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August 3, 2007

Hey, look! Whores!

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Kim Hollis: The glorious advance praise The Bourne Ultimatum has received should really give it a bump over opening weekend. People who might have been on the fence - having been burned by numerous three-quels this summer - will be convinced that this is the one to see. As for someone other than Damon playing Bourne, I just can't see it. Let the series end here and if you want to bring it back in ten years or so, try it with a different actor at that point.

Speed of lightning, power of thunder, fighting all who rob or plunder, Underdog!

Tony Kollath: No way I'd go near Underdog, but Jason's delivery of "give the dog your foooood" in the trailer cracks me up every time.

Shane Jenkins: I agree, and then my friends are always like "you think that's funny? You want to see Underdog? You were laughing at Underdog!" and I'm like "Nooooooooooooo, I just like that one script-doctored moment! Please believe me!"

James Wood: So is it pretty clear that Jason got the memo from Tom Cruise that his Kevin Smith and Earl money was just not going to be enough to make Grand Thetan or whatever and needed to step it up?

David Mumpower: Look, I'm just going to say it. I think the "touche" joke works.

I guess I win the "Who's the biggest Jason Lee fan" prize.

Kim Hollis: No, no. It's not just you, David. I think it looks pretty charming. Then again, I was always a sucker for talking animal movies.

I will say that I was a huge fan of the cartoon and expect the live-action movie to be absolutely nothing like its source material. I don't mind when it's Jason Lee, Peter Dinklage and Puddy in the film, though.


Coming soon: the Andy Samberg action doll with real scars

Dan Krovich: Okay, so I laugh at the missed jump over the truck in the Hot Rod trailer, but I feel like that would be the only thing I laugh at in the entire movie.

Les Winan: Take everything you read about this movie and add the phrase "in a box" and it's bound to be hilarious.

Reagen Sulewski: I question whether there's an audience for "Jackass with a Plot".

Jerry Simpson: Speaking of "in a box" how about that Isla Fischer!

This movie looks like donkey balls, and I worked on it.

Les Winan: Is that quote going on the DVD box or one sheet?

Tim Briody: I'm with Dan here. It's comedy gold but they're giving it away in hopes that it gets people to show up this weekend. The Lonely Island guys have a lot of promise, but this isn't following through on it.

Shane Jenkins: This apparently was written for Will Ferrell, which explains the Kicking and Screaming vibe I'm getting off it. I like Andy Samberg, I guess, but doesn't this star vehicle seem a little premature? Is that all it takes to get your own movie now? Rapping about Red Vines with Chris Parnell?

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