Release Date: June 29, 2012

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7/169 Max Braden The funny is great, but the multiple 80s touches, particularly the inclusion of Sam Jones, make this movie awesome.

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Admit it. You can be honest. As a child, you had a stuffed animal that you loved so much that you experienced separation anxiety whenever the two of you were separated. At the time, you wished the Pinocchio/Gepetto wish that your stuffed animal would come to life. That way, you could be best friends forever.

This is the simple yet universal premise behind Ted, Seth MacFarlane’s movie debut. You best know MacFarlane as the creator of Family Guy or (less likely) American Dad or (wildly unlikely) a rarely used co-star on the quickly canceled Fast Forward. Okay, you know him for Family Guy, the television rarity that was once taken off the air but then returned due to spectacular DVD sales. The series is now an institution with an entire generation of males under the age of 30 indoctrinated into the MacFarlane comedic style. Ted will capitalize upon this massive fanbase in attempt to create the next raucous R-rated comedy.

Yes, you read that correctly. Ted is R-rated and is in fact a celebration of sex and drugs. This is the conceit of the movie you probably hadn’t considered when as a child you tried to barter with the higher powers. If you grow up, your teddy bear may grow up as well and it too will become a huge disappointment to your parents. Imagine a slightly larger adult stuffed animal who loves sex and weed every bit as much as you do. That’s...probably not how you envisioned the Pinocchio dream playing out.

MacFarlane deserves a lot of credit in this regard. He has developed the most universal of concepts, an easily marketable premise that appeals to women as much as men. And he has co-opted it into a darker tale of furry lust. Give him credit. He has watched the developed adult comedy marketplace and recognized that there is plenty of room in the post-Hangover world for his salacious brand of humor.

The cast is good as well. Mark Wahlberg has developed a steady career of modest performers combined with the occasional blockbuster. In Ted, he is joined by Mila Kunis, who just so happens to have been a voice on Family Guy since the second season. This means Ted is a bit of a reunion for Meg and Stewie Griffin as MacFarlane will provide the voice of Ted. Over the past dozen years, Kunis has become a viable lead actress in Hollywood thanks to key roles in hits such as The Book of Eli, Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Friends with Benefits. Her recent ascension plays perfectly into MacFarlane’s decision to create his first movie right now.

You may not have heard of it yet but Ted has a great chance to be a huge box office hit. (David Mumpower/BOP)

Vital statistics for Ted
Main Cast Mark Wahlberg, Seth MacFarlane
Supporting Cast Mila Kunis, Giovanni Ribisi, Joel McHale, Patrick Warburton, Jessica Stroup, Laura Vandervoort
Director Seth MacFarlane
Screenwriter Seth MacFarlane, Alex Sulkin, Wellesley Wild
Distributor Universal Pictures
Trailer http://www.tedisreal.com/
Official Site http://www.tedisreal.com/
Rating R
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