Saturday, December 18, 2004


Ben Roethlisberger has been under 50% on his completions two of the last three weeks. Now, he did throw in a near-perfect passer rating against the overrated Jaguars defense in the middle of that. But struggles against the solid Washington and Jets units shows that he struggles against upper tier defenses (the Jets and Redskins are seventh and second in scoring defense, respectively). The NY Giants, the tenth ranked unit, are a lot like the Jags in that they started off great but have fallen off since. This should prove to be a nice match-up for the AFC’s best rushing team. If it isn’t, that’s a danger sign that the Steelers are not as good as their record.

Kim’s pick: Pittsburgh


Michael Vick has never lost a start against the Carolina Panthers. Even last year when they were a month away from the Super Bowl and the Falcons were staggering to the finish line, he still single-handedly beat them. Earlier this year, Vick was front and center in the 27-10 dismantling of a much more talented Panthers team. Since that game, Carolina has lost roughly 128% of its team to injury. Despite this, they find themselves in the thick of the playoff hunt due in large part to sheer force of will. Their problem is that not only have they never beaten Vick but the Falcons are also a sensational home team, 6-1 on the season to date. The Panthers need to overcome hurdles mental and physical in order to win this game. What helps their candidacy is that the Falcons are only six days removed from their third division title in 39 years of existence. Factoring in that their starting fullback and co-starting running back are both out, the Falcons seem likely to have a mental letdown. Even allowing for this, I still think that Carolina’s smoke and mirrors win streak is likely to come to a close. For whatever reason, Michael Vick is their boogeyman. On the plus side, they still have a solid chance to make the playoffs at 8-8 if they do lose this game.

Kim’s pick: Atlanta


Question: which one of SF or Washington won last week? Answer: it’s not who you would think. That’s right, the 49ers doubled their 2004 win total last week by hanging on for an overtime win over the hapless Arizona Cardinals. The 49ers certainly tried to lose the game in their usual fashion, blowing a 28-3 lead in the final 20 minutes of the game. As with Seattle-Minnesota, though, NFL rules clearly state that only one team can choke on any given Sunday. Last Sunday, that team was the Cards. So, the new question is whether the 49ers can do the unthinkable: win two straight games. The answer is: No. The Redskins are starting to look like the football team many had expected them to be all along. In the last three games, they have hung in against possible 15-1 teams in Philly and Pittsburgh while blowing out the Giants.

Kim’s pick: Washington

New York Jets

Seattle had a gift handed to them last week by Randy Moss. They are unlikely to get such a gift two consecutive weekends. Despite this, I vacillated on which team to pick. The Jets have started to turn on themselves. First, village idiot LaMont Jordan, the most talkative backup RB in football, lambasted the offense. When Santana Moss and perennial Pro Bowl players Kevin Mawae jumped in, the situation became much more serious. The offense has been struggling, and it’s clear that the frustration is getting to all the players involved. Fortunately for them, Seattle’s defense is 19th against the run, 23rd against the pass, and 19th in scoring. This is a prime opportunity for the talented but underachieving Jets offense to re-establish itself. Even if they don’t, their defense is quietly putting up sensational numbers. The Jets are number seven in total defense with great consistency against both phases, number six against the run and number eight against the pass. Even better, they are number two in scoring defense at 14.8 points allowed per game, just a hair behind the Steelers at 14.6. This is why the team has survived while Pennington has been out/recovering from his serious shoulder injury. People forget that this the week he was originally diagnosed to return, which speaks volumes about his toughness but also explains why the Jets have been so conservative on offense recently.

Kim’s pick: New York Jets

San Diego

You might assume that since it’s the Chargers, they are winning games by flukes. Alas, that’s not the case. San Diego has outscored opponents by 108 points on the year. For comparison, consider that the 12-1 Steelers are only up by 100 points. Sure, they are not as dominant as the Eagles (+162), Patriots (+148) or Colts (the grand prize winner in this category at +167). But their 10-3 mark is certainly less disputable than my beloved Falcons, who are only +15 due to a bunch of tight wins and a couple of blowout losses. Facing a hapless Cleveland team down to an in-over-his-head rookie QB, the only question here is how bad the whipping will be for the dangerous Chargers.

Kim’s pick: San Diego


Both defenses suck with the Lions ranked 18th in scoring defense and the Vikings 24th . The key is that the Vikings are a potent offensive force while the Lions, even with the recent inspirational play of Kevin Jones, remain woeful. Detroit scores less than Leisure Suit Larry. Even playing at home against a team prone to choking, the Lions are still in a world of hurt here. The fact that the Vikings are going to be playoff team and not even the lowest ranked one speaks volumes about the NFC.

Kim’s pick: Detroit


Kansas City had been a dominant home team in recent years. That makes this season’s 2-4 record incongruous to the point of shocking. Now, two of the losses are against the Patriots and the Chargers, but the losses against the Carolina (that team’s lone win of the first half of the year) and Texans (who were down to third string RB Jonathan Wells at the time) are hard to explain. KC has been one of the most inconsistent teams this year, amply demonstrated by the fact that they sport a 5-8 record but have outscored opponents by 36 points on the year. When they win, the Chiefs run the other team out of the stadium. Otherwise, they find a way to lose. Denver finally discovered a star RB in Tatum Bell after getting a lot more mileage out of Reuben Droughns than anybody would have ever expected. The problem Mike Shanahan faces is that Bell injured his shoulder and is a game-time decision this week. Meanwhile, Droughns has developed a case of the dropsies, fumbling twice in the first quarter last week and five times on the season. Bell looks like he will be the domination the next couple of years but if he can’t go, this pick becomes a lot shakier.

Kim’s pick: Denver


I remain an ardent supporter of Houston’s growing talent base in spite of their 2004 struggles. They seem to be a team on the verge of a breakthrough. In the past six weeks, Domanick Davis has averaged 131 yards from scrimmages while hammering in eight TDs. Despite his early season injury woes, he has already surpassed his 2003 stats in TDs and will almost certainly best the total yardage on Sunday. Sure, it’s not the 2,000 yard season he was bragging about in preseason, but he’s finishing up strong. Meanwhile, Chicago is averaging a woeful 15.7 points a game since week five. They just can’t do anything right on offense, and it will cost them against the Texans.

Kim’s pick: Chicago


I still maintain that they never should have wasted a first round pick last year on a guy who was not going to play for the entire season. Having said that, Willis McGahee looks like a difference-maker on offense. It’s not a coincidence that they have been nearly invincible since he became the starter. With Cincinnati switching back to Kitna, who has tossed only 13 passes this year, the chaos on offense this week combined with the strength of Buffalo’s defense should be enough for the Bills to carry the day.

Kim’s pick: Buffalo


I’m not a gambler, which means that I almost never pay attention to pro football lines. That said, Philly is an 11 ½ point favorite for a reason. The only eventful aspect of this game is that Julius Jones will go a long way in establishing how solid the Eagles are against the run. Since the Pittsburgh debacle, Philly has shut down Clinton Portis twice and taken Ahman Green out of the game through a dominant first half performance. Tiki Barber did throw down 110 yards against them at almost six yards a clip, though, and that was with Hollis Thomas healthy.

Kim’s pick: Philadelphia

St. Louis

Oh boy, is this one ever a tough call. The Cardinals haven’t beaten anybody in five weeks, but the Rams are (apparently) stuck with Chris Chandler again this weekend. Chandler, a former Super Bowl QB, had what was statistically the worst game of his 16 season career against Carolina. His play was so bad that I’m a bit surprised Dennis Green didn’t try to trade for him then bench McCown in favor of Chandler. Presumably, it’s the fact that we’re well past the trade deadline that stopped this from happening. I think the Rams bag a rare road win this week against a team that couldn’t even beat the 49ers.

Kim’s pick: Arizona

Tampa Bay

Tampa won at New Orleans back in early October. Since then, the two teams have a combined record of 7-9. Boy, the NFC is something special this season, innit? Inter-division games between struggling teams are the hardest to pick. Also, there is the added element of difficulty in picking the Saints, a team that seems to exist only to spite me this year. In the end, I just think that Tampa Bay is better, and would pick the same were the game at New Orleans.

Kim’s pick: Tampa Bay

Green Bay

The Packers have unusually inconsistent at Lambeau Field this season. Like the Chiefs, they are historically a dominant team at home. This season, they are only 4-3 with no good wins. Take your pick of Minnesota, St. Louis, Detroit and Dallas as the “great” win out of the bunch. Meanwhile, they have some genuinely awful home losses against Chicago, Tennessee and the Giants. Those early season missteps appear to be behind the Packers, but no matter how inept Jacksonville is offensively, this game is still no slam dunk. For their part, there is no team with a winning record I respect less than the Jags…and I include Seattle and Minnesota in that. This is a one-dimensional team that was lucky at the start of the year. No more, no less.

Kim’s pick: Green Bay


While their records are the same, the reality is that Tennessee is a much better football team right now. They have emerging stars on offense and are tutoring young players on defense how to win in the NFL. Losing a heartbreaking game against KC last week might stay with this inexperienced squad, but I doubt it. Instead, I expect them to get healthy fast against one of the least talented defenses in the NFL. Trading out Chris Brown, who won’t make the trip, for veteran Antowain Smith actually helps in this regard. His leadership and professionalism are invaluable as he has seen all this before. We knew on Draft Day that the Titans were making a move for the future. Games like this that they have to learn to finish are what will make sure 2004’s disappointment is a fluke rather than status quo. On a sidenote, Volek to Bennett looks special.

Kim’s pick: Tennessee


Did you see earlier where I listed the Colts as having the largest point differential in football? How concerned would you be if you were NE or Pittsburgh and realized that not getting the number one seed means you have to beat the Colts before you even get to the team in the AFC with the best record? Indy is on an unprecedented offensive roll, and their defense has only given up 14 points per game over the past five weeks. The Ravens, next to last in offense, got Todd Heap back last week, and he made a dramatic impact in the passing game. They hope that a healthy Jamal Lewis will have a similar effect on the running game. Baltimore is facing a must-win situation Sunday night, but I just don’t think they have the horsepower. Indy sees this as a statement game to show that they are the elite of the AFC despite their record not being the best. I expect them to throw down more points than the Ravens have given up in any game this season (the current high is 27) in winning by their normal comfortable margin.

Kim’s pick: Indianapolis

New England

12-1 team on six game winning streak faces a 2-11 team. Some of these aren’t rocket science. Unless Miami talks Dwayne Wade and Shaq into playing offense, this game will put the ugh in ugly.

Friday, December 17, 2004

1) New England Patriots

Most analysts continue to slot the Steelers ahead of the Pats, placing too much weight on an early season matchup. The reality is that the Pats have been significantly more dominant despite a savage amount of injuries.

2) Pittsburgh Steelers

No one is focusing on it, but Roethlisberger has been really fighting it of late. If a team sells out against the run once the playoffs start, I have concerns about him being able to make the plays at crunch time.

3) Philadelphia Eagles

Losing Hollis Thomas makes them much more vulnerable to NFC teams who can run the ball. One more defensive line injury might be a deathblow to their Super Bowl aspirations. Sidenote: do you think Donovan F. McNabb ever calls up Rush Limbaugh and laughs?

4) Indianapolis Colts

The best offense in the NFL is now complemented by a rising defense. Is that attributed to the teams they have played recently or is this unit quietly improving? This key question will determine whether Peyton Manning is still (nonsensically) dinged for not winning the big game in the offseason.

5) Atlanta Falcons

Speaking of teams that can run, this is the team to watch in the NFC. Inconsistent though they may be, they are the one matchup Andy Reid is dreading. The Falcons can run, they can stop the run, and they bring the anomaly to the table. In a single game elimination, Michael Vick is the very definition of bringing a gun to a knife fight. His speed cannot be schemed against effectively.

6) San Diego Chargers

The only way the wins by themselves could be more satisfying for Chargers fans is to see Eli Manning also get his ass whipped every week in New York. That Chargers karma is something special this season. Fun trivia: only the Steelers have a longer winning streak than the seven-game run the Chargers are enjoying.

7) Green Bay Packers

After looking very human against the Eagles, a quick recovery was a must. Mission accomplished. In the shaky NFC, the Packers are at worst 1A after Atlanta as the team most likely to rise should the Eagles fall. And nobody deserves a Super Bowl more than Brett Favre after all he has been through in the past 12 months.

8) NY Jets

Their offense has been woeful for six weeks now. Chad Pennington's absense explains half of those struggles, but the other three games are a bit harder to figure. He looks like Steve McNair did early this year, injured but stubborn to play. The Jets don't have the luxury of giving him rest any time soon, either. More and more, the Jets look like a one and done playoff team.

9) Denver Broncos

Jake Plummer has been given a vote of confidence that he will be back in 2005 as their starter. Six INTs since his last TD pass shows his confidence is shot, though. The Broncos were ready to hand the reins over to Tatum Bell for the stretch run but now that this idea is out the window, I have concerns.

10) Buffalo Bills

This is the team nobody in the AFC wants to see make the playoffs. They can run and they play sensational defense. Lately, their passing offense is mega-potent to boot. If you want a dark horse, look no further than Team McGahee.

11) Carolina Panthers

There are teams with better records but if any of them showed the fight that John Fox's squad does, they would be ranked in the top five. This team was done and even I, a person who appreciates Fox's coaching skills, was ready to kick sand in their faces about it. Now, here they stand a win against Atlanta away from .500. Is this finally the week they get over the Vick hump? With the starting fullback and the halfback who just scored four TDs both out, it's Fox's best chance in ages.

12) Baltimore Ravens

Where is the killer instinct? Injuries only explain so much. Last week's win was a step forward but if the Ravens don't stop the Peyton Manning juggernaut, they are probably going to miss the playoffs entirely. For a team with a Super Bowl expectations, that is unacceptable. We will find out a lot about the Ravens this weekend.

13) Jacksonville Jaguars

It's not like the Jags didn't know they were weak offensively coming into the season. The problem is that the two guys they drafted at the top, Reggie Williams and Greg Jones, were both reaches when better players were still on the board. Out of AFC teams, only Miami throws under this team's 220 points on the season. Pathetic.

14) Seattle Seahawks

Fortune finally favored them on Sunday. If only they could line up against players as dumb as Randy Moss every weekend.

15) St. Louis Rams

Chris Chandler reminded us last Sunday that the Super Bowl run in 1998 was a looooong time ago. Six INTs is the worst performance since Ty Detmer threw seven for Detroit a couple of years ago. Chris, I love you, but I still feel the need to remind you that there is nothing wrong with a couple of incompletions here and there. Those are better than passing to the other team. I don't think it matters now, though. Marc Bulger gets healthy very fast after watching you play.

16) Minnesota Vikings

I am surprised Mike Tice didn't bludgeon Moss to death on Sunday. It's not just the interception, either. It's the fact that Moss was laughing about jeopardizing, possibly even killing their season on the sidelines after the play.

17) Cincinnati Bengals

The good news for the Bengals is that Carson Palmer did not blow out his knee. The bad news is that a good showing by Jon Kitna while he's out will start up the QB controversy again. As a Bengals fan, do you root for or against Kitna? I don't know the answer to that one.

18) Houston Texans

Domanick Davis finally looks healthy again. The problem is that he waited until the Texans were out of the hunt. I also find it interesting that they have lost two straight when he has been healthy and running hard. Maybe this team needs to think pass first.

19) Kansas City Chiefs

Why has Larry Johnson not been playing more? He looks sensational. With Derrick Blaylock likely to leave in free agency, LJ should be getting all the touches from here on out. The Chiefs are going nowhere, and they need to see how good this kid can be.

20) Tampa Bay Bucs

I find it odd that in the same breath I am dismissing AFC teams for their seasons being over, I am pointing out the way that weaker teams like TB have hope. Okay, it's not a lot of hope, but it's there. On the plus side, Griese's ascension clarifies a lot about the Bucs and their offseason needs. With him and Simms, QB is not one of them. Offensive linemen, on the other hand, would be nice.

21) Tennessee Titans

After a shaky first few games, Volek is finally starting to look like the guy the Titans had expected him to be. Meanwhile, whatever steroids Drew Bennett is taking are working. He's averaging 180 yards and three TDs over the past two games. Those 360 yards and six TDs are a good season for most. When Tyrone Calico returns, the three receiver set the Titans like to use as a base formation will be dynamite. Mason and Brown along with those two is as much skill position talent as anybody can claim outside of Indy.

22) New Orleans

I am not sure if there is a top 20 QB in this league I trust less with the game on the line than Aaron Brooks. Having said that, the team's next coach is going to discover a wealth of talent across the board. Sure, they are not a very bright group but different coaches might be able to overcome their glaring weaknesses. In a season of underachieving teams, the 5-8 Saints might take the prize.

23) Detroit Lions

Despite the team's recent struggles, there are a lot of positives to take from this season. In 2005, they will return Charles Rogers and Boss Bailey, arguably their most talented players on each side of the ball. Putting them on a team that has discovered a stud in Kevin Jones and a guy who was the domination when healthy in Roy Williams makes them a solid contender in the NFC North. While many said they would be this year, the Bailey and Rogers injuries combined with the nagging ones Jones and Williams had kept this from being possible. If Joey Harrington can pull a Drew Brees, this team could soar next season.

24) Washington Redskins

Part of it is the schedule, but the Redskins have been a lot more competitive recently. Like Joe Gibbs, I thought that Mark Brunell was a better QB choice than Patrick Ramsay. The correct answer turned out to be that both of them blow. The positive that the Skins can take away from this year of woeful offense (they're last in the league in scoring by a full 6%) is that they are starting to figure out the run plays Portis and his limited skill set can handle.

25) Chicago Bears

Almost as bad offensively as the Skins, this team has remained competitive in the absence of their potential star QB, Rex Grossman. They need to find some receivers in the offseason, but the defense looks ready to excel. All they need is a better ball control offense to make it happen...well, that and a healthy Rex Grossman.

26) Arizona Cardinals

I blame Dennis Green. As usual. Seriously, dude, be a GM. You can't coach, but you are phenomenal at talent evaluation.

27) Dallas Cowboys

The emergence of Julius Jones helps. The complete ineptitude of a defense considered the team's strength coming into the year hurts a lot worse. That secondary features some very highly paid early first round draft picks. Why are they getting torched so often and missing so many tackles?

28) New York Giants

Nobody said it was easy, Eli. Now is no time to give up.

29) Oakland Raiders

They can't run, they can't stop the run, the best player they had last year is leading the resurgent Falcons defense, their first QB broke his back and their latest one has more interceptions than TD passes. But at least the players are not staging an insurrection against the head coach this year. That Super Bowl must seem like forever ago, right Al Davis?

30) Cleveland Browns

I love Jeff Garcia, but I still found last week hilarious. He is supposed to miss the game, but Luke McCown gets benched. Garcia goes in and is immediately clocked. Now he's out for the year. It's like a synopsis of their whole year in one offensive series.

31) Miami Dolphins

Good luck, Nick. You would have more talent on offense next year if you stayed at LSU.

32) San Francisco 49ers

What does it say about the team when their head coach considers a job in the brutal SEC instead of returning in 2005? And now they are trying to choke out of the #1 pick in the draft. Plus, Kevan Barlow can't keep his mouth shut. Ugh.


Sunday, December 12, 2004

There won't be any power rankings this week...well, at least not football ones. Reagen is handling a lot of analysis for the Awards section of the site, but the power rankings are being done by Kim Hollis and myself. In working to get them posted and live in time for this week's orgy of end-of-year announcements, something had to give. Similarly, I doubt I will have time to follow up on why I like the picks below, but here they are:

New England
St. Louis
Green Bay
San Diego
Kansas City

With regards to the Awards section power rankings, the second major group was announced tonight. The LA Film Critics lavished virtually every bit of praise they could upon Sideways, enhancing its candidacy as a major player. We will have some analysis of their selections and how it impacts the Oscar race within the next twelve hours. This is a new feature BOP is introducing for this awards season.

Finally, there is a new BOP hub coming in the next few days. The release schedule portion of our site has taken on a life of its own. So, we are going to introduce a hub movie fans may utilize in order to quickly peruse all of the non-column content BOP does on a daily basis. That should appear by Christmas at the latest. Speaking of which, the Twelve Days start Tuesday. Let me take this opportunity to wish all of you loyal and not-so-loyal readers of the site a happy holiday season.


Sunday, December 05, 2004

I went 13-3 last week while Kim went 10-6. For the season, I passed her. I am 111-65 (.631) while she is at 109-67 (.619). I am running way behind on the Wrap, so I won't be able to do any analysis this week...other than to say that Arizona having to start a rookie Center, Quarterback and Running Back might be a historical precedent for a non-expansion team. That game should be a bloodbath. Anyway, here are my picks:

New York Jets
New York Giants
New England
St. Louis
Kansas City
Green Bay

Kim's picks:
New Orleans
New York Jets
New England
St. Louis
San Diego
Kansas City
New York Giants


Saturday, December 04, 2004

John Hamann is on vacation for the next two weeks, so I will be doing the weekend wrap-ups. That limits my time for football today, so it's another week of "ordinary" power rankings.

1) New England Patriots

Rookie Luke McCown will be starting against them on Sunday. Good luck with that, kid.

2) Pittsburgh Steelers

Their halo has dimmed a bit the last two weeks, but proving to themselves they can win ugly is a positive rather than a negative.

3) Philadelphia Eagles

Big fish, small pond, NFC Championship game stigma. This team is reminding me more and more of the 1999 Minnesota Vikings.

4) Atlanta Falcons

Michael Vick might be Superman, but it's Alge Crumpler who keeps jumping into the phone booth and saving the day.

5) Green Bay Packers

About six weeks ago, I described their matchup against the Titans as an elimination game. They did not just stop with winning that one, throwing down six straight Ws. There is nobody hotter in football, and they are a postseason factor in the thin NFC.

6) Indianapolis Colts

Peyton Manning is scoring so much you would think he is dating a Vivid Girl.

7) San Diego Chargers

Drew Brees has thrown 18 TD passes as opposed to only one TO since the loss to Denver. We find out whether it's midnight for this Cinderella story in the rematch.

8) Baltimore Ravens

This team is running out of time in their ongoing struggle to get healthy. Two more weeks without Jamal Lewis pushes them up against the wall in the AFC playoff hunt.

9) NY Jets

In eight games with Chad Pennington, the team was averaging almost 24 points a game. In the three games without him, they averaged 13. And one of those opponents was Cleveland, who gave up 18 more points in their following game than the Jets managed in that time frame (40). Summarizing: Chad Pennington is the world to the Jets.

10) Minnesota Vikings

Chris Hovan was a healthy inactive last week. Do you think he finds solace in the fact that it's his hero, Brett Favre, that is keeping the Vikings down?

11) Denver Broncos

I am punishing them for an inexcusable loss Sunday night that has placed the team in a must-win situation against the feisty Chargers. On an "Isn't football strange?" note, had Mike Anderson not famously torn his groin at the end of a preseason game, the world would still have no idea who Reuben Droughns is.

12) Jacksonville Jaguars

September hope often leads to December heartbreak.

13) Buffalo Bills

Willis McGahee's coming out party against the Seahawks was the gala event of the season. And have you noticed nobody is calling for Losman to start for Bledsoe any more?

14) St. Louis Rams

I loved the way Mike Martz called Monday night's game. He went with a wide open spread with lots of motion. At several points in the game, Marshall Faulk and Stephen Jackson wound up wide while Torry Holt was the deep back. Even in a losing cause, I tip my cap to his genius.

15) Houston Texans

It might be too late to save the 2004 season, but Domanick Davis is finally looking healthy again.

16) Seattle Seahawks

There are two bit crack whores who show more pride than the Seahawks mustered against Buffalo. The most pathetic performance of 2004.

17) New York Giants

Keep your head held up high, Eli. The Eagles make most quarterbacks look like that.

18) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

"They won't celebrate on our field" is always player-speak for "Oh God, I wish they would trade for me."

19) Carolina Panthers

John Fox continues to prove he is one of the best coaches in football. Getting a 1-7 team to fight their way to a three game winning streak is heroic.

20) Cincinnati Bengals

If only they could play the Browns every week.

21) New Orleans Saints

They found a way to lose a winnable game. Again. And the owner even cancelled the Christmas party. Mardi Gras can't get here fast enough for the good people of Lousiana.

22) Tennessee Titans

Steve McNair makes all the difference in the world for this team. If he retires, they are screwed. Absolutely screwed.

23) Detroit Lions

Steve Mariucci told Notre Dame he was committed to make this team a winner. My first suggestion would be to purchase some Halo-style flex armor for Charles Rogers before next September.

24) Arizona Cardinals

Hey, would you look at that? Shaun King was not the answer. Shocker.

25) Dallas Cowboys

On Thanksgiving, Julius Jones offered a tantalizing view of what lies beyond the glimmering curtain. If only they could do something about that secondary. I would bet the farm that Dallas will use their #1 picks anyway they need in order to pick up Antrell Rolle.

26) Chicago Bears

Their defense is supposedly only middle of the pack, but it's showing all the signs of being a dominant unit in 2005. But seriously? Jeff George?

27) Oakland Raiders

My God! That's...that's....Jerry Porter's music! Where you been all year, big guy?

28) Kansas City Chiefs

Tony Gonzalez desperately wants to break the TE receptions in a season currently held by Ben Coates with 96. He might very well do that this year only to discover he's still only second at the position this year behind Antonio Gates.

29) Cleveland Browns

Depending on who you believe, Butch Davis had either a panic attack or a nervous breakdown prior to Sunday's game. He must have called the Psychic Hotline and found out how his defense was going to play.

30) Washington Redskins

The worst scoring offense is neither of the teams listed below. Instead, it's the impotent Redskins. This leads to the question of which is more exciting for a Skins fan: watching the QB sacked repeatedly or the punter getting overtime pay. As near as I can tell, that's the main difference between Spurrier and Gibbs.

31) Miami Dolphins

Right about now, Miami's biggest decision is which of the two Auburn running backs would fit best in the offense. Oh, and there is that pesky coaching search, too.

32) San Francisco

Please don't draft a QB #1 overall. I beg of you. 49ers fans don't want to have wait until the end of the 2006 season to feel like the situation is improving.


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