Survivor: China

Love Is In The Air

By Jim Van Nest

October 24, 2007

Aaron, they say they are going to vote for the other guy, but I wouldn't trust them...

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Hello, good people, and welcome to the 5th week of Survivor: China. Previously on Survivor; Jean-Robert and Courtney argued, Sherea and Dave argued, Sherea laid around and did nothing, James dominated yet another challenge and Crazy Dave got "committed" to Loser's Lodge. Tonight we've been promised Erik's virginity and a crazy twist that will shake up the game. Let's get right to it.

We begin the show at the new and improved Zhan Hu camp. Everyone is sleeping in for the first time since they got to China. As everyone is enjoying the Dave-less camp, Frosti is telling us about how strong the Fei Long tribe is at this point and how it's an uphill battle for them now. Sherea tells us that she's now feeling like an outsider and is looking forward to something changing in the game. Hmmm...Can you say "foreshadowing?" I knew you could. Cue the theme...

We come back to Zhan Hu and love is in the air. We were promised a show-mance and now looks like the setup. Jamie and Erik are enjoying a nice swim and Erik tells us about how he kinda likes Jamie. In fact, he also tells her that he kinda likes her. They make a little small talk and discuss the basics. You know, middle names, virginity. The usual. Apparently, Erik is still a virgin and he has no problem admitting this on national television. Jamie tells us that because of this, she feels like she can really trust Erik. To prove how much she trusts him, she lets him in on the whole hidden immunity idol secret. And with that, Erik's feeling pretty darn good with his little alliance/romance thing.

We finally visit Fei Long and surprise...James and Denise are working. James tells us how much he appreciates what Denise does and how that work ethic is very attractive. You might want to have the kids leave the room for what comes next as it's the scariest thing ever uttered on Survivor. James mentions, "If Denise was ten years younger or if I was older, whichever way, Denise'd be in trouble." *shudder* As James begins to cook dinner, Denise shares with us how much respect she has for James as well.


We interrupt the James/Denise love affair to bring Fei Long a special message. Some fishermen show up at camp with a note. The message says to select two people from Zhan Hu that they would like to add to their tribe and the fishermen will go get them. Naturally, this sends a small panic through Fei Long as they put two and two together and realize that Zhan Hu probably just got the same note and that James and Aaron might not be around much longer. After a quick discussion, Fei Long decides on Frosti and Sherea as their new tribe members. Jean-Robert re-enforces that if Zhan Hu got the same note, it means James is history.

Speaking of Zhan Hu, they are so completely clueless. They get the exact same note that Fei Long received, yet somehow they seem to think that they're getting two Fei Long members for free and will now have the 7-5 numbers advantage. Are you frickin kidding me? Why in the hell would they do that? As if this whole "pick the two people you want" idea isn't retarded enough, you actually think you wouldn't have to give up two people in return? Have NONE of you watched this game before? Stupid! Oh and by the way, they decide to take James and Aaron.

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