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13/169 Max Braden Like Away We Go, there's a lot of sweet and funny here. Aniston is believably underdressed and James Liao is great as Zahn's instant friend.
75/82 Kelly Metz I didn't realize that stalkers were cute and loveable, with the ability to "grow on you"! Silly me!

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While Jennifer Aniston has been kept in the public's mind by her weekly tabloid appearances, it's easy to forget that she hasn't done much since Friends concluded in 2004. While she pretty much never has to work again thanks to the success of her sitcom, the choices she's made have not been the wisest ones, with only her last film, 2006's The Break-Up, being a hit.

Aniston does have several films lined up for this year, the first of which to see release should be Management, written and directed by first-timer Stephen Belber, a playwright whose biggest film credit is as a co-writer of The Laramie Project.

Aniston plays a traveling art saleswoman, responsible for providing those atrocious paintings you see hanging in the lobbies of office buildings and motels. One night, she has a fling with the manager of one of these motels (Steve Zahn) and then moves on. He, of course, does not, and begins pursuing all over the country. Woody Harrelson and Fred Ward round out the cast.

Management's success is going to pretty much come down to two things. First, is it any good? Second, are we completely sick of seeing Jennifer Aniston on magazine covers at the supermarket checkout counter every week? With the right answers to these questions, Rachel Green will have a very good second half of 2008. (Tim Briody/BOP)

Vital statistics for Management
Main Cast Woody Harrelson, Jennifer Aniston, Steve Zahn
Director Stephen Belber
Screenwriter Stephen Belber
Distributor MGM
Screen Count 212
Talent in red has entry in The Big Picture



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