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This Is So Last Week
2016 Weekly Entertainment, Celebrity and Pop Culture Trivia Quiz.
It was a traumatic and controversial week for singers, while a movie studio was acquired and a celebrity look-alike got decked. Here's our pop culture recap quiz for the 17th week of 2016.
Weekend Forecast
Keanu, the long awaited biopic about one of the most popular actors of our generation, debuts today. *checks notes* Whoops, Keanu, an obsessive love story about a man and a kitten he’s known for a matter of days, debuts today. Hmm, that might be a biopic about me. Nobody’s gonna wanna see that.

Gilmore Girls
Gilmore Girls: Ted Koppel's Big Night Out Trivia Quiz
The entire Gilmore family spend some quality time together at a Yale event, but of course there are problems brewing.
Beauty and the beast.
As we await with bated breath the beginning of the summer blockbuster season, we take a look at some of the best movies about motherhood ever made.
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Season 2 Trivia Quiz
In these very special episodes, Kimmy goes rollerskating, drives a car and meets a drunk lady!
Marquee History
Gymnastics humor!
This week’s highlights are the 10th anniversary of United 93, the 15th anniversary of a disastrous box office weekend, and 25th anniversary of Stallone trying his hand at comedy.
Classic Movie Review
That cup runneth over.
Right off the bat, I feel like I have to admit that I'm not very experienced with Monty Python.
Game of Thrones
Game of Thrones: The Red Woman Trivia Quiz
With the beginning of Season 6, we see a lot of table setting for the season to come, but some legitimate shockers, too.
Viking Night
That's is the 80s-est of 80s posters.
I've spoken before about what a slippery slope it can be to try and recapture your childhood, as opposed to just keeping it in perspective.
Survivor Power Rankings
I'm still on Survivor and stuff!
Thanks for coming back for another week's worth of Power Rankings!
Overpaid Jerks
2016 Weekly Sports Trivia Quiz
An alarming retirement, a drug ban, hockey playoffs and record low points: sports recap quiz for the 17th week of 2016.
Barbershop: The Next Cut
Getting your hair cut? Treat yourself - get them all cut!
Overall, it's something of a genuine shock: a 12-years-later sequel to a good mid-level franchise ends up being superior to any of the prior installments.
The Amazing Race Recap
Let's go fly a kite
Our first team to leave this evening is once again the Frisbee duo Brodie & Kurt. They have now one exactly half of the legs thus far.
The Big Picture
Recent & upcoming films, awards and, if we're lucky, home phone numbers

April 30, 2016
Who is featured today? Here's a hint:

"Conveniently forgets to include Moving Violations on his resumé"
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It is of some great significance that the final shot of this 2014 film shows the Olympic torch being carried down a street in Japan.

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Top 5
Tony Kollath's
Top 5 Movies on the IMDB Bottom 100 That Don't Deserve to Be There
  1. Speed 2: Cruise Control
  2. You Got Served
  3. Gigli
  4. Honey
  5. Barb Wire
This Date in Film History

The first ceremony at Grauman's Chinese Theater immortalizing the stars' hand/footprints in cement occurs. Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks Sr leave their imprints.
Source: American Film Institute Desk Reference


Six thousand film tradespeople walk out on the studios, demanding labor recognition.
Source: The Politics of Glamour

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Saturday, April 30, 2016
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