Along Came Polly

Release Date: January 16, 2004

It's fun to play at the YMCA!

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91/92 David Mumpower The book of Revelations tried to warn me that abominations like this one were coming. I should have listened more carefully during Bible class.
119/126 Kim Hollis There are literally no laughs in this "big comedy." Stiller is so hit or miss.

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John Hamburg isn't exactly a household name, but he is a rising Hollywood commodity. His debut was the under-rated and little seen Safe Men, which he both directed and wrote, but he became a Ben Stiller favorite with his participation in the screenplays for Meet the Parents, Zoolander, and the upcoming Duplex. He'll work with Stiller yet again with this unnamed project as Hamburg both directs and writes this story about a guy who fears risk.

Stiller plays the lead role, naturally, as a man who makes a living analyzing risk but at the same time is afraid of having it in his personal life. He's newly married to a lovely woman (Debra Messing), but somehow manages to get involved in a wild fling with another girl (Jennifer Aniston). In the process, of course, his stable, well-planned life is turned upside down.

In addition to Stiller, Messing and Aniston, this project boasts an assembly of wonderful performers, including Hank Azaria as a French scuba instructor, Philip Seymour Hoffman as Stiller's best friend, Alec Baldwin as his boss, and the nearly forgotten Bryan Brown (FX) as a life insurance-seeking adrenaline junkie who enjoys sky diving and bungee jumping.

Stiller is truly one of the busiest men in Hollywood recently, with his numerous upcoming projects including the recently delayed Envy, Duplex, Starsky and Hutch, Underdogs, and a voice part in Madagascar. Hopefully, this BOP favorite isn't spreading himself too thin (especially given the awfulness already apparent in trailers for Envy). (Kim Hollis/BOP)

August 19, 2003
Universal has finally settled on the title of "Along Came Polly" which presumably refers to Jennifer Aniston's character. (Jennifer Turnock/BOP)

Vital statistics for Along Came Polly
Main Cast Ben Stiller, Jennifer Aniston, Debra Messing
Supporting Cast Hank Azaria, Alec Baldwin, Bryan Brown, Nathan Dean, Bob Dishy, Jsu Garcia, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Michelle Lee, Mitch Silpa, Suzanne Whang
Director John Hamburg
Screenwriter John Hamburg
Distributor Universal
Trailer Click Here for Trailer
Official Site
Rating PG-13
Running Time 90 minutes
Screen Count 2,984
Talent in red has entry in The Big Picture

Comparison films for Along Came Polly
Adjusted Opening
Total BO
Adjusted Total
Bruce Almighty 5/23/0385.73 85.73 3483 24614.00 24614.0 242.60 242.60 2.83
Meet the Parents 10/6/0028.62 32.01 2614 10949.00 11781.9 166.23 185.96 5.81
Cable Guy, The 6/14/9619.81 27.02 2657 7456.00 9783.9 60.17 82.08 3.04
Zoolander 9/28/0115.70 16.75 2507 6262.00 6428.2 45.16 48.19 2.88
There's Something About Mary 7/17/9813.74 17.66 2186 6285.00 7772.5 176.48 226.90 12.55
Mystery Men 8/6/9910.02 11.94 2132 4700.00 5366.1 29.66 35.34 2.96
Royal Tenenbaums, The 1/4/028.51 8.84 751 11344.00 11344.0 52.35 54.42 4.72
Keeping the Faith 4/14/008.08 9.03 2152 3755.00 4040.6 37.04 41.43 4.58
Rock Star 9/7/016.02 6.42 2525 2384.00 2447.3 16.99 18.13 2.82
Office Space 2/19/994.23 5.04 1740 2431.00 2775.6 10.82 12.89 2.56



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