The Amazing Race 12 Episode 6

The Cherry On Top of the Sundae...

By Reagen Sulewski

December 17, 2007

We're rather pretty.

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We join the sixth leg of The Amazing Race's European Vacation, but even the Griswolds would kick any of these sorry teams' asses.

Before heading out the next morning from the Lithuanian countryside, TK & Rachel stop to give a totally spontaneous thank you to a certain travel company that just happens to be one of the show's sponsors. What are the odds?

Leaving at 1 a.m., they're told to head to Dubrovnik, Croatia, where they'll find their next clue at the base of a fort in the coastal city. In their side interview, TK extols the virtue of being mellow about the race and basically embraces his dudeness so much, I half expect him to change into a bathrobe and start drinking White Russians.

Kynt & Vyxsin pop out the pink cowboy hats for today's leg, but after last leg's festival, they look downright normal. That could just be the fatigue of the race not letting them be their gothy best.

Right after Christina comments in an interview about how much better she and her father are getting along, we cut to Ronald chewing her out for suggesting the idea of a taxi to take them somewhere to look for flights, right after he made the 547th comment about his hernia. In fairness, he didn't call her a disappointment and a failure, so we're making progress.


Azaria & Hendekea seem to have nothing too interesting to say this morning, though Azaria's emerging ego looks a bit like foreshadowing. I suppose that's not totally true, as Hendekea reveals that she knows one phrase in Croatian/Bosnian, "there's a party in my pants". Hey, that could come in handy.

They're followed out by everyone's favorite advocates for celibacy, Nathan & Jennifer, the latter of which squeals with delight over their destination, which Nathan pronounces as ‘Doovronik'. I live by few hard and fast rules, but one of them is that you're not allowed to be excited about going somewhere you can't pronounce. It just seems natural.

Jennifer is still under the impression that the rest of the race will be a test of if they can remain together as a couple, but I will offer the same advice to her as I do to all other teams that come on the race for this purpose; if you have to test your relationship on a nationally televised game show, you already have your answer.

Although they haven't officially booked them yet, Ronald & Christina are first to pin down a flight to Dubrovnik, taking them via Warsaw and arriving at 11:20 a.m. that day. Several of the other teams have arrived at the airport and have potentially located a flight, but end up camping out in front of an Czech airline office. Meanwhile, Nicolas & Donald are finally out of the gate, and last in line at the airport.

What ensues is some airport drama that's actually, well... dramatic and has ramifications for the race. I know, I'm as shocked as you are. After Christina gives Azaria & Hendekea a heads-up about their flight through Poland, they bail on the line. Kynt & Vyxsin then manage to find an open ticket agent, and generally rattle most of the other teams.

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