The Amazing Race 12 Episode 2

I've Become the Archie Bunker of the Home

By Reagen Sulewski

November 14, 2007

Really, they were just happy to be there.

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In the end, Nicolas and Donald do get the standby ticket and are in the first wave of racers. They're pushed back onto the second group, which includes all the rest of the teams, even Marianna and Julia, who have now caught up.

Meanwhile, the first plane is landing in Amsterdam and Azaria and Hendekea jump into the lead by hitting on the bright idea that they can pay for their train ticket into the city on the train. The rest of the teams are left behind after getting held up at the ticket booth. This gives them about a ten-minute lead and they get to the Detour first. It asks them to choose between hoisting furniture up into a fourth story window with a rope and pulley system. The other choice is the first needle in a haystack challenge of the race, and asks the teams to find two bikes with a matching color sticker. This one's for wusses only, so naturally these two pick it.

Most of the other early teams pick the hoisting task, with Vyxsin providing an amusing rationalization for why she's the ideal choice to stay on the ground and tie knots – she used to macramé, she says, with an embarrassed look. Oh, the guys back at Goth Talk aren't going to let that slide. Lorena and Jason prove to be the fastest at this, and get their clue, sending them to the village of Ransdorp.

The bike Detour ends up being just as hellish and random as it sounds, leading to the teams that choose it wandering around fairly aimlessly among thousands of identical looking bikes. I'm sure this will go in the Dutch tourist brochure.


Kynt and Vyxsin complete the Detour with the use of the extraneous vowel power, and they have a chance to catch up, as Lorena and Jason just miss a bus that would put them way ahead.

Shana and Jennifer also prove surprisingly adept at this task, especially considering Shana's size. Then again, it has a lot more to do with dexterity than strength, so perhaps it's not all that surprising. They, and Nathan and Jennifer catch up to Lorena and Jason, but Kynt and Vyxsin manage to get lost some how and miss the first bus out to Randsorp. They're left to travel with Azaria and Hendekea and Nicolas and Donald, the first two teams to solve the bike Detour.

This means that Azaria and Hendekea have completely shed that advantage they got by being craft on the train. However, while that task sucked, there's no guarantee they wouldn't have ended up like TK and Rachel, who are the last of the teams from the first flight to leave any Detour. TK is being very un-dude like as he struggles with knot tying – perhaps he'll get a chance to go visit some kind of store here that can sell him something to relax. Finally, Rachel takes over for him, and the girl half his size kicks his butt at this task.

The teams on the first bus reach the next clue box, which contains a Roadblock. It asks one team member to compete in a local "sport" called ditch vaulting, requiring them to, get this, vault a ditch. It's a sport in the same way that throwing rocks at cans is a sport, but when you live in the Dutch countryside, this apparently passes for entertainment.

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