Survivor: China

A Slippery Little Sucker: Part One

By Jim Van Nest

December 17, 2007

Denise is making mullets fashionable again. Hell, Todd had one at the aftershow.

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We come back from break and Amanda and Todd sit down to eat. She says that she wanted a chance to talk to Todd, because they haven't talked in a long time. She tells us that she wanted to get where his head was, because she doesn't trust him at all. She tells Todd that she's wanted to talk to him, because she really doesn't trust him. She tells him that she has the feeling that if she would be backstabbed, it would be by him. He tells her that there's only one person in the game that he's been honest to, and it's been her. Todd tells us that he's been planning the game with Amanda in mind the whole way and he tells her the same thing. He tells her he's in it to the end with her. He tells us that he hopes he can trust her because he needs her right now.

Back at camp, we're treated to Denise taking her clothes off for a swim. That's nice...could you guys keep blurring Amanda's ass though? Thanks. Denise tells us that she's very excited to have lasted this long as she's used to being picked last. Now, she's afraid that she's going to be left out. Denise asks Courtney about her and Todd being tight. She said it seems he's tighter with Amanda. They discuss who they want to vote off, and Denise says Todd. To which Courtney replies, "He's a slippery little sucker."


As they boat back to camp, Todd tells us that he's worried that "his girls" will turn on him. As they get back to camp, the reception is anything but warm. We join Todd telling Denise that he loves them all and that no matter whose name he writes down, it'll hurt. He also tells her that he has a feeling it's gonna go all girl power on him tomorrow and that he'll be the one to be gone. Denise asks him who he thinks has the best shot to win. He says Amanda and Courtney. Denise suggests that they should stick together. Meanwhile, Courtney is listening in. Todd also says that he has a friendship with all of them and that he's worried that whatever name he writes down will affect that friendship. Courtney then tells US that he's a slippery sucker and that he always has something going, including a spot in the final three. She says that if any of them think he cares about anything but Todd, they're mistaken.

Todd looks on as Amanda and Courtney go off to talk. Courtney tells Amanda about Denise and Todd's talk in the shelter. She says that she thinks Todd is telling different stories to everyone. Amanda admits that she chose him to eat because she wanted him to feel more comfortable. She tells Courtney all about their meal and conversation and Todd walks up behind them. He tells us that he feels very paranoid. He asks them if everything is cool with the three of them, so Denise can be the next to go. As he tells them how fantastic they'd be as a final three...Courtney can't even hide the disbelief.

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