The Amazing Race 12 Episode 2

I've Become the Archie Bunker of the Home

By Reagen Sulewski

November 14, 2007

Really, they were just happy to be there.

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At the Roadblock, Rachel and Kynt get across the ditch relatively unscathed for their teams, and start moving towards the Pit Stop. While TK and Rachel have the initial lead, they ride right past the drop off point for their bike, which allows Kynt and Vyxsin to sneak in for fourth. Not only that, but Azaria and Hendekea slip in for fifth, pushing TK and Rachel back to sixth. This is exactly the sort of thing that gets you eliminated as the legs go on.

Donald, meanwhile, has decided that his clothes are too waterlogged and he has to strip down. Like, right to his underwear. Haven't the Dutch suffered enough? I'm pretty sure this qualifies as elder abuse on some level as well. Finally he gets across, to the relief of all.

Marianna and Julia recover from a bad initial leg to sneak by those two into seventh spot, as they outclass the trailing teams in athleticism by a country mile. They're going to have to step up their navigation skills, however. This leaves Nicolas and Donald back in eighth, who are just going to have to keep their clothes on, please.


The emotional harassment of Christina continues at the Roadblock, as Ronald Just. Keeps. Talking. and explaining the task to her. Would you ever want to take instruction in anything from this guy? Imagine how stupid he must think everyone else is. Mercifully, Christina gets over on the third try, ending this task for them, but then Ronald decides that she's getting too confident and as they're getting on the bike, tells her she needs to lose weight and promptly dumps her over on the ground. Let's close the balloting for Father of the Year, shall we? Does he have some sort of mental impairment or something?

They reach the mat in ninth, although it might be better for the both of them just to go home. However, this time it's Kate and Pat's turn to leave, as they just couldn't show any hustle at all in the race. While I'm sure they had a lot of fun, they simply couldn't stroll their way to victory.

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