Survivor: Fiji

It’s a Turtle?!

By David Mumpower and Kim Hollis

April 22, 2007

We'll miss his accent.

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And now, Fun With Mookie! Fresh back from Exile Island, he's making enough threats to fill up the entire final season of The Sopranos.

"By Cassandra sending me to Exile Island, she just ruined the game for herself and her alliance. I am gonna take out her whole alliance, one by one...Hopefully, we can take him [Earl] out and take him out with the immunity idol and he won't even use it...When I was on Exile Island, I committed myself to that. I'm like, I will not be faltered out, I will not be wavered by anything. But we're still the Four Horsemen...This is the order we're sending them: Earl, Yau Man, Boo."

We can't imagine that as Mookie watches this in the comfort of his own home that he is bursting with pride regarding his prognostications or the success of his vendetta. Maybe we were too hard on Lisi. Look at what happened to Mookie after just one trip to Exile Island.

Dreamz interrupts Mookie's tirade - because, well, that's what Mookie does - ask Earl if you don't believe us - and questions are crucial. "Are you 100% on Stacy? Is Stacy for us? Are you sure?" (Out of curiosity, what would make you think Stacy is with you? You all threw her under the bus in the reward challenge.) Cut to Stacy basically asking Yau Man who she should vote for in order to secure her position in their alliance. His answer? "Anyone but Earl." As their discussion goes a bit further, he tells her, "Vote for Alex if you're with us. If not, vote for anyone but Earl. That's all I ask."

Now, we cut to Alex and Stacy on the beach. Alex's idea of diplomacy is to remind her that he "saved her on the Michelle vote", so apparently she is his indentured servant for the rest of the contest. He dictates that she must vote for Earl, while pressing for confirmation that she will do so. We don't know much about body language, but we think that when someone looks at you blankly and says, "I'm just hot...I'm really...agitated," that's probably not the best sign ever. In a way, we relish the idea of a Stacy/Boo/Dreamz alliance. Talk about the ultimate in-it-for-yourself crew. Not to mention unpredictable.


Stacy's hedging leads to what is arguably the best sequence of chess moves in the history of the game. After Edgardo and Alex confer about Stacy's behavior, they (correctly) decide they can't count on her. Edgardo informs Dreamz of their new plan. Since Dreamz has told the Four Horsemen that their opponents plan to vote out Alex at Tribal Council, Edgardo's idea is that Mookie will give Alex the immunity idol. With that idol in hand, Alex will be saved from elimination and the person with the second most votes, Earl, will leave in his place.

When Mookie passes the idol to Alex, Dreamz is intently watching. At this point, Dreamz finally picks a side. He rushes off to Boo, Cassandra, Yau Man, Stacy and Earl and tells them that Mookie has given the super secret immunity idol to Alex. The group decides at this point to vote for Mookie instead of Alex. This solution sidesteps the issue of the immunity idol while still eliminating a competitor from the opposing alliance.

Are you still with us? We know it's complicated. There have been entire seasons of Survivor that haven't had this much strategy. And it doesn't stop there. Edgardo flip flops, determining that Cassandra will be the better target at Tribal Council. His logic is that taking out one of the three members of their alliance will cripple Earl and Yau Man - and we agree with this rationale. Earl's trio might be the most cerebral core group of strategists we have ever seen in an alliance. Taking one of them out is an imperative for a group stuck with Mookie and Dreamz.

"This is an all or nothing move, but if it works out, it'll probably be one of the best moves ever." --Edgardo

The Spy vs. Spy games continue. While Dreamz is off working on some firewood, the cool kids who are supposedly his new best friends have another discussion. Stacy, who Dreamz could have eliminated on the previous vote, points out that if their opponents believe the vote will be either Mookie or Alex, the most logical victim is Edgardo. This marks the first useful thing that Stacy has done in the entire season of Survivor: Fiji. Even better, she suggests that they should not tell Dreamz. The difference between this group and the Four Horsemen is that they are wise enough to follow through with this plan.

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