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Overpaid Jerks
2015 Weekly Sports Trivia Quiz.
A profane manager, a Coach of the Year, playoff sweeps and the peril of cheap hot dogs. We learned about these and much more in recent sports news. Here's our sports recap quiz for the 18th week of 2015.
Weekend Wrap-Up
I am Groot..
While North America waits for Avengers: Age of Ultron to be released, Hollywood throws a couple of movies at audiences in the hope that they might scrape up a few dollars. Age of Adaline and Little Boy were both hoping to capture the attention of niche audiences, while the glowingly reviewed Ex Machina expanded to wider release. In the end, Furious 7 emerged victorious again, continuing its shocking and now almost ludicrous box office run.

Friday Box Office Analysis
From the Blake Lively Flapper collection.
Hollywood tried really hard to not make this weekend interesting at the box office, but somehow we managed a surprise or two.
Weekend Forecast
Yep, she really is in a movie this weekend.
Hollywood's habit of running away from the weekend right before the summer season starts is in evidence once again.
This Weekend, Watch This
Why do robots need boobs, anyway?
For the weekend of April 24th, the new movies in wide release are The Age of Adaline, Little Boy (in less of a wide release), and Ex Machina (in a wide expansion).
Survivor Recap
Judge Dread.
We begin tonight's episode the morning after Tribal. I guess there was no drama or mourning of Joe on the island.
Trader's Retreat
Where's the English Premier League set?
2015 Topps MLS Major League Soccer – Back for its third season, the flagship turns its eye to Soccer!
This Is So Last Week
2015 Weekly Entertainment, Celebrity and Pop Culture Trivia Quiz
A failed slur, fading eyesight, a stolen wife and complete unfamiliarity with Harrison Ford.
Comics Weekly
Hey, everybody, it's comics time!
Monday Morning Quarterback
Fun fact: Kevin James played college football.
The BOP staff discusses the horror that is Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2.

Part One
Part Two
Survivor Power Rankings
Mike is drooling and has no idea why.
Previously on Survivor, Joe’s man-bun advantage wasn’t enough to keep him in the “balance a block on your head” challenge and he was voted out.
Viking Night
Quit creeping, Al.
This just in - Keanu Reeves is a damn good actor.
Agents of SHIELD
Marvel's Agents of SHIELD: Love in the Time of Hydra Trivia Quiz
Mack and Morse break allegiance with Coulson and introduce Hunter to the "real" S.H.I.E.L.D. How well do you know "Love in the Time of Hydra"?
The Big Picture
Recent & upcoming films, awards and, if we're lucky, home phone numbers

April 27, 2015
Career notes, awards, recent and upcoming movies.

Featured today:

Jodie Foster
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At the beginning of the opening scene of this film, children watch as ants swarm over a scorpion. At the end of the scene, burning grass is placed over the ants and scorpion.

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Top 5
John Seal's
Top 5 Actors Least Likely to Appear on "Inside the Actor's Studio"
  1. Keanu Reeves
  2. Jennifer Lopez
  3. Brad Pitt
  4. Jennifer Love Hewitt
  5. Corey Feldman and/or Corey Haim
This Date in Film History

Cecil B. DeMille's biblical tale King of Kings opens.

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Monday, April 27, 2015
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