Meet the Robinsons

Release Date: March 30, 2007

Movie of the Day for Friday, December 10, 2004
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Surely better than a day with George W. Bush.

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13/48 Kim Hollis A charming movie with a wonderful message. Ideal viewing for families.
164/214 Max Braden This looked like a rehash of Robots and didn't have the simplicity of a Pixar-written movie.

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Boy genius Wilbur Robinson invents a machine that recovers forgotten memories, and inadvertently travels forward in time, where he encounters a family whose survival depends on his ingenuity.

Wilbur Robinson's house is greatest place in the world to visit. Living in his home are a wild assortment of relatives that is unlike any other. Wilbur's aunt has a train that is life sized and his uncle has all kinds of deep thoughts - ("Mississippi spelled with o 's . . . would be Mossossoppo!" His grandfather is the trainer of a dancing frog band, and Cousin Laszlo has just created a new antigravity device.

Wilbur himself is a boy genius. He has invented a machine that can recover memories that have long been forgotten. Somehow, he manages to accidentally travel forward in time. There, he meets a family whose very survival relies on Wilbur's smarts and ingenuity.

Based on a children's book by William Joyce, the story will be adapted for the big screen in the form of a CGI-animated flick from Walt Disney. The book is definitely very well-loved, and if the wacky adventures and characters can be translated as feature film denizens, it could be a lot of fun. Early signs definitely point to the tale being targeted to a very young demographic. (Kim Hollis/BOP)

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