The Amazing Race 12 Episode 10

Sorry, Guys, I'm Not Happy To See You

By Reagen Sulewski

January 17, 2008

She's actually trying to strangle him.

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With four teams of racers and just two legs of The Amazing Race left, one team has to go. Please let it be the annoying one. (What? You need that narrowed down?)

We return to Osaka, Japan and the suddenly surprisingly competent Ronald & Christina in first place as winners of the last leg. Okay, Christina is competent. Ron just yells at people until stuff happens, then takes credit for it. But he's getting better, really!

Their first clue actually takes a modicum of brainpower, which is rare for the race these days. They must find the "building with a hole in it", then The Floating Gardens. It's not exactly the New York Times Sunday Crossword, but at least it's not "go here, do this". This turns out to be some really tall building in Osaka with, what do you know, a hole in it, and a garden at the top of it - that floats. But it's not 100% obvious, at least.

Nathan & Jennifer are next, and say that enough is enough, there's no more time for "nice Nate and Jen". Now, don't be confused, you out there in TV-Watcher Land. You might have missed the ten seconds where they were nice, so don't feel bad about it. Nathan says this new phase of their racing will involve ripping their shirts off like The Hulk, which would probably move this show into a later time slot. We also find out that it's Jennifer’s birthday, and nothing bad happens on your birthday, right? Right?

Nicolas & Donald are third out of the gate, although if it were possible for Donald to be third and a half, he would be.


All three of these teams find their way to the appropriate building, only to find that the elevator to the top doesn't open until 10 a.m., which conveeeeniently, is right about the time that TK & Rachel are going to start their day. Although really, it's not like bunching points aren't a tradition of the race.

The other three teams get a little bit of a lead on our favorite slacker team, finding the clue at the top of the building that directs them to Taipei, Taiwan, and guaranteeing that this season will never be shown in mainland China. Relieved that they don't have to jump off the building, the teams then head down and try to secure cabs to the airport. Donald's foul mouth is apparently rubbing off on Nicolas, as he derides the character of all the remaining teams as "bitches" and says they've been racing like "pussies". We may get that later time slot after all.

About this time, TK & Rachel are leaving the mat for the day, but struggle with the clue a bit. Rachel is stuck on the idea that the garden has to be on the ground, leading them to wander around the grounds a bit.

As the first three teams head to the airport, we get to find out the total of Nathan's knowledge about Taiwan - which is to say, none. He expresses his affinity for Thai food and mentions a couple of his Thai friends - oh, do I ever hope he's just being funny, but I doubt it. Meanwhile Jennifer adds that they're going in "cold blinded", which almost sounds like a thing, but really is just gibberish.

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