Survivor: Fiji

Snakes Are Misunderstood...We Have an Understanding Now

By Jim Van Nest

February 20, 2007

Erica steals some parting gifts.

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Hello, good people and welcome back to Survivor: Fiji. Last time on Survivor, 19 people were stranded on a tropical island with no supplies or idea what was going on. Things quickly changed when instructions and supplies for a new shelter were given. After creating the Survivor palace, the group was divided into two tribes and these tribes took part in a winner-take-all challenge for Immunity and the new shelter.

The Ravu tribe lost and they voted off someone named Jessica. The Moto tribe won and began enjoying the lap of Survivor luxury. I'm pretty sure there was an Exile Island appearance in there somewhere, but as I have in the past, I think I dosed off during it.

What's on tap for tonight? Hopefully, it'll be getting to know some of these people and maybe even figuring out who we at BOP like this time around. So let's get right to it.

We join the show after Tribal Council and the Ravu tribe is actually licking water off of the leaves around camp. It sounds silly, but after four days and no water, I guess you'll do just about anything. To say that this tribe is hurting is quite the understatement.

At Moto, it's a totally different story. They're showering, resting and wallowing in their comfort. It takes all of about 30 seconds for me to realize that Lisi has the most annoying laugh ever. And there appears to be a grown man calling himself 'Boo' in the game and he seriously needs to get over himself. 'Kitty' and Mike Wasowski would not be proud. He's just all about how good their tribe is living and how everything is so easy for them. I can only hope that the Survivor Karma Gods are watching and plan to make this idiot pay.


Back at Ravu they're working, working, working to get a fire lit. Anthony, an expert witness locator, explains how the entire tribe simply has no energy and without energy they can't light a fire. Yao Man lets us know that they have a plan to fill all the canteens with coconut milk. At least someone is thinking on this tribe. They're searching for food, but they seem to have no clue as to where they're looking or what they're looking for.

Back at Moto, it looks like the Karma Gods may have heard my little prayer. We join the action as Boo is complaining about having poked one of his eyes. Apparently, it's pretty messed up. Shortly after hurting his eye, he begins to chop some wood, with one eye. move. And as you might expect, he chops into his hand and follows through into his knee. He gets himself bandaged up and refuses any treatment. As Dreamz is telling us how Boo will hurt himself out of the game, we see a bandaged up Boo resting in a hammock and suddenly, the top part gives way and Boo falls straight to the ground on his head and neck. Like Nate said last season, "Karma's a bizzle." Maybe Boo will shut his trap now and the Karma Gods will remove their curse. Of course, for my entertainment, I sure hope not.

We come back to Ravu to witness Sylvia's arrival. There's not too much activity as the entire tribe appears near death. As she comes up to camp, Yau Man checks her bag for the immunity idol as he hugs her. Not very smooth, but also not noticed, so good for him. They try to teach Sylvia how to crack a coconut and get the milk out and she's not having a lot of luck. As this is going on, she tells us how she feels not part of the tribe. Michelle, for instance, is not thrilled to have Sylvia there. She says Sylvia is bossy. As she and Anthony tell us about this, we see clips of Sylvia telling people what to do. Nice. We then join Rocky, Mookie and Anthony discussing Sylvia as the next boot.

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