Release Date: February 24, 2011

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160/169 Max Braden Seyfried's character demonstrates some good sleuthing skills, but the movie is just there and gone.

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Gone gone gone, she been gone so long. She been gone gone gone so long.Ever since Amanda Seyfried left me, I sure feel all alone. A little misunderstanding, I can't get her on the telephone.

Thank you for indulging me. While the Summit Entertainment release is presumably not inspired by one hit wonder Chilliwack’s one hit, I have difficulty believing this wasn’t a constant earworm on the set. Gone represents Seyfried’s latest attempt to overcome the stink of failure that was Jennifer’s Body. Since the actress starred in the wildly popular Mamma Mia!, she has had a couple of hits with Dear John and Letters to Juliet, but there have been more high profile misses such as Red Riding Hood and In Time, a domestic failure that experienced some popularity overseas. In short, Seyfried needs a hit in order to secure her position as one of the best 20-something lead actresses in the industry. Unfortunately, Gone does not appear to be that project.

Gone is a generic suspense flick that would have starred Ashley Judd ten years ago. The plot is that Jill Conway (Seyfried) is a formerly institutionalized woman abducted by a serial killer. He captures her and traps her in the woods. As the assassin prepares to add her to his kill file, Jill surprises her would-be assailant and escapes. When she relays her story to the police, they cannot confirm any of the details and presume that the crazy woman is being crazy again. Inevitably, the serial killer will return and Jill will be forced to stop him before he finishes the job. As I said, this is a derivative concept that also lacks star power. After Seyfried, the biggest “names” are Wes Bentley and Jennifer Carpenter. Given the current state of chaos with Summit Entertainment, it is dubious that they would be able to give a strong marketing push to the project anyway.

With regards to box office potential, Gone is well titled. (David Mumpower/BOP)

Vital statistics for Gone
Main Cast Amanda Seyfried
Supporting Cast Jennifer Carpenter, Wes Bentley, Sebastian Stan, Michael Pare
Director Heitor Dhalia
Screenwriter Allison Burnett
Distributor Summit Entertainment
Rating PG-13
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