The Amazing Race 12 Episode 10

Sorry, Guys, I'm Not Happy To See You

By Reagen Sulewski

January 17, 2008

She's actually trying to strangle him.

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Even after discovering that the Floating Gardens is in an observatory, Rachel still seems stuck on the idea that the garden is on the ground, though luckily TK just soldiers ahead and does all the decisionatin' for them. She's cute, but this isn't her finest moment. They do discover at this point that they're not that far behind, noticing the time of operation of the elevators.

At the Osaka airport, the teams start with the jostling for flights, with Ron & Christina locating a flight that leaves at 1 p.m. and securing tickets for it. They're actually given upgrades to first class, because they paid full fare, though rule watchers will note that they did pay for economy and aren't about to be Hendekeaed. Christina tells her agent to deny the other teams from this flight, and either Japanese women are really compliant, or they got lucky and it's one of those weird Amazing Race planes with only two seats on it, as she walks over to Nathan & Jennifer and tells them it's full.

As Christina gets a Cheshire Cat grin, Nathan & Jennifer revert to their natural state of bickerdom. This is probably the best result possible out of this maneuver, as getting these two pissed off at each other causes them to go all something-something. They end up on the same flight as Nicolas & Donald, at 1:15 p.m.

TK & Rachel are now hustling to the airport to try and catch up, though Ronald & Christina seem to have jumped out into a sizable lead. Nathan & Jennifer, apparently operating under the "no man can stop me" doctrine, duck out of an insanely long immigration line to change money. Meanwhile, TK & Rachel's secret teleportation power comes in handy, as they manage to get ahead of Nathan & Jennifer in the line, leading Rachel to do a weird little high kick, and Jennifer to start stewing over the fact that the other teams are actually daring to compete with them. For the crime of catching up, Jennifer says that TK deserves to have his dreadlocks ripped out. That seems fair.


Ron & Christina make their way to the Taipei rail station, and are directed to take a train, then a taxi to a town out in the countryside call Jiji, with Christina making a smart decision to ask for a timetable. Christina can also speak pretty fluent Mandarin, so these last two legs have played right into her strengths.

Speeding ahead, they've secured at least a small lead on the other teams. Nathan & Jennifer reach the train terminal first, leading to a hilarious moment when they try and hide from TK & Rachel, who are right behind them. You're at a train station, buying tickets, all to the same destination. Oh no, they've discovered your secret "buying tickets for the train" strategy!

Also, the camera crew following you is probably a bit of a giveaway.

However, there actually does appear to be a tiny bit of advantage to be gained here, as TK & Rachel discover that there are ticket vending machines that are faster than waiting in line. It probably doesn't make a difference for them in getting on the train, but it's useful information. They, Nathan & Jennifer and Nicolas & Donald all make the same train, though the latter team just makes it on. I fully expect Nicolas to strap Donald to him at some point in this leg.

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