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You're Next
You're Next Trivia Quiz.
A very dysfunctional family gathers for a reunion, and things go horribly, though slightly comically, wrong. You're Next interweaves some very dark comedy through its insidious plot. You may know which mask worn by the killers is your favorite, but how well do you know You're Next?
Top Chef Boston Recap
Trail Blaiser..
Ah, another year, another new season of Top Chef. Or as I like to call it, MY FAVORITE FREAKING TIME OF THE YEAR. Yes, after whetting our appetite with Top Chef Duels, the main course - Top Chef Boston - is finally here. We’ll get to watch the latest crop of cheftestants run around and cook their tails off in one of this country’s most historic cities...

Doctor Who Recap
He's bringing sexy back.
Continuing a (probably) unintentional theme running throughout this series of Doctor Who, "Mummy on the Orient Express" starts out with a number of marks against it.
400 Words: Fury
Ocean's World War One
Modern warfare has undergone a subtle glamorization as of late.
Men, Women & Children
Men, Women & Children consists of no fewer than eight stories.
Overpaid Jerks
2014 Weekly Sports Trivia Quiz
Improve your feeling of self-worth by testing yourself with our sports trivia quiz for the 43rd week of 2014.
Weekend Wrap-Up
Pitt to central. Pitt to central. LaBeouf is a douche.
It’s time to do the A-list shuffle, as Brad Pitt’s Fury has usurped Ben Affleck’s Gone Girl from the #1 position at the box office after two weekends on top.
This Weekend, Watch This
Well, is it glory or fury?
For the weekend of October 17th, the new movies in wide release are Fury, The Book of Life, and The Best of Me.
Friday Box Office Analysis
I bet Angelina hates that hair.
After a couple of weekends at the top of the box office charts, Gone Girl will fall to a new contender.
Weekend Forecast
Mostly, we wanna know where she bought that hat.
We’re knee deep into fall and it’s another week that is attempting to offer something for everyone.
Oscar Watch 2015
Stalking successful!
The New York Film Festival has come and gone, and we are no closer to gaining true insight into this year’s Best Picture race.
This Is So Last Week
2014 Weekly Entertainment, Celebrity and Pop Culture Trivia Quiz
The Sexiest Woman Alive, a rock band's week in the sun, a major cable shake-up and an Avenger on the move. Here's our pop culture trivia quiz for the 42nd week of 2014.
Doctor Who Recap
Oh no! The silhouette monsters are trying to kill The Doctor!
One of the refreshing things about this series of Doctor Who has been the way the writers have focused on developing the relationship between Clara and the new Doctor.
The Big Picture
Recent & upcoming films, awards and, if we're lucky, home phone numbers

October 21, 2014
Career notes, awards, recent and upcoming movies.

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Jennifer Lopez
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Lauren Hutton is injured in a motorcycle accident at a ride for the Guggenheim motorcycle exhibit.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014
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