Letters to Juliet

Release Date: May 14, 2010

Hey, he's not playing Che Guevara for a change!

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61/123 David Mumpower Once the movie explained its title, I was glad to know that story and research it further. The leads don't have good chemistry, though that's not Amanda Seyfried's fault in the least.
172/190 Max Braden Shouldn't we be offended by characters who wait until right before their weddings to break up, coincidentally after having just met the first next nice guy while on vacation?

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Summit Entertainment will continue its rise to the upper echelon of the film industry with Letters to Juliet. The flick looks to continue the recent success of the fledging studio that has delivered the surprising mini hit Knowing and the juggernaut that is the Twilight franchise. Gary Winick will be behind the camera directing, and his three most recent films have all been at least notable draws at the box office. In 2004 he brought 13 Going On 30 to theaters; it nearly earned $100 million worldwide. In 2006 he helmed Charlotte’s Web, which almost brought in $150 million in domestic and foreign receipts. His most recent work was Bride Wars, which was released in early 2009. Bride Wars turned out to be quite the success considering it took in $115 million worldwide on a budget of $30 million. Winick has also signed on with Summit Entertainment to direct the comedy Rat Bastard.

The onscreen talent signed for the film has one rising star and one star whose career has shown pretty brightly. Amanda Seyfried has enjoyed success on television and on the big screen. She has had appearances on the series “Veronica Mars”, “House”, “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit” and “CSI”. Her well-known big screen credits include the very well received Mean Girls and the energetic musical Mamma Mia! Audiences in the US and overseas loved Seyfried in Mamma Mia! as the film brought in over $600 million worldwide. Alongside Seyfried will be veteran actress Vanessa Redgrave. Well respected on stage and as a supporting actress, Redgrave has had success within Hollywood as well. Mission: Impossible and Deep Impact were films where she filled the role of supporting actress on the big screen. She also was featured in Atonement.

Summit has been able to make its mark on the film industry in recent years. 2009’s Push was made for $38 million and brought in $44 million. 2008’s Never Back down was made for $21 million and followed through in the theaters earning back twice its budget. Fly Me To The Moon was a success relative to budget. Knowing made $145 million worldwide. The big feather in the cap of the studio has been the ever-popular Twilight franchise.

When the movie arrives in theaters, expectations should be working in its favor. It will not have the pressure of a huge budget weighing it down. Against the backdrop of movies with flashy special effects, explosions, and heart pounding chase scenes, Letters to Juliet may be excellent counter programming. (Jason Barney/BOP)

Vital statistics for Letters to Juliet
Main Cast Amanda Seyfried, Gael Garcia Bernal, Vanessa Redgrave
Supporting Cast Franco Nero
Director Gary Winick
Screenwriter Jose Rivera, Tim Sullivan
Distributor Summit Entertainment
Talent in red has entry in The Big Picture



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