Saturday, February 29
Weekend Forecast
Bargain horror simply can't be stopped. It's A24 and Blumhouse's world, and we just live in it.

Friday Box Office Analysis
Our top film yesterday is brand new release The Invisible Man, the latest update to the classic horror tale.

Friday, February 28
Survivor Recap
The tribes are starting to split into factions.

Monday, February 24
Overpaid Jerks: 2/17/20-2/23/20
The Ballad of David Ayres, college basketball's crazy week and NBA departures. Here's your sports recap quiz for the 9th week of 2020.

Monday, February 24
Survivor: Winners at War
We begin on Edge of Extinction and instantly, I'm annoyed.

Sunday, February 23
Weekend Wrap-Up
The latest adaptation of a classic novel gets the CGI treatment, and we've got the closest box office race of the year.

Saturday, February 22
Friday Box Office Analysis
Despite forecasts that Sonic would be the weekend winner, we've got yet another slight surprise.

Thursday, February 20
This is So Last Week: 2/14/20-2/20/20
Expecting in the comics, scoring at the box office, moving on from SNL and crossing a milestone. Prove you're still with it by taking our pop culture recap quiz for the 8th week of 2020

Thursday, February 20
Weekend Forecast
Last week, a film dominated by an extra expressive CGI animal blew the doors off the box office and set records for video game films.

Tuesday, February 18
Overpaid Jerks: 2/10/20-2/16/20
Near tragedy at Daytona, NHL's tumultuous week, NBA's awesome weekend and a new coach for Michigan State. Here's our sports recap quiz for the 8th week of 2020.

Sunday, February 16
Weekend Wrap-Up
The weird year that has been 2020's box office so far continues as more '90s nostalgia is a big winner on this holiday weekend.

Saturday, February 15
Friday Box Office Analysis
Nothing makes sense anymore.

Friday, February 14
Survivor: Winners at War
Hello good people!! It's finally here!! Welcome to Survivor Season 40: Winners at War!!

Thursday, February 13
This is So Last Week: 2/7/20-2/13/20
Paydirt at the Oscars, a crystalline dress, a song's anniversary and a disastrous opening. Enjoy our pop culture recap quiz for the 7th week of 2020.

Thursday, February 13
Weekend Forecast
A triple event weekend - Valentine's Day, President's Day and post-Oscar afterglow - gives the opportunity for multiple fireworks displays at the box office.

Wednesday, February 12
2020 Calvin Awards
It's time for (drumroll) the Calvin Awards! This is year 19, believe it or not. We're older than Billie Eilish!

Monday, February 10
Overpaid Jerks: 2/3/20-2/9/20
A blockbuster deal, the return of pro football, wild college basketball finishes and an All-Star selection. Here's our sports recap quiz for the 7th week of 2020.

Monday, February 10
Survivor: Winners at War
This week, we’re headed to the 30s as we’ll be looking at the winners of Seasons 33, 34, 35, 36 and 37.

Sunday, February 9
February 2020 Forecast
Just in time for the big romantic holiday, we get the joker's wife, and a horror film-a-week schedule to keep up with.

If I Were an Oscar Voter...
2019 wasn't a great year for awards season movies.

Weekend Wrap-Up
So you know how I've been banging the drum about how 2020's box office is going to be really disappointing compared to 2019?

Saturday, February 8
The #1 Movie in America
“Speed” drove its explosive bus through a box-office minefield.

Friday Box Office Analysis
If you were thinking that the latest comic book movie would be cause for happiness at the box office, well...

Friday, February 7
Weekend Forecast
As strange as it may seem, it's been seven whole months since a comic book super hero movie has graced our screens.

2020 Oscar Predictions
BOP picks the winners! We think! Probably.

Thursday, February 6
This is So Last Week: 1/31/20-2/6/20
Super Bowl performers, a quickie wedding, controversial casting and an author leaving Facebook. Call the neighbors and wake the kids, here's our pop culture recap quiz for the 6th week of 2020.

Monday, February 3
Overpaid Jerks: 1/27/20-2/2/20
MVPs, Hall of Famers, a questionable coaching decision and Australian tennis. Here's our sports recap quiz for the 6th week of 2020.

Sunday, February 2
Survivor: Winners at War
This week, we’re headed to the 30s as we’ll be looking at the winners of Seasons 27, 28, 29, 31 and 32.

Weekend Wrap-Up
Bad Boys For Life continues to singlehandedly carry the 2020 box office as Super Bowl weekend brings two largely ignored new releases, though help is on the way.

Saturday, February 1
Movie Review: 1917
Sam Mendes’ “1917” is an exceptionally well-made war movie, told with heart and conviction.

Friday Box Office Analysis
With the arrival of Super Bowl weekend comes the infinite sadness that is the box office.



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