Legally Blonde 2:
Red, White and Blonde

Release Date: July 2, 2003

Ryan Phillipe is kept on a very short leash

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With a $95.6 million gross, 2001's Legally Blonde was a surprise hit for beleaguered MGM, and for all intents and purposes, established Reese Witherspoon as a star. This year's Sweet Home Alabama confirmed that notion, and also crowned her as the new queen of the romantic comedy, as it shattered the September open record.

Witherspoon's price zoomed to $15 million for the sequel (she earned $1 million for the first film), and MGM certainly hopes that she's worth every penny.

The sequel has Harvard Law School graduate Elle Woods bringing her act to Washington, D.C. where she deals with Congress, and lots of wacky hijinks ensue.

Witherspoon is the only actor signed to the film right now, and it's very likely that she will be the only returning member from the original production. Charles Herman-Wurmfeld (Kissing Jessica Stein) will be the director and the writing team of Eve Ahlert and Dennis Drake will be behind the script. Legally Blonde director Robert Luketic and screenwriters Karen McCullah Lutz and Kirsten Smith are not returning for the sequel.

Given the subtitle, MGM clearly wants to release this over Independence Day and has set a release date of July 2nd, 2003. With a fantastic release date and the roll Reese Witherspoon is on right now, the sequel is clearly one of the summer films to watch. (Tim Briody/BOP)

June 10, 2003
More plot and casting details have emerged as we've gotten closer to the release date. While planning for her upcoming wedding (presumably to Luke Wilson, who returns to reprise his role from the original), Elle discovers that her chihuahua's "parents" will be unable to attend the happy occasion because they are being held as test subjects for a chic cosmetics company. (Note: It's unclear as to whether Elle is actually having a double wedding with her dog or whether Elle has just gone a little Bridezilla with her own guest list. Either way, that loud whirring sound you hear is my eyes rolling back in my head at 120 rpm.)

Not one to let such a *poopy* development ruin her day in the sun, Elle sets out to rattle her pink, feather trimmed sabre by agitating against animal testing. Although she was about to be named partner at a high powered law firm (unless I tell you otherwise, just assume my eyes are rolling continually throughout this write up), said rabble rousing ultimately leads to Elle being fired from the firm. Fortunately (?) our plucky young heroine is not one to let The Man keep her down for long, so she decides to take her cause to Washington. Presumably, after a few inital set backs, the key Washington power brokers will be as inexplicably charmed by her sassy spunkiness as the rest of America seems to be.

Perennially glum faced comic Bob Newhart plays the doorman at Elle's hotel in Washington who helps her navigate the treacherous waters of Capitol politics. Perpetually perky Sally Field will play Congresswoman Rudd, who apparently sees Elle as a younger version of herself. (Note to Reese Witherspoon: let Sally's career be a cautionary tale, lest you end up winding out your career with recurring guest spots on ER: The College Years). Regina King (Daddy Day Care) plays Rudd's no nonsense chief of staff, who I can only pray will take the opportunity to open up a big can of Shut the Hell Up on Elle's scrawny ass.

Although there were several writers attached throughout the course of the project, newcomer Kate Kondell emerged victorious in the Battle of the Rewrites and will reportedly receive a solo screenwriting credit (her first). (Calvin Trager/BOP)

Vital statistics for Legally Blonde 2: Red, White and Blonde
Main Cast Reese Witherspoon, Luke Wilson, Sally Field, Bob Newhart
Supporting Cast Regina King, Jennifer Coolidge, Bruce McGill
Director Charles Herman-Wurmfeld
Screenwriter Kate Kondell
Distributor MGM
Trailer Click Here for Trailer
Official Site
Rating PG-13
Running Time 95 minutes
Screen Count 3,350
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Comparison films for Legally Blonde 2: Red, White and Blonde
Adjusted Opening
Total BO
Adjusted Total
Sweet Home Alabama 9/27/0235.65 37.06 3293 10825.00 10825.0 127.21 132.26 3.57
Legally Blonde 7/13/0120.38 21.75 2620 7778.00 7984.5 95.66 102.09 4.69
Never Been Kissed 4/9/9911.84 14.10 2455 4823.00 5506.6 55.47 66.10 4.68
Clueless 7/21/9510.61 14.70 1653 6419.00 8558.7 54.79 75.94 4.67
Miss Congeniality 12/22/0010.05 11.24 2668 3667.00 3945.9 106.81 119.48 7.71



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