Survivor: China

Love Is In The Air

By Jim Van Nest

October 24, 2007

Aaron, they say they are going to vote for the other guy, but I wouldn't trust them...

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When the boat comes back to Zhan Hu, they're all a bit puzzled by the fact that James and Aaron aren't on it. When the fishermen give them another note telling them Frosti and Sherea have to go, the shock is overwhelming. After the fact, Sherea tells us that not realizing two people would have to go was pretty dumb. Uh, ya think? As they leave, Frosti reminds the other three that they will now have control over the two strongest players in the game. Hmmm...Can you say "foreshadowing?"

As Zhan Hu bid their tearful farewells, the inevitable hits Fei Long. Aaron and James are totally bummed, but not near as bummed as Jean-Robert is. He's lamenting losing his greatest ally in James. JR tries to rally the troops before their new members arrive. No one seems to think this is very important, but he's right when he says that they need to discuss strategy before the new people arrive, not after. With his own head on the chopping block, he knows it's imperative to make sure the Fei Long five will stay together when it comes time for a vote. He tries to convince the tribe that they boot the Zhan Hus first and then deal with each other. He summed it up best, "Today is a terrible day for Fei Long and a God-awful day for Jean-Robert."

We come back from break and James and Aaron are on their way to Zhan Hu. To save themselves, their plan is to simply win all the challenges. As they arrive at Zhan Hu, the fishermen come up behind them with a basketful of fruit, nuts and alcohol. And there is much rejoicing. James is completely crushed by the switch. He says this tribe is just too happy for him and he prefers misery. PG reiterates to us that they are in control and it just depends on what they want to do with that control.


We join Fei Long as Frosti and Sherea arrive and Todd's thinking alliance. He sees the two new players as two new possibilities. The basket of food and alcohol is brought up and again, there is much rejoicing. Sherea likes the new arrangement. She's hoping that is she steps it up; she can start over and not have the reputation of lying around and doing nothing. Frosti is totally freaked out since he's at such a large numbers disadvantage. The next morning, Jean-Robert is up and trying to take James' place, I guess. He has the fire started and breakfast started before anyone else wakes up. As everyone starts to wake up, JR begins to assign duties to people. Surprised by this new, improved and bossy JR, the rest of Fei Long pretty much just bashes him. Amanda tells us that he's just trying to save his butt. Sherea and Frosti really don't care what he's doing. All they know is that they've found a crack in the Fei Long armor and both hope to exploit that in the coming days.

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