Thursday, August 25, 2005

This will be just a quick update today. I am mainly experimenting with the functionality for the Blogger for Word toolbar. So far, i am definitely impressed. It should enhance the ease of future updates. I want to apologize for the lack of said updates recently. I’ve been busy trying to catch up on my 2005 movie releases. You can follow the results on my Big Board. I’m down to a handful of films on the year and hope to be completely caught up by the time the early fall releases hit. Speaking of which, our BOP 25 of Fall will post around Labor Day weekend. We also have new functionality which should be introduced to the site next week. This is Tony Kollath’s baby, and the entire staff is excited about it because it is frankly brilliant. I have no idea where Tony got the inspiration, but I have no doubt that you are going to love it. Hopefully, it will debut at the start of the week though BOP does have a long-standing tradition of missing deadlines on new site features.



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