Review: In the Earth
In the Earth.
You should encounter “In the Earth” with as little preparation as possible; it’s a movie that does not go where you expect, will not go anywhere you’ve been before and refuses to operate in ways that make neat sense. It can’t really be spoiled, but attempt to watch it devoid of expectation. Trust me: The experience will be worthwhile.
Review: The Courier
The Courier.
Ah, the Cold War: It’s the geopolitical conflict that keeps on giving, as least as far as the movies are concerned. There were spies! There were immaculate suits! There were two superpowers that can be depicted dramatically without wading through tricky representation waters!

Top Chef Recap
Top Chef
What I love about Top Chef is the show’s earnest desire to celebrate the very best chefs in America.
April 2021 Forecast
Mortal Kombat
A lively summer season is coming, weeks away. I can feel it in the cautiously-optimistic air.
#1 Movie in America
The moviegoing public was curious about “Apocalypto.” For, like, a minute. After that, the film vanished without a trace.
Top Chef Recap
Top Chef
One chef down, thirteen to go.
Review: Thunder Force
Thunder Force
At about the halfway mark of “Thunder Force,” our unlikely-superhero protagonists head for their first showdown.
Movie Review: Concrete Cowboy
Concrete Cowboy
“Concrete Cowboy” tells another one of those coming-of-age stories about a misguided youth...
Review: Voyagers
he futility of control is a recurring theme in science fiction.
What's New in Streaming?
Looking for something new to watch?
Streaming Into the Void
Streaming into the Void
On the latest edition, the team discusses T-Mobile's streaming failure, MLB streaming disappointments, and all the Nielsen Ratings you can shake a stick at.
Top Chef Recap
Richard Blais and a rooster
With the country scraping tooth and nail to get back to some semblance of pre-COVID-19 normalcy, Bravo is back with its latest iteration of Top Chef.
2021 Calvin Awards
2021 Calvin Awards
We happily present you with this year’s The Calvins Awards, along with a guarantee that we’ll return with the 20th edition next year.

2021 Calvin Awards
See all winners
The Big Picture
Recent & upcoming films, awards and, if we're lucky, home phone numbers

April 22, 2021
Career notes, awards, recent and upcoming movies.

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Zach Braff
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