The Invention of Lying

Release Date: October 2, 2009

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33/82 Kelly Metz This movie didn't know what it wanted to be. Also, being truthful does not mean one can't have tact. Having said this, I loved seeing Gervais in a decent leading role.
121/169 Max Braden I think the problem here is lack of focus - the romance and the satire distract from each other. But I still can't wait for the next Gervais project.

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Brace yourselves, because this is big: Ricky Gervais has written and directed his first feature film.

This Side of the Truth is set in an alternate earth where no one has ever lied, or even come up with the concept. Films, thus, are dry readings of historical facts – until a struggling young screenwriter by the name of Mark Billison invents the intentionally false statement, and begins using it to spice up dull screenplays (starting around the time of the Black Death.) Billison will be played by…Ricky Gervais. As you may have guessed.

Who else is in the film, you ask? Again, you should probably be sitting down for this. Let’s start with Jason Bateman and Jennifer Garner. Then there’s Jonah Hill. Also Rob Lowe. And Christopher Guest and Jeffrey Tambor. Also Tina Fey. And Louis C.K. Oh, and Patrick Stewart. Don’t forget Patrick Stewart. Did I mention Christopher Guest? Oh, so I did. Well, that’s a portion of the cast, anyway.

I could go on and tell you that This Side of Truth was filmed in Lowell, Massachusetts, or that Matthew Robinson co-directs and writes, or that Warner Brothers is distributing the film, or many, many other things, but you just read the synopsis and the cast list, and are thus very, very excited about this film. If not, you have never laughed, I’d wager. You should probably check and make sure that you have a soul. (Sean Collier/BOP)

Vital statistics for The Invention of Lying
Main Cast Ricky Gervais, Jennifer Garner, Rob Lowe
Supporting Cast Jonah Hill, Louis C.K., John Hodgman, Tina Fey, Christopher Guest, Jeffrey Tambor, Nate Corddry, Patrick Stewart, Jason Bateman
Director Ricky Gervais, Matt Robinson
Screenwriter Ricky Gervais, Matt Robinson
Distributor Warner Bros. Pictures
Official Site
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