Survivor: China

A Slippery Little Sucker: Part One

By Jim Van Nest

December 17, 2007

Denise is making mullets fashionable again. Hell, Todd had one at the aftershow.

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Todd and Courtney say they're voting for Denise tonight and Amanda agrees to stick with them. Courtney tells them that she's telling Denise how she's voting and Amanda is not down with that. That could be seen as a black mark against her, according to Todd. Todd tells Courtney that he thinks Amanda might be swayed by Denise. As they talk, Todd mentions that he doesn't want to lose to Denise. In his mind, I'm sure he knows he's played a superior game and losing to an inferior game would not sit well with him. The real ignorant thing is Courtney saying that this isn't welfare. Denise shouldn't win the game because she sucks at life. She follows that up with, "I'm the biggest bitch on the planet." Ya know, Courtney, after that comment, you're absolutely right. You ARE the biggest bitch on the planet. In fact, that's the most sense you've made this entire season.

We join Amanda and Denise talking. Amanda asks who Denise is voting for. Denise doesn't know. Amanda tells her she's had an alliance with Todd from day one, and she doesn't like the idea of dumping him because it scares her. She tells Denise that she'd rather have Denise next to her in the Final Three, though. Amanda tells Denise that no matter what, she will not vote for Denise tonight. But she can't guarantee who the others will vote for. Denise plays a bit of a guilt card by reminding Amanda that she said she had her back. We then click to Amanda talking to Courtney. Amanda is telling Courtney that everyone likes Todd and that Denise has no connection with anyone on the jury. Amanda says that she thinks Todd has better connections with the jury and that he can sugarcoat everything so well, he's dangerous to take. Courtney tells her to let her know how she's voting and she's with her. Amanda tells us that Todd is her biggest competition, but ultimately, she doesn't know who to vote for.


We get to Tribal and Jeff asks Amanda right off the bat if she's giving up immunity. She says no way. He asks Todd who he's voting for. He says this is the hardest vote and he's voting for who he wants to go up against in the final three. He asks Denise and she says she's on the bottom of the totem pole and that she's voting for the person that makes the most sense for her. Jeff moves to Courtney and asks if it's true that Denise is on the bottom of the totem pole. She says that she feels like everyone's on the outside of some group. She says it's not necessarily true or false, it's all perception. Jeff asks Todd if he thinks he's safe. Todd says he's not sure and he hopes he is, but he's seen a lot of people think they're safe.

He asks Denise why it makes sense to keep her. She says that they probably think that because she has kids and stuff, it'll weigh on the jury' minds. He then asks Courtney why it makes sense to keep her. She says no one will be excited about her making it through, since there are many areas where she'll come up way short and oh yeah...there's her winning personality. Jeff asks Amanda if she was real popular today having the necklace. She says it was a crazy day. He asks Denise if Amanda's vote does mean more tonight. She says that it does and that at one point, Amanda told her she had her back and she hopes she doesn't vote against her. Amanda interrupts her to correct her and say that she made that comment a while ago, not today. This brings a huge smile to Todd's face. Noticing this, Jeff asks Todd about it. He just says that it was his reaction for Denise, because Amanda correcting her was kinda of an awkward thing. And now, it's time to vote.

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