The Amazing Race 12 Episode 2

I've Become the Archie Bunker of the Home

By Reagen Sulewski

November 14, 2007

Really, they were just happy to be there.

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The second leg of this edition of The Amazing Race keeps our racers in Europe, moving them from the random spot in Ireland they ended up in the last leg to Amsterdam. Will I make pot jokes? Oh you'd better believe I'm making pot jokes.

Azaria (I love him on The Simpsons) and Hendekea were first last leg, and take off at midnight for the airport, closely followed by the Strawberry Shortcake Goths. Kynt makes a comment here about how The Amazing Race tends to leave racers in the dark, which Vyxsin says is their "favorite place in which to dwell". Thankfully, she seems to be about 90% facetious when she's saying this, or I'd have to throw something.

TK and Rachel are next, and are totally my pick for the team most likely to be held up in customs. Stand here for the nice doggies...

Lorena and Jason are next, followed by Nicolas and Donald, the latter of whom doesn't seem to get the "race" part of the show, apparently. This is the team most likely to be seen driving 50 on the Autobahn with the left blinker still going. It certainly doesn't help matters that Donald then drives into a curb, causing a flat tire. It's tough to be Nicolas right now – he knows he's screwed, but can't say a thing about it.


Shana and Jennifer try their hardest to live up to their status as blondes, with Shana not working out how to use the brights on her vehicle. There's a certain level of appropriateness there.

Ronald and Christina are next out with Ronald taking a strangely sharp tone at Christina over a few second delay. I know foreshadowing when I see it. Kate and Pat are next, and earn major brownie points with me by acknowledging that while they're religious, they have no illusions about God caring about who wins the race. Do you hear that, professional sports?!

Marianna and Julia and Nathan and Jennifer bring up the rear, though Marianna and Julia promptly drop to last by taking the wrong route the airport.

Much airport drama ensues, with the parking of cars, lining of lines and clicking of keyboards that entails. This is the stuff Emmys are made of, people! Every team except Marianna and Julia gets on a flight to Dublin, but the fast typing action does actually play into the race, as seats on the connection to Amsterdam are limited and Nicolas and Donald are pushed onto a second flight when Nathan and Jennifer get the final tickets. That's a lot of time they made up, by the by, coming all the way from last back into the lead pack.

Once the teams get to Dublin, the drama shifts to the standby list, as Nicolas and Donald and Ronald and Christina compete for two seats. Nicolas gets a little antsy with the agent – and as a pilot he should know better – but Ronald decides to come over and berate him about how rude he is, and with the rather angry tone he takes, it's akin to the drunk guy at the end of the bar yelling at you about what a disgrace you are. Christina tries to step in and save her embarrassment but Ronald will not be stopped from venting.

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