September 2007 Forecast

By Kang and Kodos

September 7, 2007

Mom always liked you best!

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People of Earth, kneel before us, your box office conquerers. When last we deigned to impart our wisdom upon you, we, Kang and Kodos, stated that we would rule your movie theaters with our production, The Simpsons Movie. Hundreds of millions of dollars later, you now know our wisdom to be as vast as our puddles of drool.

Of course, there a couple of issues. We do not have need of your Earth money. On Rigel 4, our people's economic system is based upon the number of tentacles and eyes we possess. More is better on the first part while less is more on the second part. Kang and Kodos will be intergalactic rulers because we are the only siblings with this many tentacles but only one eye. As the supreme multi-armed cyclops...well, whatever is the plural of cyclops of our race, we are the supreme financial...banker type things of our world.

We didn't do this for the money nor did we do this for the fame. In fact, the one you call Groening offered us a much bigger part in the movie, but our Hollywood agent told us that all the glory would be in the sequel. We listened to his sage advice, then we had Serak the Preparer make shish kabobs out of him. He tasted of sunglasses and cow pies, but we ate him anyway. Now, we see that being the stars of The Simpsons Movie would have helped us be recognizable enough to win the next election on our own rather than masquerade as Dark Lords Clin-ton and Thompson. We do not relish the idea of those skin costumes, let me tell you. Politics makes strange anal probers of us all...with apologies to the Senator from Idaho.

Now then, let us discuss the films that will attempt to replace Kang and Kodos on your movie charts.

The Kingdom

We thought this was an S&M flavored biopic about one of your kings, either Stephen or Martin Luther....or maybe one where a guy changed his name from Larry to Lana. Instead, we discovered it is a case study on non-intergalactic terrorism on your world. Your need to build a board with a nail in it so large that it will destroy you all has finally undone you. Now, the one you call Foxx will try to reduce the number of nail-boards in the Middle East. The fool does not realize that the best he may hope for is nail-board detente, meaning we expect him to join our recently deceased agent in the land of human shish kabobs. Neither one will be missed.

Enjoy your kingdom, humans. One day, your throne will be full of eyes and tentacles.


The Game Plan

There is no mortal we respect more than the earthling known as The Rock. At least, that was the case until he went all The Pacifier on Hollywood. Now, he seems like a mimic of the one you call Vin Diesel. This is sad, because none of the great spaceships of our age runs on Diesel. They are, however, susceptible to rocks. Asteroid belts have slain more than four million of our brethren, and we mean brethren in a literal sense. Our father is the Wilt Chamberlain of Rigel 4. His eye is the source of constant fertility. His travails as a father are vastly more engaging than those of your football star, Duane Johnson, but since Daddy died inside the asteroid belt of Mumbaya XIV, you will have to settle for this tale instead. We miss you, Evil Papa dearest!

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