorites are blown away by the mess that their camp is. Eliza is shocked that they sleep on the beach. She's also blown away by them having their fire on the beach, where the tide is slowly creeping in. As Jason cooks up some steak kabobs, the tide rushes in, over the fire and puts it completely out. James tells us that he's amazed that they're still alive. "They're a bunch of dingbats." The story moves to Jonathan's knee. He's having trouble moving. He says it's not really a cut or gash, it's a puncture. It doesn't take very long before the Survivor medics show up to take a look at it. They come in and numb up the knee. Then we get a nice close-up of the cleaning and its looks like a pretty deep hole. They stitch him all up and take off. Jonathan tells us that he's very worried about an infection and the fact that he can't walk real well. What a blow for this tribe. Quietly, Jonathan has become quite the force in these challenges and if he's gimpy or even worse, removed from the game, Airai will be seriously hurting.


We go back to Malakal and Ozzy, Eric and Joel are out fishing. Well, Ozzy's fishing. The other guys are just there being amazed. Eric goes on to tell us how amazing Ozzy is. I could be wrong, but I detect a serious man-crush going on. We join some strategic talk. Ozzy tells Joel and Eric that Chet has to go and then either Cirie or Tracy. Joel jumps in like the Godfather and tells Ozzy that if he'll vote Cirie first, he has no problem giving up Chet. As if the rest of the tribe is owned by one of the two of them. Ozzy nods and looks at Joel as if to say, "Dude, you keep dreaming like that and see where it gets you." Joel goes on to say that being even at 4-4 does set up the side with the first person gone at a disadvantage. Joel then tells us that he thinks it's still Fans vs. Favorites and one side needs to find one person to flip.

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