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This Is So Last Week
2014 Weekly Entertainment, Celebrity and Pop Culture Trivia Quiz.
Reprise of a SyFy masterpiece, birthday toplessness, a new Peter Pan and a salary dispute. These are just some of the elements that make up our entertainment quiz for the 31st week of 2014.
Weekend Forecast
Wait. I'm playing a guy called Star-Lord? Star-Lord????.
Do you need your galaxy guarded? Boy do we have the team for you. No, you certainly don’t know who they are, but we’ve advertised them so much that they surely must feel like part of your family by now. Love, Marvel.

This Weekend, Watch This
I hope that raccoon doesn't give anyone rabies. But he probably will.
New movies are released into theaters every weekend. How do you decide which movie to watch?
Daily Box Office Analysis
Hercules totally stole Xena's outfit!
Another day, another batch of dollars for Scarlett Johansson.
Monday Morning Quarterback
Commonwealth Games mascot Clyde is based on thistle. Really.
There was a lot of action at the theaters this weekend, and we discuss it all.

Part One
Part Two
Seinfeld: The Strongbox Trivia Quiz
You might have desecrated a pet cemetery for nothing, but how well do you know Seinfeld: The Strongbox?
Daily Box Office Analysis
Her eyes aren't in Kansas anymore.
Lucy continued its run as the number one domestic release on Monday.
Bad Words
Bad Words Trivia Quiz
Jason Bateman makes his directorial debut in this biting dark comedy.
Viking Night: Three Kings
Spike Jonze is the prince in this case, we suppose.
There are a lot of people who think we pulled out of Iraq too early back in 1991.
We're the Millers
We're the Millers Trivia Quiz
Small-time drug dealer David Clark must concoct a way to smuggle drugs across the Mexican border. Solution: assemble a collection of misfits to pose as a family.
Over There
Zilla got back.
Until Guardians of the Galaxy shows up to destroy everything in its path, Caesar gets one weekend to reign supreme.
400 Words: A Most Wanted Man
Not to be confused with your average, run of the mill wanted man.
The spy picture is a genre of atmosphere, performance and environment.
Weekend Wrap-Up
Be careful. We hear she gets under the skin.
With a combined $73 million for our two big openers, the box is showing at least a little life this weekend.
The Big Picture
Recent & upcoming films, awards and, if we're lucky, home phone numbers

August 1, 2014
Career notes, awards, recent and upcoming movies.

Featured today:

Ice Cube
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Individual movies in this series are centered around basketball, football, soccer, baseball and volleyball, respectively

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Kim Hollis's
Top 5 Hanna-Barbera Characters
  1. Quick Draw McGraw
  2. Hong Kong Phooey
  3. Muttley
  4. Morocco Mole
  5. Dum Dum
This Date in Film History

MGM's cartoon Tot Watchers, starring Tom & Jerry and directed by Hanna & Barbera, is released. This is the last cartoon released by the original MGM cartoon studio.


American Graffiti premieres.

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Friday, August 1, 2014
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