The Four Feathers

Release Date: September 20, 2002
Pushed back from September 13, 2002

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Based on a 1902 A.E.W. Mason novel that has already been adapted for film five times, Four Feathers is a period piece about bravery, loyalty and redemption. The film was first brought to the big screen as a silent film in 1915, but the most popular adaptation is director Zoltan Korda's 1939 version, which received an Academy Award® nomination for its cinematography.

The 2002 remake features a who's who of upcoming young stars. Heath Ledger, who has recently appeared in films such as Monster's Ball, A Knight's Tale and Ten Things I Hate About You, takes on the primary role of Harry Faversham. He is supported by a fine cast that includes Wes Bentley (American Beauty), Kate Hudson (Almost Famous), and Djimon Hounsou (Gladiator, Amistad).

The plot of the book is actually more complicated than a simple synopsis can do justice in describing. Just before sailing off to war at the close of the 19th century, British guardsman Faversham resigns his commission in the regiment. He soon receives four white feathers, which are symbols of cowardice, from his three best friends and his fiancée, who also ends their engagement. To disprove these accusations, Faversham goes undercover by donning an Arabian disguise and heads for the Sudan, where he anonymously saves the life of each of his three friends. Once he has proved his bravery, he returns to England to try to regain the love of his sweetheart.

Shekhar Kapur (Elizabeth) will direct the film from an adapted screenplay written by Hossein Amini (The Wings of the Dove). Since the film is essentially a period piece, it may be a hard sell for Paramount, the domestic distributor; however, given the talented young cast and the suspenseful elements that make up the tale, it may have some potential to surprise. (Kim Hollis/BOP)

Vital statistics for The Four Feathers
Main Cast Heath Ledger
Supporting Cast Wes Bentley, Kate Hudson, Djimon Hounsou
Director Shekhar Kapur
Screenwriter Hossein Amini, Michael Schiffer
Distributor Miramax
Trailer Click Here for Trailer
Rating PG-13
Running Time 131 minutes
Screen Count 2,187
Talent in red has entry in The Big Picture

Comparison films for The Four Feathers
Adjusted Opening
Total BO
Adjusted Total
Patriot, The 6/30/0022.41 25.07 3061 7321.00 7877.9 113.30 126.74 4.64
Patriot Games 6/5/9218.51 26.89 2366 7823.00 10933.3 82.88 120.42 4.48
Knight's Tale, A 5/11/0116.51 17.62 2980 5541.00 5688.1 56.08 59.85 3.40
Legends of the Fall * 1/13/9514.04 19.46 2005 7002.00 9336.0 66.50 92.18 4.67
Enemy at the Gates 3/16/0113.81 14.73 1509 9152.00 9395.0 51.40 54.85 3.72



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