The Amazing Race 12 Episode 6

The Cherry On Top of the Sundae...

By Reagen Sulewski

December 17, 2007

We're rather pretty.

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Thankfully he's got some time to spare as the other teams are still running around Dubrovnik trying to find the clue box, since he keeps putting odd shaped stones into the obviously rectangular spot on the wall. Finally he solves the puzzle and gets the next clue where they're directed to a tower across the bay from where they are, where they'll ride a zip line to the next clue.

They open up their lead even further and pick up the Detour clue, which, in keeping with the military history of the city, has them attempt to invade the city with a choice of two pairs of tasks. Ooh, I bet the city fathers loved this idea when it was pitched to them, being about ten years removed from a civil war and all. They'll either rappel down the side of a fort and then scale a wall using a rope ladder, which will leave them far away from the next clue box, or take another zip line down to the water and then row around back to the harbor.

Nathan & Jennifer and Kynt & Vyxsin have finally found the Detour and begin the process of trying to make up their lost time. Best out of context line from this: "Just put it in every hole, Nate!" Apparently he's pretty experienced at this, as he gets out of the Roadblock in second place, and they end up choosing the same Detour option as Ronald & Christina.

These two teams offer some of the most pathetic rowing ever, with Ronald not able to get the handle on rowing while facing forward, and Nathan not understanding the whole "oars go in the water" bit. This leads to some highly productive sniping between himself and Jennifer, which I'm ultimately surprised doesn't lead to one of them drowning each other. Compare and contrast this with Ronald & Christina, who are finally getting along and co-operating, will wonders never cease.


Kynt & Vyxsin choose the rappel and ladder Detour, based on the fact that, in one of the least surprising revelations of the race, Vyxsin has a military father. She performs quite strongly in these tasks, though it's a miracle she doesn't pop out of her shirt on the way down.

Ronald & Christina are essentially tied with Nathan & Jennifer when reaching the next clue box, which has them head to a giant stone cross on a hill overlooking the city, which they must get to by taxi. Nathan & Jennifer get refused by a taxi driver for being wet from the boat, though Ronald & Christina get right into the same cab, much to Jennifer's consternation.

We're into a full on meltdown for her, because she really wants to finish first and she's blonde and pretty and she deserves it and Nate sucks and she wants to go home and this is the worst thing that's happened to anyone anywhere!

Surprisingly, Nathan doesn't just leave her right there in a sobbing mess, but I suppose it's irresponsible to leave a minor alone like that. He flags down a random car and asks the driver to take them up, which calms her down but sets the stage for a nasty surprise later on.

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