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Tilda Swinton

Career & Biographical Notes:
  • Attended the West Heath Girls' School at the same time as Princess Diana
  • Spent the 1980s and 1990s starring in low-budget independent films, mostly in the U.K.
  • Occasionally contributed articles to the short-lived arts magazine Zembla
  • Ran for Queen of Narnia on the Reform Party ticket, but dropped out after failing to win the faun and dwarf vote
Tilda Swinton

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Recent Movies:

Film Date Rating Screens Opening Total Box Office
Julia 5/8/09 N/A
The Limits of Control 5/1/09 N/A
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button 12/25/08 48.38 Info
Burn After Reading 9/12/08 N/A
Michael Clayton 10/5/07 R 33.93 Info
The Chronicles of Narnia:
The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
12/9/05 PG 3616 65.56 291.17 Info
Thumbsucker 9/16/05 R 9 0.09 1.33 Info
Broken Flowers 8/5/05 R 27 0.78 13.44 Info
Constantine 2/18/05 R 3006 33.62 75.50 Info
Young Adam 4/16/04 NC-17 9 0.05 0.77 Info
The Statement 12/12/03 R 7 0.04 0.76 Info



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