Survivor: Fiji

Snakes Are Misunderstood...We Have an Understanding Now

By Jim Van Nest

February 20, 2007

Erica steals some parting gifts.

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We join the rest of Ravu as they decide to curse the puzzles for their losses. And now it's time to decide who's going home. Mookie comes to Rocky and complains about how bad Erica freaked out at the challenge. That is not sitting well with several members of the tribe. Anthony isn't too thrilled with the idea of getting rid of Erica. Sylvia is all over that idea. She's just excited to possibly have a chance to stay in this game. Anthony and Michelle really don't like this idea but realize that they probably don't have the votes to do anything. Rita and Anthony talk and both agree the tribe was better off before Sylvia entered it. So, there's another person on board. I just don't think it's going to be enough. But, I could be wrong.

As they get to Tribal, Mookie discusses the hole this tribe is in. Anthony says he thinks too many people were involved with the puzzle part of the challenge. Probst asks Erica about her screaming during the challenge and she puts it off on being "passionate about her tribe". Not one time does she mention that not only was she annoying and loud, she was also wrong. He asks Sylvia how she felt joining the tribe. She says that the tribe had a lot of time to bond while she was on Exile and that she definitely felt like an outsider. Rocky then gives some sort of politically correct answer that anything Sylvia has tried to do has been in a positive manner. (What a nice way to say she's bossy.) Anthony does point out that Sylvia throws out ideas and just expects people to go along with them. And in response to this, Sylvia says she thinks they need to assign a leader. Um...yeah. That works real well. Yau Man says that his vote tonight is based on making the tribe a more cohesive unit. Before the vote, Jeff talks about the hidden idol. The idols this season is good through the Final 5 and will be played after the votes are cast but BEFORE they are read. If the person who plays the idol gets the most votes, the person with the next highest amount of votes will be the one to leave.


We see a few votes this time around. Erica votes for Sylvia. Rocky votes for Erica. Anthony keeps his original thought and votes for Sylvia, while Mookie sticks with his plan and votes Erica. Assuming Sylvia also voted for Erica, that leaves only Michelle, Rita and Yau Man up for grabs. As it turns out, they all vote for Erica, making her the second person voted off of Survivor: Fiji.

Next time on Survivor, Sylvia starts digging for the idol. She seems to think she knows where it is. Ravu finally gets fire and a Moto member is in trouble. We see Cassandra say that "he" was worried about dying in Fiji. I can't help but think they're talking about Boo, based on his injury history already. But something tells me it's someone we least expect. Either way, next week better start getting interesting, cause thus far, this season is a yawner. Until next week, take care!

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