The Fog

Release Date: October 14, 2005

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Way back in 1980, director John Carpenter and his producer Debra Hill hoped to recapture some of the success they found with the smash horror hit Halloween. Rather than a creepy slasher flick, they decided to instead go with a classic ghost story. The movie that emerged from this collaboration was The Fog, which enjoyed some decent commercial success and has a following of fans that remember it fondly.

Now Sony will hope to ride the wave of horror remakes to success as it re-imagines the story in a modern-day setting. Just as happened in the original film, there will have been a ship of lepers that were wrecked in a creepy fog when the town founders purposely misguided the ship. Naturally, everyone aboard was doomed. All of this takes place one hundred years prior to the time that the movie's primary story occurs.

Now, a century after they were essentially sentenced to their watery graves, the ghosts of these long-dead sailors are emerging from their slumber with one thing in mind - revenge. Shrouded in an eerie fog much like the one that encapsulated the town on the night of their deaths, they trap the residents of the small community, intent on murdering the descendants of the founders of the town. And if anyone gets in their way, they'll kill them as well.

The cast is full of up-and-coming young performers. Tom Welling (Smallville) will portray a local boat owner who has never left the town, while Maggie Grace (Lost) is set to play a college girl who has returned to her hometown for the summer. The primary role, handled by Adrienne Barbeau in the first film, goes to Selma Blair. She'll be playing a DJ and the owner of a local lighthouse. (Kim Hollis/BOP)

Vital statistics for The Fog
Main Cast Selma Blair, Tom Welling, Maggie Grace
Supporting Cast DeRay Davis, Rade Serbedzija
Director Rupert Wainwright
Screenwriter Cooper Layne
Distributor Sony/Revolution Studios
Trailer Click Here for Trailer
Official Site
Rating PG-13
Running Time 100 minutes
Screen Count 2,972
Talent in red has entry in The Big Picture

Comparison films for The Fog
Adjusted Opening
Total BO
Adjusted Total
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Stigmata 9/10/9918.31 21.82 2899 6316.00 7211.2 50.03 59.62 2.73
I Still Know What You Did Last Summer 11/13/9816.50 21.21 2443 6754.00 8352.5 40.00 51.42 2.42
Halloween:H20 8/7/9816.19 20.81 2607 6210.00 7679.7 55.02 70.73 2.87
I Know What You Did Last Summer 10/17/9715.82 20.78 2524 6268.00 7920.3 72.22 94.87 4.57
Ring, The 10/18/0215.02 15.61 1981 7580.00 7580.0 128.90 134.01 8.58
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