Weekend Wrap-Up

Spidey Beats Sparrow

By David Mumpower

May 6, 2007

Do you think the black suit makes me look fat?

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The remainder of the top ten is made up of two hits, a so-so sequel and one to-be-determined. Seventh place goes to a great movie, Meet the Robinsons. The well-intended Disney throwback release earned another $2.5 million, giving it a total of $91.8 million as it creeps toward the magical $100 million mark. Eighth place goes to a huge hit, the hysterical Blades of Glory. Another $2.3 million brings its impressive total to $111.6 million. That's roughly a factor of seven more than the ninth place entrant, Hot Fuzz. BOP fave Simon Pegg's action spoof fell a significant 58% from last weekend's $4.9 million. This frame's $2.1 million gives it a running total of $16.1 million. It has now passed Shaun of the Dead's $13.4 million in domestic receipts, making it a modest success story for Rogue Pictures. Finally, tenth place goes to Are We Done Yet?, the Ice Cube sequel that simply refuses to die. It squeaked out a top ten place by bringing in another $1.7 million and bringing its overall total to $46.1 million. Surely it will be gone next weekend. Right? RIGHT?


Overall box office for the top ten was $171.4 million, up 85% this weekend from this time last year. As you have probably inferred, this is all due to Spider-Man 3. The film comprised 85% of this weekend's top ten box office. Its $148.0 million single-handedly beats the $94.0 million total from all ten films this time last year by 57%. If we compare films in second through tenth place in 2006 as opposed to 2007, the difference is roughly a two to one ratio for 2006 with $46.2 million then as opposed to $26.1 million now. So, Spider-Man 3 alone was an $100.3 million difference from 2006's number one film for the weekend, Mission: Impossible 3, with its total of $47.7 million. Maybe Tom Cruise should have stayed on-board for Iron Man rather than letting Robert Downey Jr. take on the title role.

Next weekend sees four more releases enter the marketplace. 28 Weeks Later, the sequel to the instant zombie classic, 28 Days Later, is the biggest of them. Scrubs star Zach Braff's The Ex will fulfill the currently open romantic comedy slot (though some cynics would argue Spider-Man 3 also takes care of this) while Lindsay Lohan's Georgia Rule takes care of the chick flick quotient. Alleged comedian Larry the Cable Guy's Delta Farce is for people who aren't Internet-literate and will never see this column anyway. You people are ruining it for the rest of us.

Top Ten for Weekend of May 4-6, 2007
of Sites
Percentage Drop from Last Week
Gross ($)
Gross ($)
1 Spider-Man 3 4,252 New 148.0 148.0
2 Disturbia 3,132 -37% 5.7 59.9
3 Fracture 2,365 -50% 3.4 26.5
4 The Invisible 2,019 -59% 3.1 12.3
5 Next 2,733 -61% 2.8 11.8
6 Lucky You 2,525 New 2.5 2.5
7 Meet the Robinsons 2,107 -49% 2.5 91.8
8 Blades of Glory 2,113 -55% 2.3 111.6
9 Hot Fuzz 1,266 -58% 2.1 16.1
10 Are We Done Yet? 1,704 -51% 1.7 46.1

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