Survivor: Fiji Recap

Episode One - Something Cruel is About to Happen

By Jim Van Nest

February 10, 2007

The producers of Survivor were sad to learn that the hottest girl was voted off first.

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Exile Island. This is generally the time on Survivor where I catch a little nap. But, it's the first episode, so I'll check it out. Sylvia lands on Exile Island and is stunned to find that Jeff was not exaggerating on the snake thing. She hikes up to a little covered platform, which sports an amazing view as well as a chest with the first clue to the hidden idol. She checks out the clue and it simply states that the idol is hidden back at camp. In one respect, that's cool for her, because she'll be the only one that knows the idol is at camp. In another respect it sucks because she now has nothing to do on Exile Island. She can only try to avoid the sn...zzzzzzzzzz.

What? Huh? Ravu is making there way to their new beach? Oh, okay. The tribe is pretty dejected as they get there, but amazingly enough, most of them quickly turn to positive as they really like their new surroundings. Only Erica remains pissed off and she can't believe no one else is. Aside from the whole idea of setting up a new camp with absolutely nothing, they still have to find someone to vote out. Erica and Rocky form the first bond, which will include Jessica. They approach Earl and between them decide that Rita should be the one to go. Meanwhile in the other half of the tribe, Jessica seems to be the target. She hurt the team by messing up the knots in the challenge and she was the one working on the puzzle that was never solved. So they see her as responsible. As Earl and Erica plead Jessica's case, it seems like we're going to come down to a Rita vs Jessica vote. Rocky and Erica both say they will not vote for her. Very interesting indeed.

As the tribe gets to Tribal Council, Jeff has them light their torches, because as you know, fire represents life on the island. As long as you have fire, you have life in this game. When your fire is gone, so are you. He begins by asking Michelle how frustrating it is to know that there are nine people sleeping in a shelter that THEY helped build. Everyone tries to sell the story that they really like there new island. Earl quickly points out that they're hurting without fire and also water. The tribe seems to be enjoying their underdog status already. Jeff asks how they plan to vote. Everyone seems to feel that they can't afford to lose another challenge, so it's about voting out the weak link. Yao Man admits that he wants to see all the strong guys stay, which puts him on the chopping block and he wouldn't be surprised at all to see his name come up. The hard part of this vote is that everyone is working hard so there's no obvious target. With that in mind, it's time to vote. We see Jessica's vote for Rita and Yao Man's vote for Jessica. Whaddaya say? Should Jeff go tally the votes? Sure! First vote is for Mookie. Second vote for Rita. Third for Jessica and the fourth is for Yao Man. It's been a while since I've seen four people get a vote in a Tribal. However, the rest of the votes all match and Jessica is the first person voted out of Survivor: Fiji.


While I wait for the previews, I'll give a quick assessment. So far, it's a typical season. I expect that next week's episode should bring some more interesting stuff. The first episode (which I still say should be two hours) is always about people getting used to the game and us getting to know them. We should start to see some more personalities develop over the next couple episodes. Thus far I know I like Rocky, Erica and Yao Man from the Ravu tribe. And I like Alex from the Moto tribe. Can't wait to see who I like when it's all said and done.

Next time on Survivor: The Ravu tribe sucks water off of plant leaves, Rocky starts to lose it and Earl starts killing snakes. Meanwhile, Boo begins what might turn into a pattern of injuring himself as he cuts his hand with the machete and manages to fall to the ground while lying in a hammock. Hmmm...he seems like a big strong guy, but apparently he's pretty oafish. That should be fun. And with that, I'm outta here. Thanks for coming back and joining me for another season of Survivor and I'll catch y'all next week. Til then, take care.

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