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Someone made Viggo have a bad hair day.

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How can a film titled Good not have the lovely Meagan Good in it? Or, how about Matthew Goode, who was so “good” in Match Point? Do any of the characters at least eat Mr. Goodbars? Surely there would at least be a role for John Goodman, right? I can’t really answer those questions and neither will the new film Good, which stars Viggo Mortensen and Jason Isaacs instead. Based on a popular London play by C.P. Taylor that opened in 1999, Good is a drama set in Germany where a decent and “good” man, Mortensen’s John Halder, is faced with some terribly difficult decisions that could alter the lives of those closest to him.

Halder is a literary professor with familial issues. He has written a book on compassionate euthanasia, in part due to the suffering his mother is dealing with, being plagued by senile dementia. His book gets the attention of powerful political leaders who can use his message to support their propaganda. His straight and narrow moral approach leads him to be the perfect recruit for this new Nazi party. Once in, his morals may be compromised as the pressure of the life he has known, and his new life as a figure for the Nazi party, collide to potentially devastating effect. Honestly, that doesn’t sound like a very good bind to be in, pun intended.

It’s directed by Vicente Amorim, an Austrian with a few directing credits to his name, but none of which are American based or Hollywood movies. He appears to be stepping out on a limb here, with some quality actors (including RockNRolla’s Mark Strong) and an intriguing storyline for his first English-language effort. However, it's a film that is not likely to be a very big release. This shares some themes with the much higher profile Tom Cruise and Bryan Singer vehicle Valkyrie, just with fewer eye-patches.

It’s hard to say if Good will be any good and it will probably have a tough time seeing many dollars at the box office. However, I am venturing to guess that with Viggo’s good track record as an actor, quality will win out and good things will happen. Just maybe not for his character in this movie. But that’s okay with me, if it’s okay by you. In other words, “it’s all good.” (Brandon Scott/BOP)

Vital statistics for Good
Main Cast Viggo Mortensen, Jason Isaacs, Jodie Whittaker
Supporting Cast Mark Strong, Steven Mackintosh, Gemma Jones
Director Vicente Amorim
Screenwriter John Wrathall
Distributor THINKFilm
Trailer Click Here for Trailer
Official Site
Screen Count 8
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