Survivor: China

A Slippery Little Sucker: Part One

By Jim Van Nest

December 17, 2007

Denise is making mullets fashionable again. Hell, Todd had one at the aftershow.

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We come back from break and Todd comes in with Tree Mail. The mail tells them to honor their fallen comrades and proceed on to the final immunity challenge. Ok, I'm confused now. The commercials kept telling us three Tribal Councils. After the immunity challenge will be Tribal Council #1. The Tribal that declares a winner is a second one. Where and what's the third? While this is always a nice montage to remember the other players, it gives very little material to write about. So I'll stop for a minute while you take in the fallen comrades section of Survivor: China.

Probst sighting!!!! It's time for our final immunity challenge. Everybody lines up and Jeff tells them that the winner will have a guaranteed spot in the final Tribal Council. So I guess the whole "Three Tribal Councils" thing is wrong. We come back from break and Jeff explains the challenge. This challenge will test their ability to block out all distractions and concentrate on the task at hand. They will have a stack of porcelain dishes as the end of a balancing arm. The stack is unstable and will grow. The balancing arm will keep them at a slight distance away. Looks to me to be a tough deal, especially as the stack gets taller. If you lose concentration, the stack will fall and the plates will break. Last person to have dishes still standing wins immunity.


Jeff starts instructing the stacking order. Large dish, large bowl, small plate, rice bowl. With a stack of four, everyone seems pretty solid. Next is a small dish, then a cup, then a saucer. With another cup on top, we're at 27 minutes and Todd is starting to wobble. The next item is the small bowl. Todd's stack is slightly crooked and it's not looking good for him. Everyone else seems strong. Next up is a small bowl. That's enough for Todd, his stack falls and he's done. The ladies now have to add the rice bowl to the stack. The rice bowl is considerably bigger than the other bowls. Amanda turns hers upside down, while the others are right side up. Courtney is getting wobbly while Amanda and Denise remain strong. And the weight of the dishes proves too much for Courtney and she's out. At this point, Denise wants to make a deal. Amanda isn't having it. You can't make a deal at this point. Not with two other people in play. If there are only three, you make a deal. With four, you just can't. Next item is another rice bowl. Denise is very shaky, while Amanda is very strong. And just like that, the heat gets to Denise and her stack goes down and Amanda wins the final immunity challenge and will make it to the final Tribal Council. Jeff confirms that the next person voted out will be the final member of the jury. So where's the third frickin Tribal, Probst?!?!

We get back to camp and Amanda is so excited to have a shot at the finals. She's worried, though, that she'll be blamed by whoever goes home tonight. Denise is feeling very nervous and is hoping that she can sway Amanda. Amanda tells Denise that she hasn't decided who she's voting for. She says that she really admires and respects Denise. Denise pleads her case to Amanda, but she pulls out the "I'm going back to my $7/hour job" card. I really don't like that. She has a lot more going for her; she shouldn't have to fall back on the sympathy card. Amanda doesn't know what to do.

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