The Amazing Race 12 Episode 6

The Cherry On Top of the Sundae...

By Reagen Sulewski

December 17, 2007

We're rather pretty.

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Nathan & Jennifer then bail on the line to follow the Goths, while Ronald tries to pump them for info in a belligerent and incompetent fashion, leaving Christina to haul him away before he embarrasses himself (more). All this is harshing TK's mellow, man, and he and Rachel and Nicolas & Donald just stay put.

After failing in their attempt to connect with the Polish airline via phone, Azaria & Hendekea start to lose their cool. It's apparently Azaria's turn to be the jerk this episode and he turns very ugly very quickly, using what I could only call "scary abusive dad tone" to talk to her. I don't even really have any jokes here, because it's a profoundly uncomfortable moment.

Meanwhile, the original ticket agent has finally opened, and ticket booking begins in earnest. While several other teams try to go through Prague, Kynt & Vyxsin get a ticket going through Warsaw, which crucially leaves later, giving them more time to get to the gate. Nathan & Jennifer are shut out of the Prague flight, and scramble for an alternative, finally discovering the Warsaw flight, which Azaria & Hendekea and Ronald & Christina have now booked themselves on.

All seems well for the teams to get out of Vilnius, until Azaria & Hendekea make a disturbing discovery – the tickets they've booked are for first class, which as long time race watchers now, is strictly verboten by the rules. It's full on panic mode for these two as they attempt to rebook in economy and get back on the plane. Unfortunately for them, there are zero flights available, and they are shut out and essentially screwed.


But! They find a flight via Frankfurt and are told by the agent that the flight into Prague was delayed. They still have a chance as TK & Rachel and Nicolas & Donald's connection to Dubrovnik has already gone by the time they land. We get some real country hopping, as TK & Rachel have to connect through yet another city, Vienna, while Nicolas & Donald connect through Zagreb. This is the kind of travel wackiness that I've waited 12 seasons for to see on the race.

This all shakes out with a three team lead pack of Nathan & Jennifer, Kynt & Vyxsin and Ronald & Christina on the ground in Dubrovnik. Christina, it should be noticed, is one of the best travelers in the history of the race for learning local languages, as I've yet to see her not learn at least a few basic words in all of the languages of the countries they've visited so far.

Ronald & Christina gain a crucial edge as both of the other two leading teams head to what they think is the first clue box, but is actually (what we'll learn later) is a check point for later in the leg. Father and daughter claim the first Roadblock clue, which has them matching a stone to a wall from a big pile of rubble. As this involves heavy lifting, naturally the guy with the hernia does it.

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