2020 Academy Awards Blog

February 9, 2020

I'm in. - Max Braden, 2:56 pm
Mindy Kaling is rather clearly in the middle of the plot to Ocean's Nine right now. - Reagen Sulewski, 6:37 pm
Not saying they should, but if they made a Godfather IV, it should star Oscar Isaac. - Reagen Sulewski, 6:52 pm
Josh Gad is here playing one of the accountants at the Oscars. - Reagen Sulewski, 7:01 pm
Billy Porter to Billie Eilish on the James Bond theme - "So have you written it yet?" Movie's out in two months, I'm gonna go with... "Oh crap, I knew I forgot something". Typical Gen Z. - Reagen Sulewski, 7:06 pm
Whenever I see Taika Waititi I'm tricked into thinking they're de-aging Kevin Kline in real time. - Max Braden, 7:10 pm
If Billy is excited for Lin's first directorial debut, wait until he gets his second debut under his belt! - Reagen Sulewski, 7:16 pm
Elvis Mitchell, or Tim Meadows working on a Ladies Man sequel? - Reagen Sulewski, 7:17 pm
Thank you for not blowing all of your money on hair care, Al Pacino. - Tony Kollath, 7:17 pm
Fun Fact: This red carpet interview is actually a scene in The Irishman, still filming. - Reagen Sulewski, 7:24 pm

Woody Allen thinks Pedro Almodovar needs to make fewer movies about himself. - Reagen Sulewski, 7:25 pm
Saoirse Ronan's native thick Louisiana accent always catches me off guard. - Tony Kollath, 7:32 pm
"You're nominated for Bombshell..." "Yes!" "And you just had the #1 movie in America..." *frantic slashing motion* - Reagen Sulewski, 7:41 pm
I always think that interviewers who start their talk with "this man needs no introduction" should follow through on that. - Reagen Sulewski, 7:48 pm
I didn’t know we were doing red carpet coverage! Dang it, I would have showered Regina King’s dress with praise. Well I’m here now. Let’s get ready to OSCARSSSSSSS! - George Rose, 7:55 pm
Welcome to the Box Office Prophets live Oscar Blog! We'll officially start when the show begins, but as you can see, we're already calling the red carpet. Stay tuned! - Kim Hollis, 7:56 pm
"Welcome to the annual shareholders meeting of the Walt Disney Corporation..." - Reagen Sulewski, 7:59 pm
Quick teaser for Marriage Story 2: Black Widow. - Max Braden, 7:59 pm
Start the clock. - Max Braden, 8:03 pm
I wish I could “like” a comment because Reagan just made me LOL. - George Rose, 8:04 pm
It's the Oscars' Super Bowl Halftime show! - Reagen Sulewski, 8:04 pm
Now if Tom Hanks rolls his eyes during this "Won't You Be My Neighbor" rendition, we'll know it's just a tick and wasn't a side eye like he did during the Golden Globes. - Max Braden, 8:04 pm
Elton John: "That's a bit much, innit?" - Reagen Sulewski, 8:06 pm
"Who are you wearing?" "Auric Goldfinger" - David Mumpower, 8:07 pm
David, Midsommar is gaslighting the ceremony. - Eric Hughes, 8:07 pm
Nice energetic start! - Felipe Rosa, 8:08 pm
For a moment there I was expecting Rob Lowe and Snow White. - Max Braden, 8:08 pm
Lin-Manuel Miranda trying his hardest to get picked for the audience sing-a-long opening number. - George Rose, 8:09 pm
That was fine, until the fire marshal shuts down production due to all the bodies illegally in the aisles. - Tony Kollath, 8:09 pm
That was very much a "Who's Too Cool for School" test. - Reagen Sulewski, 8:09 pm
Jeff Bezos whispers into sleeve: "Remove all Chris Rock movies from the marketplace" - Reagen Sulewski, 8:12 pm
Chris Rock is killing it. - Kim Hollis, 8:13 pm
It's down to earth relatable jokes about owning Ferraris like that that keep Chris Rock in touch with the masses. - Reagen Sulewski, 8:13 pm
That was fun, but you know what the two-man co-host segment was missing? - Max Braden, 8:15 pm
Vaginas! (This is going to look so weird out of context.) - David Mumpower, 8:15 pm
The Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor goes to Brad Pitt for Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood. - Kim Hollis, 8:18 pm
I’m not sure how I feel about the new video montage of the nominees instead of individual clips before the names are each announced. - George Rose, 8:18 pm
Shout out to the deserved stunt coordinators! - Max Braden, 8:19 pm
How many of Ocean's 11 have won acting Academy Awards now? (Your time's coming, Shaobo Qin!) - David Mumpower, 8:20 pm
And after 17 minutes of show, we are now behind schedule by... 15 minutes. - Reagen Sulewski, 8:20 pm
You can't see it during the commercials, but the cast of Parasite is working the aisles, stealing future roles. - Max Braden, 8:25 pm
The Academy Award for Best Animated Feature Film goes to Toy Story 4. - Kim Hollis, 8:27 pm
What a safe, unimaginative choice. - Reagen Sulewski, 8:28 pm
Much love to Toy Story 4! - Felipe Rosa, 8:28 pm
All nominees will receive a gift bag containing clown makeup, ice cubes, and a Forky. - Max Braden, 8:29 pm
The Academy Award for Best Animated Short goes to Hair Love. - Kim Hollis, 8:29 pm
(But seriously, Kitbull is a delight as well.) - Kim Hollis, 8:30 pm
A sidenote to this victory is that Netflix had hoped to confront and beat Disney in the animated category, where the latter company has home-field advantage. It *almost* worked. Netflix would have given Disney payback for the Disney+/Netflix confrontation playing out right now. - David Mumpower, 8:30 pm
Hair Love. Not unexpected but just the easiest choice. - Felipe Rosa, 8:30 pm
Yes, I recognize that all of the animated shorts are great, but Kitbull embodies everything that storytelling should aspire to be. You can watch it for free on YouTube or on Disney+. - David Mumpower, 8:31 pm
Great, it only took three awards for my Oscar predictions to start falling apart. It’s going to be a night full of surprises. - George Rose, 8:32 pm
And John Travolta bursts into flame. - Reagen Sulewski, 8:32 pm
"...pronounced exactly as it is spelled..." ahahahahahahah - Tony Kollath, 8:32 pm
Pronounced exactly as spelled! Best joke so far. - Felipe Rosa, 8:33 pm
Ohh, nice touch with the many Elsas! - Felipe Rosa, 8:35 pm
For those reading later, the performance of Into the Unknown features the singers from several other countries. Each of them performs in their native tongue, and it is *mesmerizing*. You'll want to watch this asap. - David Mumpower, 8:36 pm
The Oscars found a way to diversify the whitest animated film of 2019. - Eric Hughes, 8:36 pm
I'm trembling wondering what Norwegian Billie Eilish is gonna look and sound like.... - Tony Kollath, 8:37 pm
re: the global Elsa performance - if you get a chance, check out the documentary "Being George Clooney" about the voice actors in other countries who make a career out of revoicing. It's pretty interesting. - Max Braden, 8:39 pm
Kelly Marie Tran has just appeared for 30 seconds, thereby surpassing her total screen time in Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker. - David Mumpower, 8:41 pm
"You were amazing." fails to overtake the "You're breathtaking!" meme. - Max Braden, 8:41 pm
Every member of the audience is now in incredible, incredible danger. Keanu's stashed a small armoury under each seat. - Reagen Sulewski, 8:41 pm
Keanu Reaves and Diane Keaton are acting like they just ran into each other at the airport, not live in front of a billion viewers. - David Mumpower, 8:42 pm
Diane almost got her fingers shot off reaching for that envelope early. - Max Braden, 8:42 pm
Imagine being the first person to read the Parasite screenplay. "Uhh, you want feedback from me?" - David Mumpower, 8:43 pm
"Quick, find me the other Korean in the audience!" - Reagen Sulewski, 8:44 pm
The Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay goes to Bong Joon-ho and Han Jin Won for Parasite. - Kim Hollis, 8:44 pm
Imagine a movie where it's just Keanu reading the Parasite screenplay. $50m opening weekend. - Max Braden, 8:44 pm
That was some *crisp* reading on the Korean names. - Reagen Sulewski, 8:45 pm
Timothee Chalamet looks like a prep school Bond villain. - Reagen Sulewski, 8:46 pm
Nice of Chalamet to wear his best track suit. - Kim Hollis, 8:46 pm
Okay, say what you will about the Academy. Yes, much of the criticism is valid about how white and male the awards are, but two South Koreans just won a screenplay award. That's sublime. - David Mumpower, 8:47 pm
Ok, fine, I’ll finally commit to watching Parasite. - George Rose, 8:47 pm
Man, Fatal Attraction is just *never* gonna get out of Casablanca's shadow. - Tony Kollath, 8:47 pm
Huge spoiler clip for The Two Popes! - Max Braden, 8:48 pm
Quentin Tarantino is spending the entire ceremony calculating how many feet are between him and the stage. - Les Winan, 8:49 pm
The Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay goes to Taika Waititi for Jojo Rabbit. - Kim Hollis, 8:49 pm
Michael Che is never going to let Colin Jost and his big goofy grin live that down. - Reagen Sulewski, 8:49 pm
"I'd like to thank my mother. I lost you, hours ago - no, there she is!" - Max Braden, 8:49 pm
Taika Waititi seems like the person in line ahead of you at Starbucks who takes 12 minutes to order one cappuchino. - David Mumpower, 8:52 pm
Taika should have waited until after the Oscars to sign onto the Thor sequel. His salary demands are about to go up. - George Rose, 8:52 pm
The Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film goes to The Neighbor's Widow. - Kim Hollis, 8:53 pm
That moment right there was the best suspense film of the year. - Reagen Sulewski, 8:53 pm
I truly love to see the people most people don’t know. It truly means a lot to them. - Felipe Rosa, 8:54 pm
Maya Rudolph is like bedazzled Judge Gen. - Kim Hollis, 8:58 pm
Rudolph & Wiig = oh my rods and cones! - Tony Kollath, 8:59 pm
One day Kristin looked at the bottom of her vacuum and said, "Hey, hey, hey! Now that's a dress!" - Reagen Sulewski, 8:59 pm
And the Oscar for best presentation of an award go to Maya Rudolph and Kristen Wiig. - George Rose, 9:00 pm
The Academy Award for Best Production Design goes to Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood. - Kim Hollis, 9:01 pm
Are Maya and Kristen really funny? I don’t get it.. - Felipe Rosa, 9:03 pm
Billie Eilish doesn't know these songs either! - Max Braden, 9:03 pm
Billie Eilish has heard of exactly one of these songs. - Reagen Sulewski, 9:03 pm
The Academy Award for Best Costume Design goes to Little Women. - Kim Hollis, 9:05 pm
Now that The Good Place has ended (*single tear*), I'm back to hating Maya Rudolph. - David Mumpower, 9:05 pm
I know we're going with no host, but did the PA announcer tweet something horrible too? - Reagen Sulewski, 9:07 pm
Laura Dern definitely won for the wrong role. - Max Braden, 9:07 pm
The Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature goes to American Factory. - Kim Hollis, 9:15 pm
Thank God I changed my prediction to American Factory last night. Sorry, Honeyland. - George Rose, 9:18 pm
The BAFTAs gave Best Doc to For Sama, which was a British Film. I think we see what's going on here... - Max Braden, 9:18 pm
The Academy Award for Best Documentary Short Subject goes to Learning to Skateboard in a War Zone (If You're a Girl). - Kim Hollis, 9:19 pm
Did Max just predict a second American Revolution? Because Lin-Manuel Miranda is listening. - David Mumpower, 9:21 pm
The Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress goes to Laura Dern for Marriage Story. - Kim Hollis, 9:24 pm
I hope Laura Dern goes up on stage and, a la Big Little Lies, screams "will someone give a woman a moment?!?!" - Jason Lee, 9:24 pm
Between that loss and Birds of Prey bombing, Margot Robbie's career just hit 15:01, at least for a while. Poor Alicia Vikander's still trying to get over Tomb Raider. - David Mumpower, 9:24 pm
I'm enjoying this recent development where everyone realized they love Laura Dern. There would have been *riots* if she hadn't won. (Florence Pugh had the best year, though) *ducks and runs* - Reagen Sulewski, 9:24 pm
I mean, Little Women's fine and all, but Fighting with My Family co-stars THE ROCK!!! - David Mumpower, 9:25 pm
Totally agree with Reagan. Loved her in Little Women . . . along with Timothee Chalamet, who was robbed for a supporting actor nomination - Jason Lee, 9:26 pm
Speaking of, Florence Pugh's been on a run this past year with Fighting With My Family, Midsommar, and Little Women, and she has Black Widow coming up. - Max Braden, 9:27 pm
I probably won't watch it ever again, but Midsommar was my favorite experience in a movie theater in 2019. - Eric Hughes, 9:30 pm
Hey, Dern was first nominated 28 years ago. If third time's the charm, Robbie has some time. - Max Braden, 9:30 pm
Yes. Laura Dern definitely won for the wrong role. - Felipe Rosa, 9:31 pm
And now, a random guy hijacks a microphone to introduce his old boss, Lin-Manuel Miranda. Seriously, the first time we watched A Star Is Born, Kim took me out of the movie by obsessing that this dude played Lady GaGa's friend. Hamilton fanatics scare me. - David Mumpower, 9:32 pm
Oh sure, go with Purple Rain instead of Batdance. - Max Braden, 9:33 pm
I hope and pray that someday I'll see "Montage" from Team America: World Police used in an Oscar montage about movie songs - Jason Lee, 9:33 pm
*Holds up boom box for Say Anything... and Purple Rain* - Kim Hollis, 9:33 pm
*sighs, resets the "My Heart Will Go On" counter* - Reagen Sulewski, 9:33 pm
Twenty years ago, could anyone have imagined an Oscar broadcast willingly playing It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp in a montage? - David Mumpower, 9:33 pm
Each of these video packages seem to overstay their welcome. - Eric Hughes, 9:34 pm
Let's conveniently overlook the fact that Back to the Future implied that a white man wrote "Johnny B Goode" - Jason Lee, 9:34 pm
side eye SHADE from Billie Eilish! loving it. - Jason Lee, 9:36 pm
I want to see Meryl Streep get everyone to stand up and pump their arms for Eminem. - Max Braden, 9:36 pm
So to help cut back on the Oscars runtime we have Eminem performing a song not nominated this year. This makes sense. - George Rose, 9:36 pm
I'm just not buying the hyphenation, sorry Salma. - Reagen Sulewski, 9:37 pm
"BLEEEEEEEEP " --The Real Marshall Mathers - Kim Hollis, 9:37 pm
We need to come up with a new awards ceremony as an excuse to hand out statuettes of Salma Hayek. - Max Braden, 9:37 pm
And now, a bunch of middle-aged white people nod their heads *almost* in rhythm to Lose Yourself. Meanwhile, the poor person in charge of the mute button is the hardest working person in show business right now. - David Mumpower, 9:37 pm
Relevant or not, Eminem beats throwing pizzas around from an air gun. - Felipe Rosa, 9:39 pm
Hello everyone! How are your predictions going!?! - J. Don Birnam, 9:40 pm
Screw it. During the commercial break, we're listening to Lose Yourself again. - David Mumpower, 9:40 pm
The Academy Award for Best Sound Editing goes Ford vs. Ferrari. - Kim Hollis, 9:40 pm
Last year worked OK without the host, but this year's ceremony is badly disjointed and needs someone to be directing people around. - Reagen Sulewski, 9:40 pm
Once Upon a Time has Two Oscars but was denied a Screenplay win, likely ending its BP chances. Parasite still has a shot but it’s all spread out right now - J. Don Birnam, 9:41 pm
Hello, Mr. Birnam - mine are one less good than yours, which is to say I've missed one. - Kim Hollis, 9:41 pm
Mr. Birnam just posted that because he's got a perfect ballot so far. Meanwhile, I've gotten so much wrong already that the Republican Senators just voted to acquit me. - David Mumpower, 9:41 pm
The winner poignantly points out that Ford v Ferrari is the de facto final film from Fox. 20th Century Fox is gone forever, replaced by Disney's new entity, 20th Century Studios. - David Mumpower, 9:42 pm
On top of the lack of host, some of the camera work keeps making me think I'm watching an edited replay instead of a live show. - Max Braden, 9:42 pm
The Academy Award for Sound Mixing goes to 1917. - Kim Hollis, 9:43 pm
Randy Newman is 76 years old, and has been 76 years old for 30 years. - Reagen Sulewski, 9:44 pm
I question the decision to have Randy Newman perform AFTER Eminem . . . - Jason Lee, 9:44 pm
Just wait for Best Original Song. The tides could still turn in others favor. I haven’t lost hope yet that I can win the predictions two years running! - George Rose, 9:44 pm
My predictions. Not bad, not great. - Felipe Rosa, 9:45 pm
Robert De Niro plays a mean piano. - Max Braden, 9:45 pm
You're thinking... duet, Jason? - Reagen Sulewski, 9:45 pm
I like the lack of host. But maybe it needs to be better directed. - Felipe Rosa, 9:46 pm
We've only got seven down-ballot awards remaining plus the big four. While the show is undeniably disjointed, it's moving at an optimal pace. - David Mumpower, 9:46 pm
Reagan, I feel quite confident in saying that the Oscars would never tolerate such an inane duet. The Grammys, on the other hand . . . . . - Jason Lee, 9:47 pm
I'm pretty sure Disney CEO Bob Iger has been shown more than Tom Hanks. I think the camera crew wants a job. - David Mumpower, 9:47 pm
Rob Lowe and Snow White on line two, Jason... - David Mumpower, 9:48 pm
A weird split in Editing and Mixing for Sound which suggests they may actually understand the difference between the two— 1917 had Sound Effects and a soundtrack so maybe that’s how we explain it - J. Don Birnam, 9:50 pm
An entirely pleasurable and enjoyable recap that has little, if any, relation to the overall arc of the Oscars. Like many of the scenes in Marriage Story. - Jason Lee, 9:51 pm
Congrats English Bob! - Max Braden, 9:53 pm
The Academy Award for Best Cinematography goes to 1917. - Kim Hollis, 9:54 pm
Deakins is a genius. Period. - Felipe Rosa, 9:55 pm
The weird thing for Ford v Ferrari is that they just hired a couple of 9 year old boys to make the car noises. - Reagen Sulewski, 9:55 pm
Julia and Will: also horribly unfunny. - Felipe Rosa, 9:57 pm
The Oscars: proving each year that the flashiest editing = Oscar-worthy editing - Jason Lee, 9:57 pm
It should be said to those who haven't seen Ford v Ferrari because they're not into racing: see it, you'll feel it. Trust me. - Max Braden, 9:58 pm
The Academy Award for Film Editing goes to Ford vs. Ferrari. - Kim Hollis, 9:58 pm
museumofselfies.com is about to crash. - Max Braden, 10:00 pm
Max is right about Ford v Ferrari. - Felipe Rosa, 10:01 pm
I like Ford v Ferrari just fine, but the character that Josh Lucas plays sets back movie villainy by 30 years. - David Mumpower, 10:02 pm
That's Teen Choice Awards 2003 Winner Josh Lucas to you, pal. - Max Braden, 10:06 pm
Cynthia Erivo gets my vote for Best Dressed this year. - David Mumpower, 10:07 pm
Just throwing it out there that Cynthia Erivo was also amazing (as an actress and singer) in Bad Times at the El Royale. Glad to see her getting such a showcase for her talents. - Jason Lee, 10:08 pm
This Cynthia Erivo performance has me thinking she might snag that Best Song Oscar and get an EGOT. Is it too late to change my prediction? - George Rose, 10:08 pm
It also doubles as a costume for Dune. - Reagen Sulewski, 10:09 pm
"Stop trying to make Quibi happen." - David Mumpower, 10:10 pm
I need them to cut to Billie Eilish's reaction to this bit - Jason Lee, 10:14 pm
Only Cats to make Margot Robbie smile this weekend. - Felipe Rosa, 10:14 pm
She sees absolutely nothing wrong with what they're wearing. - Reagen Sulewski, 10:14 pm
The Academy Award for Best Visual Effects goes to 1917. - Kim Hollis, 10:16 pm
Proudest moment of your career and ... that's what greets you on stage. - Reagen Sulewski, 10:16 pm
Avengers: Endgame became the most popular movie of all-time, but apparently nobody in the Academy noticed the visual effects. - David Mumpower, 10:17 pm
Marvel films are now 0 for 10 in the visual effects category - Jason Lee, 10:17 pm
And with that award I now fall too far behind in the predictions race. Hats off to whoever wins, you big smarty pants. - George Rose, 10:18 pm
That's because Thor is now not an effect! Hemsworth's had some... modifications. - Reagen Sulewski, 10:18 pm
Ray Romano just got into a swearing contest with Marshall Mathers...and WON! - David Mumpower, 10:19 pm
Is it possible that the elderly members of the Academy don't realize that superhero powers are fake? - David Mumpower, 10:20 pm
Thor: Love and Thunder in Bed - Jason Lee, 10:20 pm
The Academy Award for Makeup and Hairstyling goes to Bombshell. - Kim Hollis, 10:20 pm
All kidding aside, John Lithgow is utterly unrecognizable in Bombshell. The makeup team deserved this win. - David Mumpower, 10:21 pm
David, the Marvel films aren't cinema, remember? - Jason Lee, 10:21 pm
Not-cinema produced two of my top four films this year, and I'm not even a comic book guy. This pretentious need to overlook really good films is incomprehensible to me. Meanwhile, Joker, which is crap, gets 11 nods. - David Mumpower, 10:23 pm
I agree. The joke was on us. - Jason Lee, 10:26 pm
I’m team Marvel for life so Scorsese and Irishman walking away empty handed tonight is just karma at its finest in my eyes. - George Rose, 10:26 pm
The Academy Award for Best International Feature Film goes to Parasite. - Kim Hollis, 10:27 pm
By this point Bong's translator also deserves a trophy. - Eric Hughes, 10:27 pm
This seems like as good a time as any to beg you all to watch Snowpiercer if you haven't yet. A television version of it is right around the corner. - David Mumpower, 10:29 pm
And Mother. That film is simply a masterpiece. Better than any Tarantino film IMHO - Jason Lee, 10:30 pm
Yeah Snowpiercer is amazing, I’ll second that. - George Rose, 10:30 pm
Whoever's mixing the live sound on this song will *not* be winning an award. Might as well be Bob Dylan on the lyrics for as intelligible as they are. - Reagen Sulewski, 10:32 pm
Oooh, Banderas is *this* close to jumping on stage and dancing. - Max Braden, 10:32 pm
At this point, Janelle Monae deserves the best original song Oscar - Jason Lee, 10:33 pm
Gal Gadot looks like she crashed through two dress racks and just stuck with it. - Reagen Sulewski, 10:39 pm
Well, I don't know about you guys, but I'm shadowing Sigourney Weaver to whatever after-party she's going to. - Max Braden, 10:40 pm
You're not fooling us, Leslie Mann. - Reagen Sulewski, 10:40 pm
The Academy Award for Best Original Score goes to Hildur Guðnadóttir for Joker. - Kim Hollis, 10:43 pm
This one's kinda crap, as 1917 is the best score I've heard in *ages*. The Academy almost never gets this category right though. - Reagen Sulewski, 10:44 pm
I'm pretty sure that 90% of Iceland has a music career of some kind, and the other 10% plays on the National soccer team. - Reagen Sulewski, 10:44 pm
The Academy Award for Best Original Song goes to (I'm Gonna) Love Me Again by Elton John and Bernie Taupin, from Rocket Man. - Kim Hollis, 10:47 pm
Elton gets to go many minutes over time but they couldn't let the women who won for Best Hair and Makeup get a few words in? - Jason Lee, 10:49 pm
Did Elton just say he’s never been nominated for something like this before? - George Rose, 10:50 pm
The Academy Award for Best Director goes to Bong Joon-ho for Parasite. - Kim Hollis, 10:53 pm
SO. WELL. DESERVED. Bong-Joon Ho. Best Director. The Academy did the right thing. - Jason Lee, 10:53 pm
Wait, is Parasite about to win Best Picture?!? - George Rose, 10:54 pm
To be fair, Elton John's been famous since, like, 1970. If anyone has earned some extra time, it's him. - David Mumpower, 10:54 pm
"The Academy's gonna let you finish, but Martin Scorsese's the best director of ALL TIME." - Max Braden, 10:54 pm
Wow with that win it has to win Best Picture now - J. Don Birnam, 10:55 pm
Such a generous speech by Bong!! Such a beautiful win! - Felipe Rosa, 10:56 pm
Someone get that man some soju. Cheers and congrats. - Jason Lee, 10:56 pm
Over the past 19 years, a lot of BOP faves have become famous well after we obsessed on them. Still, I have to say that the sudden ascension of Bong-Joon Ho is as shocking as it is thrilling and immensely satisfying. - David Mumpower, 10:57 pm
Well there's the strangest throw-to I'll ever see. - Reagen Sulewski, 10:57 pm
Bong's gonna be so drunk. - Kim Hollis, 10:58 pm
I assume Himesh Patel wasn't available to sing for this segment? - Jason Lee, 11:00 pm
"Last year was the best night... of my husband's life." Olivia is the best. - Max Braden, 11:05 pm
Olivia Colman missed her calling as a comedian. She's a human punchline machine. - David Mumpower, 11:05 pm
Colman should win tonight again for that introduction! - Felipe Rosa, 11:07 pm
Jonathan Pryce should win this category in a walk, but we don't live in that world. THIS is The Bad Place. - David Mumpower, 11:07 pm
This just became the best night of Rooney Mara’s life. - George Rose, 11:08 pm
The Academy Award for Best Actor goes to Joaquin Phoenix for Joker. - Kim Hollis, 11:08 pm
As much as I disliked Joker, I will begrudgingly admit that it's deserving of Best Actor and Best Score, even if it might not have been my first choices in those categories - Jason Lee, 11:08 pm
Is it appropriate to make a "Heath Ledger is rolling over in his grave" joke? - David Mumpower, 11:08 pm
So he's writing the sequel on stage? - Reagen Sulewski, 11:10 pm
Phoenix’s speech makes as much sense as his win tonight. - Felipe Rosa, 11:10 pm
Come on, Batman! Stop this guy from monologuing! - David Mumpower, 11:11 pm
Next year, when Joaquin Phoenix has to give out Best Actress, it's gonna be . . . interesting - Jason Lee, 11:12 pm
I'm kind of curious to see what happens to coffee commodity prices Monday morning. - Max Braden, 11:12 pm
I was expecting much crazier from Joaquin. - George Rose, 11:13 pm
While Joaquin Phoenix rambled for 15 minutes, I should have pulled up River's scene from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Ah well. Next time. - David Mumpower, 11:13 pm
I swear to all that's holy if she starts talking about milk... - Reagen Sulewski, 11:15 pm
The Academy Award for Best Actress goes to Renee Zellweger for Judy. - Kim Hollis, 11:15 pm
It's always disconcerting to hear that Bridget Jones is so very Texas when she talks. - David Mumpower, 11:18 pm
Renee and Joaquin's back-to-back rambling acceptance speeches will never be surpassed - Jason Lee, 11:19 pm
For just a second, I thought Zellweger was going to stop her acceptance speech and say, "Line?" - David Mumpower, 11:20 pm
I could have watched a film again during Zellweger’s speech. Jeez. - Felipe Rosa, 11:20 pm
What a career comeback. I’m looking forward to seeing what comes next for her. - George Rose, 11:20 pm
Be thankful - we're still an hour behind the longest Oscar ceremony in history. - Max Braden, 11:23 pm
Wow, Parasite for the win. Nobody saw that coming. - George Rose, 11:28 pm
The Academy Award for Best Picture goes to Parasite! - Kim Hollis, 11:28 pm
Oof. His poor liver! - Tony Kollath, 11:28 pm
BEST MOVIE OF THE YEAR WINS BEST PICTURE. I'm beyond thrilled. - Jason Lee, 11:28 pm
History! History!!! May it be the first of many!!!! - Felipe Rosa, 11:29 pm
I literally texted my mom to watch out for this as a possibility earlier today so I think I get partial credit. - Reagen Sulewski, 11:29 pm
Wow, none of our staff predicted Best Picture for the first time ever...yet I know that many of us are *thrilled* right now. The best of the nominees actually won! - David Mumpower, 11:29 pm
Bong's gonna have to drink more. - Kim Hollis, 11:30 pm
Nice work, "interpreter" - if that's who you really are. - Max Braden, 11:30 pm
This is what I get for not seeing Parasite before the Oscars. First thing tomorrow, I’m on it. - George Rose, 11:31 pm
Come on! This is history! Let them go for a month if needed be!!! - Felipe Rosa, 11:31 pm
I'm pretty sure this producer just thanked her korean film audience for being an asian tiger mom - Jason Lee, 11:33 pm
3 hours 31 minutes? - Max Braden, 11:33 pm
Nevermind, my fiancé is insisting we watch Parasite right now. It’s going to be a late night. This was fun, looking forward to next year. Goodnight all! - George Rose, 11:37 pm
Congratulations to J. Don Birnam for picking 20 right this year, good enough for first place. Jason Lee and Kim Hollis finished with 19, narrowly missing victory. - David Mumpower, 11:37 pm
Okay, that's it for the 2020 Academy Awards. As always, thanks for spending part of your day with us here at BOP. You are loved and appreciated. - David Mumpower, 11:42 pm



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Friday, September 18, 2020
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