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Release Date: February 14, 2007
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Movie of the Day for Tuesday, January 16, 2007
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Are you quite sure you wouldn't like to do me on this piano?

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Position Staff In Brief
7/22 Amanda Jones Embarrasingly, one of my favorite chick flicks in recent memory.
21/50 Michael Bentley It's very hard not to like Hugh Grant. Good, fun pop movie, much better than I was expecting.
26/48 Kim Hollis A lot more fun than it has any right to be. Worth seeing just for Pop Goes My Heart.
77/214 Max Braden A typical Grant/Barrymore charmer. She's a decent singer.

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Alex Fletcher (Hugh Grant) is a product of the 1980s. At that time, he was a famous pop star, with ladies oohing and ahhing over his cuteness and fans aplenty. Now, a quarter century later, he's a mere relic, touring county fairs and amusement parks in order to work over people's sense of nostalgia. He still has plenty of charm and charisma, though, which leads the current hot diva Cora Corman to invite him to write and perform a duet with her. There's just one small problem - Alex hasn't written any music in years, and he's never ever penned a lyric. Somehow, he's going to have to come up with a hit worthy song in just a few days.

His form of salvation is his eccentric plant lady, Sophie Fisher (Drew Barrymore). She has a remarkable ability with words, and Alex finds her talent beguiling. She's a little hesitant to get involved with a partnership with anyone, though, because she's just recently come off an awful breakup. And since Alex has a phobia in the area of commitment, that makes Sophie even more cautious.

We all know how these stories go, of course. The more the two work together, the more their chemistry develops. Will they be able to write the perfect song in time? And will they find love along the way? Unless the movie breaks formula terribly, I think we all know the answer to both of these questions. (Kim Hollis/BOP)

Vital statistics for Music & Lyrics
Main Cast Hugh Grant, Drew Barrymore, Brad Garrett
Supporting Cast Kristen Johnston, Haley Bennett, Aasif Mandvi, Campbell Scott
Director Marc Lawrence
Screenwriter Marc Lawrence
Distributor Warner Bros.
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