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You know what's a great idea? An animated movie about cows. I mean, that Home on the Range worked out okay…oh, wait.

Yes, another cow movie is headed to theaters, but this time there is reason to hold out strong hope. The production is headed up by the keen mind of Steve Oedekerk, who was able to parlay a little film known as Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius to unexpected and remarkable success for Nick Movies and Paramount. After following up by working on the screenplay for mega-blockbuster Bruce Almighty, Oedekerk is returning to the land of toons.

The Barnyard will be an entirely CGI feature that presupposes what happens when the farmer's away. If you ever imagined that the animals whoop it up, walking, talking, partying, singing and dancing, The Barnyard says you'd be right!

Kevin James, star of the hit CBS comedy King of Queens, will provide the voice of the lead character, Otis. Otis is a carefree cow who loves to party, which stands in stark opposition to the personality of his father, Ben (Sam Elliott). Ben is the responsible leader of the barnyard.

Though Otis is considered to be a ne'er-do-well by the other animals, all at once he finds himself in a position of responsibility amongst his peers. He must search deep inside himself to find the self-confidence and courage to help him be the leader his father always knew Otis might be.

Along with James and Elliott, other voice cast includes Courteney Cox as Otis' love interest Daisy, Danny Glover as a wise mule named Miles, and Wanda Sykes as Daisy's overprotective friend Bessy. (Kim Hollis/BOP)

Vital statistics for Barnyard
Main Cast Kevin James, Courteney Cox, Danny Glover
Supporting Cast Sam Elliott, Wanda Sykes
Director Steve Oedekerk
Screenwriter Steve Oedekerk
Distributor Paramount
Trailer Click Here for Trailer
Official Site
Rating PG
Screen Count 3,311
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