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August 3, 2007

Hey, look! Whores!

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Kevin Chen: I don't understand why you want the people associated with this to make money.

Jim Van Nest: Just to clarify...I'm not saying $37million. I'm saying $37.00.

Kevin Chen: To reiterate, I don't understand why you want this to make money.

Les Winan: Uh, Feathers, he means $37.00, not $37,000,000. Didn't you read the clarification?

Kevin Chen: My bad. I thought he said $.37.

Reagen Sulewski: *holds up newborn meme, Lion King-style*

David Mumpower: I guess what we're saying is that we're all anti-Bratz.

And Kevin hates it the most.

Les Winan: I'd like him to clarify that point.

You are now carrying my child. It is the magic of the dance.

Dan Krovich: I think El Cantante could be interesting. Now that the tabloids have turned their attention elsewhere maybe J Lo can get back to being an actress, which I actually think she's pretty talented at, and Marc Anthony has been good in the supporting roles he's done.

Tim Briody: Hands down the upcoming release I've seen the most television ads for. Underdog is a distant second.

David Mumpower: Tim, what type of freaky channels do you watch? Your trailer viewings never line up with anyone else's.

I'm not even convinced El Cantante is a real movie at this point. I suspect it's just Lopez and Anthony's wedding video.


Tim Briody: Hot Rod is sneaking up fast over the last few days, actually. And I have no freaking idea what the hell I'm watching at times.

David Mumpower: Seriously, what channels do you watch most often? Network or cable? If it's the latter, which cable channels are you hitting most often?

Tim Briody: I don't think I've watched anything on a network the whole summer. Lately it's been whichever's got a baseball game on, being SNY or the CW for the Mets, YES for the Yankees (though I don't remember them having much in the way of movie ads), TBS for the Braves and ESPN for whichever game they're showing. USA is probably the most watched on top of that. Typically they're on in the background, perhaps I'm just noticing the El Cantante ads more. I should track these sort of things.

Reagen Sulewski: Tim's TV only gets Univision.

Kim Hollis: Which is fortunate, because he gets to watch Sabato Gigante all the time!

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