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You Should See This
1. Easy A
    Like She's Out of My League, this should have been just another teen movie, but it fired on all cylinders. Lots of fun to watch.
2. Inception
    Leave it to Christopher Nolan to deliver something wickedly creative, or at least demonstrate how most everything else is middle of the road. Tom Hardy was excellent casting here.
3. The Town
    This is a good double header to Heat. 2020 rereview: still great every time I catch it on cable.
4. She's Out of My League
    I was really surprised - this should have been a run of the mill romcom, but it was actually charming. Alice Eve is a natural.
5. The Other Guys
    I laughed a lot during this movie, and every time I remember key scenes, I laugh more. (the bribery sequence, for example)
6. True Grit
    Hailee Steinfeld is wonderful to watch and Bridges provides a lot of great humor. This is a good western.
7. The Fighter
    It wasn't until the end of the movie that I realized that Ward's mother was played by Melissa Leo. To me that's worth an award, and one for Bale as well. My only complaint is the movie ends quick
8. Tangled
    Rapunzel is adorable and the horse provides plenty of laughs, but the songs are forgettable.
9. The American
    I liked this a lot and it was very sexy, but I could see how some people could be bored by it.
10. The Social Network
    Great dialogue, and I liked seeing how the coding came about.
11. Toy Story 3
    I was pleased that this exceeded my expectations, but I do still like the first movie of the series best. Barbie/Ken was probably the most fun part of the movie.
12. Never Let Me Go
    I think this accomplished exactly what it is about - it's very non-sci-fi for a sci-fi movie because it's all about humanity. Very well acted and directed, beautiful score by Portman.
13. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
    I'm in love with Ramona. I didn't expect the comic book style to work for this movie, but once in I was entertained.
14. Youth in Revolt
    Not perfect, but the movie makes me want to read the book. Justin Long is subtly funny.
15. Solitary Man
    Michael Douglas is so good in part because the writing is so sharp. Great character movie. 2020 rereview: unfortunately it's not memorable and dropped out of my top 10.
16. I Love You Phillip Morris
    The trailer made me think Jim Carrey's hamming it up would be annoying, but this was really pretty funny.
17. Iron Man 2
    I'd give the first Iron Man an A, this sequel a B+. The elements were there, I'd like to have seen more Pepper and more teeth from Sam Rockwell's character.
18. Kick-Ass
    This was surprisingly, brutally violent, but I still liked Hit Girl. And the car.
19. TRON
    The vehicles were beautiful, Wilde is beautiful, and the cgi-reversed-aged Bridges is pretty amazing. I particularly liked that they made Tron an essential part of the story.
20. The Expendables
    Building on a huge explosive action sequence a third of the way in, they caught the 80s action tone perfectly in this movie.

Worth A Look
21. The Next Three Days
    The tension over whether Crowe will get caught is pretty great all the way through. Wilde's arc is left unresolved unfortunately.
22. Monsters
    I really liked this; effects, relationship, and music were all good, and a surprise from what I expected.
23. Megamind
    Despicable Me's minions were better, but I liked Megamind more. And the long distances shots were amazing.
24. The King's Speech
    The interactions between Rush and Firth are great, but the in between is a little lackluster. Good movie, but best of the year?
25. The Crazies
    It's Justified with Zombies! This was decent but I found the similar Carriers starring Chris Pine to be more interesting.
26. Love and Other Drugs
    This is a much more watchable version of the stories in Autumn in New York and Sweet November.
27. Hot Tub Time Machine
    Amusing, Corddry finally made me laugh, but I feel like there was a lot of potential wasted here.
28. Dinner for Schmucks
    This was like a long SNL skit that nearly goes off the rails but stays on. Clement and Punch (against my typical judgement) provide a lot of laughs.
29. Grown Ups
    I really liked how sincerely nostalgic this movie was, but that might make it a little slow (ie, not enough crass jokes) for adults and kids alike.
30. Greenberg
    Give this one a chance - despite starting off bleak it becomes more interesting. If you like this be sure to rent Good Dick.
31. Inside Job
    How anybody can conclude that less regulation is needed after the financial crisis is mind-boggling. This is a great in-depth summation of the crisis.
32. The Losers
    Chris Evans adds some humor, the action is decent, but the plot is James-Bond-silly.
33. OSS 117: Lost in Rio
    This series amuses me endlessly. I wonder what it's like for a native French speaker.
34. The Switch
    I liked this a lot, even if it was a little slow in parts. Little Thomas Robinson is great.
35. Due Date
    Planes, Trains, and Automobiles is still the standard. I did like that they didn't just make Robert Downey Jr. a victim but took him to the edge of being a real bastard.
36. Biutiful
    Very, very sad, but very well acted. Bardem is just a natural at this sort of thing. (I was surprised at the supernatural element of the story.)
37. The A-Team
    One of the things that failed this movie was that the music didn't drive the tempo fast enough. Jackson was surprisingly good, and this puts Cooper one step closer to the A-List.
38. Date Night
    Carell and Fey are a nice match and provide some laughs, but the movie itself feels a little thrown together. Adventures in Babysitting is still the superior one-crazy-night movie.
39. The Kids Are All Right
    I really disliked Bening's character, but Moore provided plenty of entertainment in a perverse way. On this subject also see Mother and Child (again with Bening being unbearable).
40. Catfish
    I felt chills as the guys approached the farm in the dark, expecting something bad, but it twists into something really really interesting. Fascinating study in human behavior.
41. Paper Man
    The scenes with Emma Stone are really good, the visions of Ryan Reynolds are pointlessly distracting.
42. From Paris With Love
    I'll give it this - it's nonstop action.
43. Black Swan
    I was expecting a straight up drama, and the hallucinations and cgi were a surprise. It's effective, frightening, well cast with Portman and Kunis, but I didn't exactly -enjoy- it.
44. The Sorcerer's Apprentice
    The effects in this are really good, and the adult-child vibe is far less creepy than in Cirque du Freak.
45. 127 Hours
    Touching the Void did this first, and just as well if not better. The removal of the arm wasn't as bad as I was expecting...except for the nerve.
46. Going the Distance
    Barrymore is pretty funny in this movie and they develop a pretty common relationship dilemma well.
47. Harry Brown
    This is pretty cool, but I have a hard time thinking that so many murders could happen so brazenly.
48. Unstoppable
    The plot hits ludicrous speed, but it is a tense, exciting ride. Most of the tension comes from anger at all the human error involved.
49. How Do You Know
    A better than average romantic comedy and a rare one that highlights the "really bad day" with some sincerity.
50. Daybreakers
    I'd passed over this movie initially because of the muddled trailers, but this is a great addition to the vampire genre.
51. Rabbit Hole
    Sad, and very on the mark with how different people can react to the same tragedy.
52. Predators
    Though it's a sequel, there's much different from the original, and that's not bad. Brody plays a convincing tough guy.
53. Mother and Child
    I didn't expect to like this, but it was engaging. S. Epatha Merkerson kicked ass.
54. Despicable Me
    My favorite moment is the minion accidentally floating into the atmosphere. And his car. The rest is too slow and missing essential charm.
55. Life as We Know It
    This turned out to be a lot sweeter than I expected it to be.
56. How to Train Your Dragon
    I appreciated the well-told story and the great effects, but Gerard Butler's voice distracted in every scene he was in.
57. The Karate Kid
    It is what it is, but there's some decent action here.
58. Micmacs
    The French are so peculiarly funny, and I just can't imagine an American cast and production team making films as charmingly entertaining.
59. City Island
    This is a decent comedy-drama, even though the plot is a stretch.

If You've Got the Time
60. Waking Sleeping Beauty
    This is an interesting history on Disney's animation division, particularly how it almost went bust.
61. The Tilman Story
    This documentary really helps put the story in context with greater detail than my general awareness of the headline at the time.
62. Middle Men
    This would be a good recent history double header with The Social Network.
63. Welcome to the Rileys
    Kristen Stewart was actually pretty good in this, and Melissa Leo is as always so good that she melds into her role almost unrecognizably.
64. Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole
    I was surprised at how much Greek drama was in the story. The visuals are great, but also funny for the slow-motion excess.
65. Blue Valentine
    True to life but pretty soul-crushing as a result. I wouldn't want to hang out with Michelle Williams after seeing this and disliking her character.
66. Green Zone
    Disappointing given the people involved, but it's still watchable. The dialogue feels like it was just converted from a Democrat's history book.
67. Waiting for Superman
    This is a pretty interesting documentary about children's education.
68. Robin Hood
    Braveheart played with history and it paid off. This messed with history and fell short. Rent Costner's version instead.
69. You Again
    I was surprisingly pleasantly amused by the plot and the elder generation of women in the cast (plus, I'll see anything with Yustman).
70. Countdown to Zero
    This is a pretty watchable documentary on nuclear proliferation, which basically leads to the conclusion that we're screwed.
71. Racing Dreams
    Interesting potential, but it just kind of ends. The budding romance was cute.
72. Animal Kingdom
    Another great Australian crime entry, though I didn't necessarily feel a nomination was due for Jacki Weaver. Joel Edgerton was in this too briefly.
73. Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief
    I have trouble analyzing whether or not I would have thought this was cool when I was 15. At this age, it's just kind of there.
74. Winter's Bone
    Bleak, but the acting is good. Also check out Jennifer Lawrence in The Burning Plain.
75. Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps
    I was pleased by the amount of screen time Gekko had, and the dramatization of the financial meltdown, but the rest of the story was just eh.
76. The Book of Eli
    Plot sensibility: not great. music: pretty cool.
77. Flipped
    It's a cute and sentimental childhood romance especially when told from Madeline Carroll's pov, but it still feels like someone else's story.
78. Fair Game
    Another good recent history that fleshes out details in a concise timeline to really focus the story, but I got the feeling this was still self-promoting, which is kind of ironic.
79. The Joneses
    I liked this more than I expected to. For a double header check out Consenting Adults with Kevin Kline and Kevin Spacey.
80. Knight and Day
    It's funny to watch Diaz ogling Cruise, and the action may mimic Mission Impossible, but Cruise is so un-Cruise it seems like he's channeling another actor.
81. Shutter Island
    At first I thought, hey this is very Hardy Boys cheesy, then I thought, hey this might be good, and then I thought, hey why did you go through all that effort for this?
82. Red
    If you are thinking of seeing this, watch Sneakers instead. If you've already seen this, watch Sneakers too. The ensemble and delivery is just better in Sneakers.
83. It's Kind of a Funny Story
    Nice teen romance. Galifinakis does subtle comedy as well as his outlandish stuff.
84. Get Him to The Greek
    It's really sad when a supporting performance steals a movie but then can't deliver as good a movie as a lead. But I did laugh a couple times, especially at stroking a fur wall to calm down.
85. Stone
    Ed Norton once again demonstrates his acting chops. The story is dark but I didn't quite get the point.
86. Somewhere
    I could see people being annoyed by the slowness of this movie, but I liked the sweet relationship between father and daughter and how it showed the downside of being a movie star.
87. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I
    As cold and slow as a glacier. The was like watching The Road with magic wands. I did like the story of the three brothers a lot.
88. Get Low
    Watchable, slightly amusing, but the big reveal seemed to be making more of a big deal than the buildup warranted.
89. Burlesque
    I'd pay to see a live show like this. Aguilera's talent is impressive. Kristen Bell was sexy but sadly a very weak character.
90. Conviction
    This is one of the few roles where I think Melissa Leo went too far and overacted.
91. Leaves of Grass
    Though at first jarring, Norton's dual roles become interesting. The movie takes some surprisingly violent turns.
92. Secretariat
    I liked Seabiscuit more, but the final race for Secretariat - even just repeating history - is just unreal.
93. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
    I think this was the most watchable movie of the series even though the story was less familiar to me, and the end was very preachy.
94. Nowhere Boy
    This is just too far different from the soft-spoken older Lennon I was used to.
95. Faster
    Nice to see Dwayne Johnson as a bad-ass rather than his soft family-oriented side, but skip this and just watch Fast Five.
96. Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore
    Sure, it's silly, but it's the kind of silly I can use as background entertainment.
97. Barney's Version
    I liked the lead up more than the ending. I always like Rosamund Pike.
98. Jackass 3D
    As usual, the best bit is the least jackassy - the power of the jet engine was very cool. With the way these guys get away without spine injuries, they should put all their profits on lotto tickets.
99. Cyrus
    I'm glad this wasn't just stupid comedy like Step Brothers, but the result is a little weird. Still, Reilly is sympathetic.
100. Machete
    There were a few laughs in this sendup, but Black Dynamite is much better.
101. Casino Jack
    I liked Spacey more in Recount, but Jon Lovitz plays a pretty great slimeball.
102. Salt
    It's a ridiculous plot, but the the pace is consistent.
103. Ramona and Beezus
    Maybe this is fun for a younger crowd, but it was just so-so for me.
104. The Concert
    Amusing concept but it didn't hold my interest.
105. Charlie St. Cloud
    There's an interesting twist in here, and I found it watchable. Better at least than Dear John.
106. Paranormal Activity 2
    This was okay, but there was less punch because it was more of the same from the first movie. The explosive jolt an hour in was great though.
107. MacGruber
    As a MacGyver fan I really wanted this to be successful, but I only laughed once or twice. Val Kilmer managed to be about the best element in the movie.
108. Another Year
    The acting is good, but wow, what a downer about people as lost causes.
109. Love Ranch
    Pesci's loud mouth is a turnoff.
110. The Company Men
    I think I fell asleep on the couch before Costner's character was even introduced.
111. Country Strong
    The difference between this and Crazy Heart, Walk the Line, and Ray is just that there are no likable characters in Country Strong. Garrett Hedlund's got a good voice at least.
112. All Good Things
    There's a very ominous tone for the first half of the movie that just fizzles out by the end.
113. Yogi Bear
    Kids movie like these can allow for some general silliness, and I actually chuckled a few times, particularly for Andrew Daly as the snarky, villainous mayor.
114. Centurion
    If The Eagle appeals to you, take a look at this one for a similar take on the tale.
115. Buried
    This is surprisingly watchable for a single location movie, but so frustrating in that Reynolds' character just isn't smart with his phone.
116. Skyline
    Some cool effects, and I really liked the long distance shots, but it's really unexciting for an invasion movie, with a really dumb ending. I do suggest Monsters as an alternative.
117. The Last Exorcism
    I liked that this was a slight change of pace from Paranormal Activity 2, but the ending still fell apart.
118. Little Fockers
    Not as bad as I expected. Luke Wilson was pretty funny.
119. Let Me In
    This remake is easier to follow than the original, but I still don't get the strong praise for it. It's good, but not the best horror out there.
120. And Soon the Darkness
    Karl Urban's final scene is pretty good, otherwise tourist boards must hate this movie.
121. You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger
    I'm not sure the idle rich understand that what tickles their boredom isn't great material for everyone. Why do Woody Allen's stories lately feel like blind items about his friends?
122. Agora
    At times it becomes difficult to track who is persecuting who.
123. Case 39
    Movies like this just offer more proof that children are evil. Young Jodelle Ferland is very competent in her role.
124. Alpha and Omega
    Mediocre animation, mediocre plot. I think I laughed a couple times but I forget which scenes.

Not Worth Your Time
125. Cairo Time
    I like Clarkson, but she frustratingly whispers through the whole movie. My other problem: why didn't she just go home?
126. Chloe
    Sexy, and an interesting, unusual twist or two.
127. The Runaways
    Kristen Stewart got Joan Jett right (I assume) and she should have been more of the focus than Cherie.
128. Made in Dagenham
    Miranda Richardson is great in her supporting role. Hoskins is a little too cheesy.
129. Perrier's Bounty
    Broadbent provides the right amount of comic relief in this.
130. Tamara Drewe
    I'm a big fan of Dominic Cooper and HUGE fan of Gemma Arterton but this doesn't get interesting until the end and almost isn't worth the wait. (But then there's Gemma, so it is.)
131. The Extra Man
    If you happen to pick this up you might also be interested in $5 a Day. But man, Paul Dano is just weird.
132. Howl
    For a short history on free speech, sexuality, and debate, watch this and Milk and The People vs. Larry Flynt.
133. Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work
    This is a good documentary, but I don't like people who think they're entitled.
134. Lottery Ticket
    Keith David never fails to outshine everyone else around him.
135. Babies
    No voiceover, which is nice and peaceful. Basically this is like watching a nature documentary.
136. Gulliver's Travels
    The idea of using the Liliputians to recreate Star Wars was amusing, but this is mostly paint by numbers adventure. And not unlike Shrek.
137. Happy Tears
    There's an odd tone to this movie but it's still watchable.
138. The Good Heart
    Again, Paul Dano is a weird dude.
139. Hereafter
    I'm not sure what this was. Is Clint Eastwood trying to promote grants for psychic medium research?
140. Takers
    It's like the movie wanted to be Heat for a new generation, and with a momentary pause when they decided to go all Jason Bourne with Chris Brown. That could be a good movie, actually.
141. Morning Glory
    Harrison Ford's voice approach in this movie seems to have been: attempt to jump over the Nick Nolte gorge, land at the bottom of Batman ravine. McAdams is a camera natural once again.
142. A Nightmare on Elm Street
    Jackie Earle Haley's voice was so effective in Watchmen, but it sounds forced and fake in this movie.
143. The Tourist
    An aloof Jolie, ho-hum music, and a generic score just add up to average. The first meet on the train was charming.
144. Devil
    Not as gripping as some of M. Night Shyamalan's other frightening works, but definitely as heavy-handed when it comes to exposition. Logan Marshall-Green is good.
145. Repo Men
    There were some moments, but this went on too long. This might be an interesting double header with Inception.
146. Dear John
    Naturally, being a Nicholas Sparks story, it bears a lot of resemblance to The Notebook. And, it's a big downer.
147. Ondine
    If Richard Curtis had had a hand in this at least it would have been jaunty. This is way too slow and angsty. Bachleda is lovely though.
148. Defendor
    Also in this genre is Special, starring Michael Rapaport, but just rent Kick-Ass instead.
149. Splice
    This movie is all sorts of wrong, but I was very entertained by the *other* splice gone wrong about 45 minutes in.
150. Boogie Woogie
    I fast forwarded through most of this.
151. Crazy on the Outside
    The Six Wives of Henry Lefay is better, but not by much.
152. Shrek Forever After
    The story is a natural progression of the series, but the execution is just lifeless. I think the only thing I laughed at was Puss' adorable eyes.
153. Alice in Wonderland
    As bleak as Where the Wild Things Are was, this was as dull despite all the glitz. I can't imagine how 3D would have looked any better than the lousy 2D effects, save for the very cool Cheshire cat
154. Remember Me
    I'm not sure why the timeline was necessary for this movie, or even why it was necessary for the character. Kind of amusing though to hear Pattinson's friend complain about his brooding.
155. Please Give
    As usual Amanda Peet is the star whenever she's in front of the camera. Ann Guilbert is also really funny as the cranky old bat. But mostly this is a downer.
156. Jack Goes Boating
    There was just too much insecurity here for me to enjoy watching it.
157. Brooklyn's Finest
    I like cop dramas but this is longer and less focussed than it could have been.
158. The Virginity Hit
    I'll give them this, for something staged it at least looked like a documentary.
159. Piranha 3D
    I do appreciate gratuitous boobs, but the piranha cgi is SyFy-channel quality. I'm not expecting ILM effects, but come on. You'll get more laughs it you go rent an actual early 80s T&A horror flic
160. Edge of Darkness
    I so could have solved this mystery 20 minutes in. Thankfully, Mel's delay gave us more screen time for Ray Winstone.
161. Touching Home
    This just couldn't maintain my attention. Apparently it's about two brothers who play baseball.
162. The Killer Inside Me
    This is too brutal on screen to enjoy, but thriller fans might like reading the original novel and let their imaginations do the work.
163. Step Up 3D
    I wish I knew the name of the guy who does the robot, he was great. Also a great final performance. The rest is right out of The Disney Channel.
164. The Last Song
    I don't understand why anyone would for the character Miley Cyrus plays.
165. Death at a Funeral (Screen Gems)
    Rent the original instead. I don't know how a close remake loses its charms, but this did.
166. 44 Inch Chest
    Sexy Beast felt like a movie, this felt too much like a talky stage play. It's worth seeing though for McShane's performance.
167. Cop Out
    This movie feels like it was made in 1989 after Richard Dreyfuss passed on it and has been sitting on the shelf until now - completely stupid, and yet I laughed (mostly at Seann William Scott).
168. The Ghost (2010)
    I've heard this praised, but the dubbing over f-bombs was lousy, the dialogue was amateurish, and the plot kind of ridiculous. Thumbs down.
169. Eat Pray Love
    I get that Roberts' character is trying to find herself, but by piggybacking off others while refusing to give back, she is a horribly selfish character.
170. The Bounty Hunter
    Butler may be a decent action star but he can't quite carry a romantic comedy.
171. Just Wright
    Unlike She's Out of My League, this is just another formulaic romance. Which is too bad because I really like Queen Latifah.
172. Letters to Juliet
    Shouldn't we be offended by characters who wait until right before their weddings to break up, coincidentally after having just met the first next nice guy while on vacation?
173. Valentine's Day
    I loved Love, Actually, but this was just derivative. Matthew Walker was pretty funny as a stand-in reporter.
174. Extraordinary Measures
175. Leap Year
    By abandoning the plot, this movie actually managed to make Made of Honor look impressive.
176. Legion
    Forced and unoriginal. I'd suggest renting The Prophecy (with Christopher Walken and Viggo Mortensen) instead.

What the Crap?
177. The Last Airbender
    This is a totally paint-by-numbers destiny movie. Decent effects, but the martial arts are way too showy.
178. Killers
    I want to like Kutcher, and then he picks projects like this.
179. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
    I really don't get the appeal. I must have fallen asleep before the action happened, because what I saw was absolutely boring.
180. After.Life
    This is a weird ghost story. If Ricci gets any more petite, producers are going to have to anchor with a paperweight.
181. Clash of the Titans
    How bad is it that the original Clash of the Titans made more sense in the motivations of the gods? (I loved the original)
182. Resident Evil: Afterlife
    The first 20 minutes of this may be the most ridiculous length of film I have ever seen. That's not entirely awful, but wow. (dude - Alaska to L.A. in a single prop plane in *two days*)
183. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
    As someone who's played Assassin's Creed I thought it was pretty cool that the first 10 minutes played like the game, but like Clash of the Titans, this was a pointless moneygrab that didn't need t
184. The Back-Up Plan
    This is as paint-by-numbers as Hollywood gets, and that's an insult to audience intelligence.
185. Vampires Suck
    I laughed *once*, at Ken Jeong at the end of the movie. It's not worth watching the stuff before it to get there.
186. The Wolfman
    Maybe a touch less boring than De Niro's Frankenstein.
187. When in Rome
    Wow, that plotline was actually offensively stupid. Not to mention the lack of any chemistry. Cheers to mockery of Criss Angel, though, I guess.
188. Bitch Slap
    This movie completely falls short of the trashy Tarantino-esque fun advertised in the trailer. Instead it's just a bunch of repetitive bickering and awful green screen backgrounds.
189. Jonah Hex
    By the end it looked like the editor just threw the film into a blender. Huge wasted opportunity.
190. Sex and the City 2
    The characters in this movie are some of the most offensively spoiled I have ever seen. Awful.

191. A Prophet
192. The City of Your Final Destination
193. Diary of a Wimpy Kid
194. Don McKay
195. Exit Through the Gift Shop
196. For Colored Girls
197. Four Lions
198. Furry Vengeance
199. The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest
200. Hubble
201. Legendary
202. Marmaduke
203. My Soul to Take
204. Nanny McPhee Returns
205. Night Catches Us
206. Oceans
207. Our Family Wedding
208. The Secret in Their Eyes
209. The Tempest
210. The Way Back
211. Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married Too?
212. Dreamkiller
213. Drool
214. Hey, Hey, It's Esther Blueburger
215. The Dry Land
216. The Human Centipede
217. The Warrior's Way
218. Mardi Gras
219. Queen of the Lot
220. Restropo
221. Saint John of Las Vegas
222. Saw 3D
223. Six Days in Paradise
224. Shake Hands With the Devil
225. The Spy Next Door
226. The Station Agent
227. Tooth Fairy
228. Essential Killing
229. Expecting Mary
230. Frankie and Alice
231. The Harimaya Bridge
232. Heartbreaker
233. Heaven's Rain
234. Hemingway's Garden of Eden
235. Hideaway
236. I Am Love
237. Holy Rollers
238. John Rabe
239. Letters to God
240. Lebanon
241. Life During Wartime
242. Like Dandelion Dust
243. La Mission
244. Louis
245. Mao's Last Dancer
246. Misconceptions
247. My Dog Tulip
248. The Perfect Game
249. Nutcracker
250. Tinker Bell and the Great Fairie Rescue



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