Survivor: Fiji

It’s a Turtle?!

By David Mumpower and Kim Hollis

April 22, 2007

We'll miss his accent.

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To keep with the theme of the season, Cassandra retroactively sends Lisi to Exile Island. And the bitch still deserves it. Actually, she gives Mookie the honor, but that's less fun.

The lousy television that is Exile Island includes Mookie making an impotent threat. Cassandra's just made the "worst mistake of her life" according to him. If this is true, we are sad for Cassandra and her dull, dull existence. There is also a sea snake.

Cassandra is allowed to take three people with her on her yacht celebration. Her selections are a bit surprising in that she takes Dreamz, Yau Man and...Boo. Looking at her strategy for a moment, Cassandra has come to realize that Yau Man and Earl want to go to the Final Three with her; however, at that point, it's the two of them versus her. If she can buddy up with either Dreamz or Boo at the final five, she will have a great deal of flexibility. Therefore, taking Earl would have been wasting a spot that is better to used to plant the seeds for later in the game.

Cassandra, Boo and Yau Man spend their time on the yacht trying to determine Dreamz's loyalty and willingness to betray his other allies. Their miscalculation is in assuming that he has any type of strategy. They would have better luck teaching a two-year-old quantum physics. Dreamz will spend the next Tribal Council exactly the same way he spent the last one: trying to determine who the stranger is and exactly what evil plans they may have in place to harm him in some way. Still, the group of three establishes with Dreamz that the plan is to vote Alex out at the next Tribal Council. This might not seem important, but it really, really is.


The evening is not a total loss for Dreamz. There are fireworks at the end of their meal! That means he gets loud noises and shiny things! Much better than moths!

As Earl and Cassandra spend a few minutes trying to appease Dreamz, whose feelings have been hurt again, we realize that for the other players on the island, Dreamz is much like a Tamagotchi. They spend an inordinate amount of time trying to keep him happy and content, realizing that the whole exercise will ultimately be fruitless as well as impossible. He's just going to poot on your foot. Still, Earl and Cassandra try to tell him that he really needs to listen to them, because he's constantly trying to talk over them when they're trying to help him. Cowed by Earl's big boy voice, Dreamz lets loose with the information that Mookie has an immunity idol.

Let's flash back to two episodes ago, when the immunity idol was discovered. Edgardo and Alex had one simple request of Mookie. Don't tell Dreamz. They worried about his ability to keep a secret, not to mention his penchant for treachery. And next, let's remember last episode when Mookie told Dreamz, "Hey, guess what we've got! P.S. Don't tell anyone else!" What we see here is the perfect example of Alex and Edgardo seeing a potential pitfall, trying to prevent it, and having it happen anyway. They have just had their hole cards revealed to their opponents by two people they had no choice but to trust - Mookie and Dreamz. Alex and Edgardo did everything right and through no fault of their own, the game has just turned on them.

And it's Probst time again! Today's Immunity Challenge is one of those brutal endurance challenges. This particular one requires the Survivors to balance on tiny footholds and arm holds. If they lose their balance, they're out. The person who stays up the longest takes home immunity and a chance to take some serious control of the game. Early on, Stacy is looking very focused, and Boo is impressive as well in his determination to stay alive. Both of them know that they are potentially at risk at Tribal, and they give it all they've got. In the end, though, it's the poised and serene Yau Man who carries the day. We imagine all of their feet hurt in a big bad way given the way they walk to the sidelines.

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