The Amazing Race 12 Episode 10

Sorry, Guys, I'm Not Happy To See You

By Reagen Sulewski

January 17, 2008

She's actually trying to strangle him.

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The other three teams are making their way to the market at this point, with Nicolas & Donald getting their first, TK & Rachel second, and Nathan & Jennifer last, Jennifer momentarily misinterpreting "clown" as "cow".

All the teams choose the rocky pathway option, turning the Detour into a literal footrace. However, the tide is turned here when Nathan & Jennifer get some unfortunate advice from a local, who advises them to take the subway to the park with the footpath, with the other two teams taking cabs. The reasoning is that traffic will be bad, which has some potential merit, but it's late evening, and a look around reveals that that just isn't so.

Nathan seems to question this all the way, wanting to ask about cabs, but Jennifer dismisses it. Once they reach the surface again, Jennifer wants to proceed by bus, with Nathan pleading to consider a cab once again, though indecision rules between these two. Jennifer asks Nathan to "make a decision" and "be a man", which is pretty rich after shutting him out for the past however many minutes. Nathan is then briefly possessed by the spirit of everyone watching the show and replies, "Honestly, Jen, I can't stand you." Amen.

We switch over to a non-dysfunctional team, Ron & Christina, who make their way to the Pit Stop in first place, in one of the strongest, mistake-free legs this entire season. They move on to the final, and are awarded with a trip to Curacao as the bonus prize.


TK & Rachel rush past Nicolas & Donald on the rock path, while in the background, an aged Chinese lady bangs a gong with a fervor resembling Animal from the Muppets. These two teams are now heading to the Pit Stop, although not without a little bit of difficulty in finding cab drivers that can find the plaza. This seems a bit like a New York cabbie not knowing where Times Square is, but perhaps standards are different there.

The question will be if it's enough of a difficulty for Nathan & Jennifer to make up that time. The answer is... well, no. TK & Rachel are second for the leg, fending off their double secret probation, and while the producers try to drum up some drama, Nicolas & Donald wobble in for third place.

This leaves Nathan & Jennifer in last, and there's no non-elimination to save them. Ultimately, these guys couldn't work as a team, and couldn't handle other teams being ahead of them, proving that there is such a thing as being too competitive for your own good on this race.

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