Release Date: September 16, 2005
Limited release

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Justin Cobb is a teenaged nerd from Minnesota. Although his hippie dentist might have been able to hypnotize him from a potentially ostracizing habit - thumb sucking. Still, Justin has an oral fixation and he just can't help himself from putting anything and everything in his mouth - beer, nitrous oxide, cough syrup, Ritalin, decongestants, and even Midol. As a result, his stream-of-consciousness style rambling is both hilarious and mucked up.

Along with the continued oral fixation, Justin manifests his various psychological issues in other ways. He throws himself into a variety of activities with a hyperactive energy, including sex, fly fishing, Mormonism and the school debate team.

Lou Taylor Pucci portrays Justin, while supporting roles are turned in by Tilda Swinton and Vincent D'Onofrio as his parents, Keanu Reeves as the dentist and Vince Vaughn as his debate coach. (Kim Hollis/BOP)

Vital statistics for Thumbsucker
Main Cast Lou Taylor Pucci, Tilda Swinton, Vincent D'Onofrio
Supporting Cast Kelli Garner, Keanu Reeves, Vince Vaughn, Benjamin Bratt, Chase Offerle, Sarah Iverson, Sarah Bing, Kit Koenig
Director Mike Mills
Screenwriter Mike Mills
Distributor Sony Pictures Classics
Trailer Click Here for Trailer
Official Site
Rating R
Running Time 94 minutes
Screen Count 9
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