Friday Box Office Analysis
The Empire Strikes Back.
In all my years of writing articles about box office, I never quite thought I'd be commenting on the fact that Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back would win the box office. Yes, I'm aware that it happened back in the 1990s during a crappy January weekend. Nonetheless, this story shouldn't be a reality.
#1 Movie in America
Purple Rain.
“Purple Rain,” the iconic, Oscar-winning musical seemingly borne straight from a place deep in Prince’s subconsciousness, was only the number one movie in America for a single week.

Review: Enola Holmes
The only failure in “Enola Holmes,” a mostly charming caper concerning a plucky young detective who happens to be the kid sister of a certain Sherlock, is its ambition.
Review: Kajillionaire
“Kajillionaire,” a curious and charming new film by writer-director Miranda July, plays upon the mind on a level that can’t quite be analyzed.
Friday Box Office Analysis?
There's not much to say about Friday box office.
Review: The Devil All the Time
The Devil All the Time
“The Devil All the Time” is an okay film. It is, however, an excellent film for Netflix.
Movie Review: Rent-a-Pal
“Rent-A-Pal” tells the familiar story of a sad, lonely, lovelorn man in his 40s who just can’t catch a break when it comes to romance.
#1 Movie in America
The Time Machine
Simon Wells was a veteran of animated film by the time “The Time Machine” entered pre-production.
Friday Box Office Analysis?
The New Mutants
What happens when only three studios (technically two) report box office on Saturday for Friday theatrical showings?
Movie Review: Unpregnant
How do you give weight to yet another road-trip comedy? One easy way: By making it a road-trip comedy about an abortion.
Review: The Social Dilemma
The Social Dilemma
It’s tricky, at this point, to interrogate the prominence of social media in our lives.
Review: River City Drumbeat
River City Drumbeat
“River City Drumbeat” arrives at a time when it seems more appropriate than ever to state practical, positive messages.
#1 Movie in America: 10
Looking back at forty-plus-year-old movies always involves some degree of distance...
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Walter Matthau is born in New York. His roles included playing many curmudgeons in Neil Simon comedies. He won an Oscar for his supporting role in The Fortune Cookie.


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