Overpaid Jerks
2019 Weekly Sports Trivia Quiz.
College basketball clashes, foreign basketball, a major transfer and a tumbling dynamo. Enjoy our sports recap quiz for the 4th week of 2019.
Oscar Watch
Winner! (We think.).
Hello Prophets! What a year it has been…though I have not been with you to chart all the tortured territory between Telluride and Oscar nominations morning, I know we have been with each other in spirit. Now, we are moments away from what is perhaps the most exciting moment of the awards season, at least the one more ripe for surprises.

Movie Review: Glass
Monsters or men?
“Is there a possibility that all this has a rational explanation?” So asks the research psychiatrist to her subject, who believes he possesses superpowers.
Top Chef Kentucky
Top Chef: Kentucky gets its first (non-culinary) celebrity appearance in the form of Lena Waithe this week.
Weekend Wrap-Up
The many faces.
The first big release of 2019 is here just in time for a holiday weekend, but is going down as a disappointment.
Friday Box Office Analysis
Shattered. Sha oobie.
M Night Shyamalan is back, for better or worse.
So Last Week....
2019 Weekly Entertainment, Celebrity and Pop Culture Trivia Quiz
The new Instagram champion, a celebrity engagement, a Critic-al award and overdue movie updates. Enjoy our celebrity and entertainment quiz for the 3rd week of 2019.
Weekend Forecast
Introducing... Rain Slicker Man!
This year is full of endings, so many that 2019 is even being referred to as the Year of the Finale.
5 Ways to Prep
The new Purple One.
The first blockbuster of the year is here and word on the street is that it’s… Shyamalan
Review: Escape Room
The girl is a puzzle
Let’s step back about twenty years, to November 1999.
Top Chef Kentucky
This looks like a job for Rex Banner.
It’s the aftermath of Restaurant Wars and we’re down to eleven chefs following the elimination of Nini and Pablo. Or are we?
Review: They Shall Not Grow Old
Big damn heroes.
One hundred years have passed since the end of the Great War, the War to End all Wars, the conflict that helped shape world history ever since its occurrence.
Overpaid Jerks
2019 Weekly Sports Trivia Quiz
A home blowout, a historic female, coaching changes and NFL football. Here's your sports recap quiz for the 3rd week of 2019. We hope you were paying attention.
The Big Picture
Recent & upcoming films, awards and, if we're lucky, home phone numbers

January 22, 2019
Career notes, awards, recent and upcoming movies.

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Russell Crowe
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As this film opens, a clerk shoots a man dead after the man asks for a twenty cent stamp.

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David Mumpower's
Top 5 Sam or Ted Raimi Movies
  1. Army of Darkness
  2. Evil Dead
  3. Candyman
  4. Darkman
  5. A Simple Plan
This Date in Film History

Director D.W. Griffith is born in LaGrange, Kentucky. His work includes the landmark film The Birth of a Nation.


Piper Laurie, best known as Carrie's mother, is born in Detroit, Michigan.

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Tuesday, January 22, 2019
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