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Overpaid Jerks
2017 Weekly Sports Trivia Quiz.
A PED suspension, NFL look-aheads, an ailing coach and a heaping helping of postseason bliss all figure into our sports recap quiz for the 16th week of 2017.
Weekend Wrap-Up
She's so metal..
Did anyone think the completely forgettable Unforgettable was going to take down The Fate of the Furious? If you did, go find another website. Now. I mean it.

Friday Box Office Analysis
Those arms.
The collapse of Fate of the Furious combined with largely ignored new releases make this one of the saddest weekends of 2017 at the box office.
This Is So Last Week
2017 Weekly Entertainment, Celebrity and Pop Culture Trivia Quiz
TV Girls, Spice Girls, animal families and songs from beyond the grave: pop culture quiz for the 16th week of 2017.
Weekend Forecast
We'd rather see a picture of Oscar Isaac than Katherine Heigl.
Had studios realized that the latest Fast and Furious movie wasn't going to be quite the juggernaut that the last one was...
The 400-Word Review: Free Fire
So not really Justine.
When films take place entirely in one location, they often end up feeling like theater — narratively satisfying and yet somehow un-cinematic.
5 Ways to Prep
That's Academy Award winner Brie Larson!
Free Fire, if you’ve seen the trailers, is about an arms deal gone wrong with a bunch of people fighting their way out of warehouse.
Viking Night: Robocop 2
Ruining childhoods since 1990.
What young man in the 1980s didn’t want to grow up to be RoboCop, perhaps not realizing that it would first require being brutally murdered?
Hidden Gems
(Drunkenly) appearing at an awards show near you.
We so rarely get new movies.
Movie Review: Your Name. what? Your name is who? Your name is Slim Shady.
Your Name. is a Japanese anime film about a young man and woman, Taki and Mitsuha, who appear to wake up having switched bodies every few days.
Overpaid Jerks
2017 Weekly Sports Trivia Quiz
An NFL prohibition, a beastly comeback, automated umpiring and multi-homer games. Suit up and take our sports recap trivia quiz for the 16th week of 2017.
Amazing Race Recap
U-Turn allowed!
Predictably, tonight’s episode starts with Sara complaining at Shamir.
Review: Fate of the Furious
What are they so furious about, anyway?
The ever-growing Fast and Furious franchise is mastering the unlikely art of telling stories backwards.
The Big Picture
Recent & upcoming films, awards and, if we're lucky, home phone numbers

April 24, 2017
Who is featured today? Here's a hint:

"Is sick and tired of getting roles that Meryl Streep has passed on"
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Schlockmeister and showman extraordinaire William Castle is born in New York, New York.


Shirley MacLaine (née Shirley MacLean Beaty) is born in Richmond, Virginia.

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Monday, April 24, 2017
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