Survivor: China

Love Is In The Air

By Jim Van Nest

October 24, 2007

Aaron, they say they are going to vote for the other guy, but I wouldn't trust them...

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So, Aaron and Erik will swim for Zhan Hu against Frosti and Jean-Robert for Fei Long. The challenge is pretty much neck and neck for quite a while, but Aaron and Erik do begin to build a bit of a lead. While Frosti and JR are still diving, Zhan Hu is bringing their pieces back to shore. As they're doing this, Jamie is trying to organize the remaining players to keep James as far from the puzzle board as possible. He's not going for it.

*Real quick, I want to introduce a new term to the Survivor recap. I'm stealing it from professional wrestling. The term is "turn heel." Simply put, it's when a fan favorite does something so terrible and vile that he/she becomes a bad guy as a result of that one action. I bring this up, because we are about to witness the worst case of "turning heel" in the history of Survivor. ***

After working their asses off to get a good lead for their tribe, Aaron and Erik are too tired to see what happens next. First off, Jamie takes one of the discs and casually tosses it aside. Then she and PG take their time trying to figure out the puzzle, which by the way wasn't very hard. James is doing the best he can, but with the girls standing in front of the board tanking it, there's not a lot he can do. The worst part of it is the girls laughing as they destroying this challenge. As the girls flounder and James gets pissed, Fei Long comes from behind and wins the challenge. To quote Jeff, "Zhan Hu, definitely the worst performance at a challenge yet."


And just like that, we have the worst case of throwing a challenge I've ever seen. Anyone who's ever played this game before has to be ashamed of the way these girls acted. I mean, if you're gonna throw a challenge (which is idiotic as it is), the least you can do is have the decency to feel bad for doing it to someone. Instead, they just thought it was hilarious. See what I mean by "turning heel?" You don't yet? Well, give it a few minutes.

We get back to Zhan Hu and it's time to play "It's anyone but James or Aaron." And I have to say, I don't think we're gonna like the outcome of this game. We join them as PG and Jamie are laughing almost uncontrollably at their success in destroying the integrity of the show's challenge. Poor Erik is left with the other guys trying to figure out what went wrong. He decides to just ask. He goes to the girls and asks them what the hell was up with the challenge and they admit that they threw it. He's pretty pissed about it, but feels like he's stuck voting with them. Bottom line, he has the hots for Jamie and she could have drowned James and Aaron earlier and he'd still vote with her. Erik suggests dumping James then but Jamie wants Aaron gone. It seems that the combination of brains and brawn have to go before just the brawn. We flip to PG talking to James. She tells him that if he wants to stay, she can make it happen. He tells her that Aaron deserves to stay and that he's ready to go. Erik passes along that James is the vote and Aaron reluctantly tells us that he'll vote for James just to stick with the group and not make any waves.

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