Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker

Release Date: October 13, 2006
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125/200 Max Braden Teens and preteens might find this adventure interesting, but it doesn't have enough thrill for adults. Interesting Condi Rice takeoff.

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Based on the first book in the best-selling series by Anthony Horowitz, Stormbreaker is a story about a teenage boy named Alex Rider. The 14-year-old is under the care of his Uncle Ian, but when his guardian is killed under mysterious circumstances, Alex discovers that the man was not in fact the vice president of a bank. In fact, he was a spy for the British government.

As a result, Alex goes from schoolboy to mega spy in a matter of days, as the government asks him to take over his uncle's mission. Alex will be investigating Sayle Enterprises, the creators of a legendary computer known as Stormbreaker. The leader of Sayle Enterprises intends to donate one to every secondary school in England, but he's a suspicious sort of character who deals with unfriendly nations and might have even been involved in Uncle Ian's murder.

To infiltrate Sayle, Alex pretends to be a teenage computer genius who has won a promotional contest for Stormbreaker. Once he enters the factory, he finds clues from his uncle, which will lead him through a big-time adventure.

The film boasts an impressive cast. Numerous British stars are onboard, including Bill Nighy, Damian Lewis, Andy Serkis, Stephen Fry, and Ewan McGregor in a cameo. Newcomer Alex Pettyfer will play Alex Rider. (Kim Hollis/BOP)

Vital statistics for Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker
Main Cast Alex Pettyfer, Sophie Okonedo, Alicia Silverstone
Supporting Cast Bill Nighy, Mickey Rourke, Damian Lewis, Missi Pyle, Ashley Walters, Sarah Bolger, Ewan McGregor, Andy Serkis, Stephen Fry
Director Geoffrey Sax
Screenwriter Anthony Horowitz
Distributor WeinsteinCo.
Trailer Click Here for Trailer
Official Site
Rating PG-13
Running Time 87 minutes
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