Survivor: Fiji

It’s a Turtle?!

By David Mumpower and Kim Hollis

April 22, 2007

We'll miss his accent.

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As the losers from the prior immunity challenge return from Tribal Council, Earl, Boo and Edgardo debate who has been eliminated. Soon afterward, the downcast group returns and confirms Michelle has been eliminated by a 3-2 vote. Mookie doesn't even attempt to conceal his contempt for Dreamz's voting decision. We can't say that we disagree. The man just voted off a woman he didn't know instead of a woman he actively dislikes, and alienated his key ally in the game to boot. Let's just say we wouldn't want Dreamz running our political campaign in '08.

"We just screwed ourselves." --Mookie

Mookie's bad night continues. Alex berates him for how protective he has been of the immunity idol they discovered together. Alex believes they should rotate ownership, with one of the four horsemen holding it each day. Mookie, on the other hand, thinks he has the right of "finders keepers" since he touched it first. Their behavior is starting to remind us of the episode where Bart, Millhouse and Martin get the Radioactive Man #1 comic book. Moving down the food chain, Mookie moves from strong player Alex to pass his aggression down to weaker player Dreamz. His venting and strategizing are lost on his partner, who, we kid you not, spends the conversation carefully monitoring the flight of a moth. Dreamz has never met a shiny object he didn't like.

Dreamz attempts to explain the logic behind alienating his ally and jeopardizing his position in the game. Oh, he's got a great reason. Don't think he doesn't. See, in Tribal Council, Michelle said she didn't know Dreamz, because, well, she didn't. Dreamz apparently took this simple statement of fact as a sinister implication of her master plan for his immediate elimination. And we don't just mean from Survivor. He thinks she has satellite lasers pointed at his head as he speaks. Dreamz, the next time you're on a deserted island, don't eat the mushrooms you can't identify.

What have we learned in the first five minutes of the first Survivor: Fiji episode that we've recapped? Stacy is better off than Edgardo, Alex and Mookie for the simple reason that while she may not have any friends on the island, at least she's not in an alliance with Dreamz.


Demonstrating his Survivor prowess, Boo states that a worthy alliance would be Earl, Yau Man, Cassandra, Dreamz and himself. We're pretty sure that at the moment, Mookie would be happy to trade Dreamz for a player named later - as long as that player isn't Dreamz. No takebacks. Earl continues to impress us with his cerebral style of play and intuitive ability to judge the behavior of others. He recognizes Boo as a transparent hanger-on only worried about himself and he knows that Dreamz is as reliable as a coin flip. Earl is one of the better Survivor players in recent memory.

Probst sighting! We've missed you Jeffy! And by the way, nice hat! This challenge is one of our annual favorites - the one that humiliates the despicable and creates artificial tension between allies. A series of questions are asked, and it becomes a popularity - or lack-of-popularity as Stacy will always remember it - contest.

Below is a recap of the questions and the way the tribe voted. See if you can spot any patterns (hint: the group piles on one player like it's a rugby match).

Who would you most trust with your life? - Earl
Who are you least likely to invite to a family dinner? - Boo
Who most has a sense of entitlement? - Alex
Who would you most like to be stranded on an island with? - Yau Man
Who do you not want to see again after the game? - Stacy (everyone guesses this, for what it's worth)
Who smells the worst? - Dreamz
Who mistakenly believes they are in control of this game? - Alex
Who has wasted this great opportunity? - Stacy
Athletically, who has surprised you the most? - Yau Man

When players guess correctly who the tribe voted for, they get to knock out one of three planks symbolizing another Survivor. After the first question and three hits, one player is instantly eliminated. This player is Stacy. After a few more rounds, Alex and Earl are also knocked out. Next, Cassandra boots Mookie and Yau Man from the challenge. Edgardo quickly follows. After getting every single question correct, Cassandra knocks out Dreamz and wins a fancy dinner on a luxury yacht and the chance to send a fellow Survivor to Exile Island.

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